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  1. Yep, and that's part of the mystery. I never opened this title in my db before today, and have none of the issues, i.e., qty for every one is, and has been, 0. Somewhere along the way I guess an update created them, and no update ever undid the error.
  2. Here's another possible redundancy error in the database. There are eight entries for issue #0.5 in the database. Five are entered as something other than a regular issue. The three regular issues show the same cover and have matching data. My copy has this cover, but with "Special Wizard Edition" stamped in gold foil on the cover, in the space next to the left hand. I don't know about the five "special" issues, but the three regular 0.5 issues appear to be redundant, and none have the special release cover (w/ COA) that I have. I'd like to replace the cover of one of these, but which one to replace? r/Mike
  3. Similar to my earlier post about seemingly identical multiple entries for the Wizard issue 1/2 giveaway for Doom's IV, I find three seemingly identical entries for the Wizard giveaway for The Maxx. There are actually seven entries, and three of these additional four entries also appear to be identical to each other. r/Mike
  4. I'd like to add my copy of the Wizard #1/2 issue, distributed "in a special protective holder" with a COA, but not sure how the three DB entries of issue #0.5 differ from each other. I didn't know there were three variations of this issue. I couldn't find any difference in the data for each of the three; it appears the database simply has redundant copies. Yes? r/Mike
  5. I added this title and its first issue, but without historical pricing data - I can't find any records of prices paid for these issues on the after-market. Does anyone have pricing data to add? r/Mike
  6. There is a link at the bottom of the email that you can use to turn off receiving such queries.
  7. I removed the artist credit from the Item Description of issues 0-15 for this title and recommend the credit not be replaced there. These are all single issues (no variants drawn by other artists) and the artist credit is provided in the field designated for that use. BTW, the artist credit for issue #1-A was incorrect, but I corrected it, too. As needless as I think it is to populate the Item Descrpiption with the name of the artist who is already listed in the Artist field, I understand there are users who think it's great to repeat the data there, so I'm not trying to change the policy. However, given that these issues have no variants, there's no apparent reason to repeat the data. r/Mike
  8. The UCP Association gave away two complimentary issues (of which I'm aware) of Beetle Bailey (Vol. 1), both dated 1/1/1970. They were variants of #33 and #73 and are in the master DB as #33/A and #73/A. However, today I noticed that #33/A is repeated in the DB under the title "Beetle Bailey Complimentary Copy (1970 United Cerebral Palsy Giveaway)." I think the separate entry with the "...Complimentary Copy..." title should be removed from the saster DB. r/Mike
  9. The Master DB includes entries for issues #4, #5, and #6 of this title. According to the Grand Comics Database, a couple of other online sources, and the compilation issue ("Bk 1") this was only a 3-issue run. I think the three extra issue entries should be removed. r/Mike
  10. Cassandra Craft's 1st appearance was listed in the master DB in The Phantom Stranger (2nd series) issue #18. However, she doesn't appear in this issue; her 1st appearance was in issue #17. I've updated the entries for both issues to correct this. r/ Mike
  11. I agree that a single title for all of the various store giveaways makes sense, but I'm not clear on whether one of the titles already in the master DB is the one to use, or if a new entry needs to be created. Then, how do we number the various issues?
  12. Similar to the run of Schiff's Shoes reprint issues, this line of "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (Brown Shoe.) reprints is in the master DB as its own set of reprints. There are a variety of stores who gave away this issue, usually with the specific store's name printed in the lower right corner. Issue #3 in the database is from Fisher's Shoes. I have a copy from Brown's Shoe Fit Co., so I entered it w/ its cover as issue 3/A. r/ Mike
  13. Schiff's Shoes gave away a variety of reprint issues back in the 1950s/60s. I think they were all published by Blue Bird Comics. I'm trying to understand how these are recorded in the master database, and also how to insert a particular issue. I have a reprint of Black Fury (Charlton) #21. However, it's #4 in the Schiff's Shoes (Blue Bird Comics) giveaway run. I've attached a cover scan. It seems like this should show up under the Black Fury (Charlton) title, yes? However, even though it's issue #4, it's contents are a complete reprint of #21. Also, it wasn't published by Charlton, but by Blue Bird. To add to the puzzle, the master DB has a title called Blue Bird Comics and it has a single issue, a Big Shoe Store giveaway of a Li'l Genius comic. r/ Mike
  14. I'm trying to make sense of the multiple variant issues in the database. 1/A makes sense, given the obviously different cover. 1/B doesn't make sense; it looks like the basic #1, just with an uncertified autograph. If memory serves, getting one's copy signed doesn't qualify it for a separate entry in the master database. 1/C is questionable, but I think there are multiple instances of such issues listed as variants when the autograph is one of a specified number of signed copies. These usually include a note regarding an accompanying certificate of authenticity and possibly also the event/circumstance that involved the numbered signing. I think 1/B should be removed, and 1/C would then be renumbered from 1/C to 1/B (assuming it qualifies as a variant). r/ Mike
  15. Steve, I think the four parts that apply are Dlx 1/HC (1st printing). Based on your explanation, the limited-release signed version would not be listed separate from the unsigned version. This doesn't sound right, though.
  16. The "Crisis on Infinite Earths" title includes a copy Bk 1/HC, described as a hardcover edition in a silver-colored slipcover with a the title foil-stamped on the front of the slipcase. I have this copy, but mine is the autographed version. The six contributing creators of the series signed 2,500 numbered copies, released by Dynamic Forces, Inc. w/ each copy accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. I'm guessing that unsigned copies were also released, which leads to my question. Assuming there are unsigned copies in circulation, should the limited edition signed version be listed separately in the database? I think this has been the practice with other such signed versions. If so, what should the item # be? Seems like the unsigned version would be Bk 1/HC-A and the signed version Bk 1/HC-B. r/Mike
  17. You can also set your wallpaper to scroll randomly through a folder of covers. I change it from time to time to a particular title's covers. You could use CB's existing cover folders or create one that contains only specific covers you want to see.
  18. Thanks, Steve. For some reason (to be solved), that title isn't in my database; it sounds like the right one, though. Maybe it'll show up with my next update. And, yes, I think the two $39.99 issues under the "Death of Superman" title should be under the title you described. Thanks! r/Mike
  19. The database has an issue Bk 1/HC ($39.99) and an issue Bk 1/B ($39.99) - no cover scans are available, but these look like the same book. There is no cardstock cover w/ a gatefold ($10.99), nor is there a copy of the same book sealed in a black bag w/ the dripping red S on the front. I'd like to add these, but I think they should be titled "The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special" and separate from the "Death of Superman" title that it appears they're going to be under. These are not reprints of the trade paperback that is the issue of the "Death of Superman" title. Thoughts?
  20. I was updating this series in my database and noticed that the cover image for issue 1 is actually the cover for issue 2. I tried to upload the correct cover for issue 1, but since my image is smaller than the file in the db, it wouldn't go. I've attached it here. -Mike
  21. Just FYI, it's a one-shot series. Length of time in the db notwithstanding, we're talking about a title that carries only a single issue. Forgive my ignorance, but I don't see a ripple effect that is magnified by years of existence.
  22. Looking at my copy of Sergio Massacres Marvel (one-shot, June 1996), I see that the database lists the title as "Sergio Aragones Massacres Marvel" - presumably because these words happen to be printed across the top of the cover. The correct title, as it appears in the indicia, is "Sergio Massacres Marvel." Any chance this can be corrected? r/ Mike
  23. So, HC - will the indicia rule be applied or will this be another exception?
  24. The cover text and the indicia both show the title of "Dark Crisis" to be "Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths" - any chance of making this correction in the database? r/ MikeW
  25. Glad to hear it, Mark. One of the things I've always liked about Comicbase is being able to tweak the database to match my wants/needs.
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