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  1. Barcodes aren't consistent between databases. If they're two entirely separate databases that like correspond to comics that are clearly delineated, then that's fine. But if you have an issue in the "sales db" that you sell and want to remove from the other db, or something like that, it can be tricky. Anyway, I actually know of another couple potential workarounds. So first of all, when I try to print something with qty > 1, then I get this prompt when I click "Print" or "Preview": Speaking of Preview, the preview window actually lets us export the print as a file. That highlighted button in the top left there allows you to export the "report" to an Excel or Word document, among other things. You need to be careful, as the margins might not be perfect or something. I'd recommend a test print on normal paper. I tried to delete some labels in LibreOffice and that proved to be a pain; it could be better in MS Word proper. But this might be a potential way to manipulate labels.
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