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  1. Today (2/20/2021) I found my signed copy w/ the three autographs. It's not a Dynamic Forces variant. The back of the sealed bag says Beckett & Associates, 675 E. Big Beaver Rd, Troy MI 48083. $4.99 is stamped on the front of the bag. The barcode stamped on the bag is 728192951008. It has the die-cut cover overlay with Batman swinging on the rope; the three autographs are on the half-cover. I think this is a variant distinct from the other variants listed in the master db list.
  2. Just FYI - I'm also not on Facebook. This forum is just about the extent of my online social media participation.
  3. Brian, your description sounds very much like mine; I also use an SSD, and the situation hasn't changed, despite optimizing my computer as Mark described. My gut tells me it's related to the 2020 version, but the delay didn't start immediately upon converting to the 2020 version.
  4. Craig, I find the same situation you describe, re: a corrected error still showing up in the search list, but yielding negative results if I search on it after I've made the correction(s). Rebuilding the list to update the index as Steven recommended fixes that, at least, it always has for me - until the error recurs in the master database and gets downloaded into my database.
  5. Had a pleasant conversation with Pete, and he found the problem and wrote a solution. I rebuilt my pictures list and have tried a half dozen issues, all successful wrt letting me download the cover in the CB database. Thanks! Mike
  6. Hercules Unchained, that is! Besides showing up in its proper place, this issue is also in the database under the series title "Hercules Unchained" with only one issue to the run, issue #1121. The latter record should be removed. r/ Mike
  7. Yep, good question. I'm also wondering if the reset will return the columns to their default order from the rearranged order I use, along with having adjusted some column widths, renaming some custom fields, colors, etc. r/ Mike
  8. I updated my software to the new release this morning. Aside from a small cosmetic change in the color of the background, it seems to be operating properly. However, when I entered ctrl <T> to bring up the title list, the dialog box appeared left of center on the screen, far enough left of center that I dragged it back to where my eyes are used to going. Every time I open the title list, it opens far left of center; I can't find a way to get it to open where I want it (centered on the screen). Is this a locked accompanying feature of the new version, or is there some way I can reset
  9. Re: above - I forgot to add that I execute step 2 above on an issue for which I have no cover in the appropriate picture folder.
  10. 1. I open a title, of which I have some of its issues and covers. 2. I click on the far left box of a row to highlight the row. 3. With the row highlighted, I right-click my cursor and select "Download Cover." The pop-up window appears "No new or larger covers for the selected items are currently available" This has been happening regardless of whether the quantity cell contains '1' or '0' (re: step #2). r/ Mike
  11. Here's another piece of information to add to the mystery - I encountered the same problem with Shadow Comics #34 (Vol. 3 #10) this morning, and upon checking AA, I see that there is a cover scan available on the site. What's ironic is that it's a cover scan I uploaded previously; I know it's mine because of the "Bidwell" scribbled in pencil on the cover. I have that copy in front of me. However, my original scanned image is no longer in my picture folder and when I try to download it, I get the "no cover available" message.
  12. I'm using the Archive Edition (v3297). This issue started on Tuesday, 7/14/20, never an occurrence prior to that. I've been using the Archive Edition since it was first released.
  13. Continuing from the previous post - I submitted for review a cover scan of my copy, no prompt to ask if I wanted to send the cover. Then, I replaced it with a big-ass version of the same scan. This version did prompt the dialog box telling me that I have a cover scan bigger than what CB has, and would I like to upload it now - which I did. It appears that I'm getting the "no cover available" when there is, in fact, a cover available, and presumably I'm not being asked if I want to upload a cover I created because the covers I create are smaller than what CB already has. I understand the so
  14. The situation continues, so today I went to the AA listings to check for cover status. I don't have a cover scan of Popular Comics #103 (Sep 1944) in my picture folder, so I attempted to download it from the CB database. The dialog box opened with the "no cover available" message. However, when I went to this issue on AA, the listing includes a cover scan. I thought CB and AA shared a common repository for covers, i.e., if a cover is available to show in AA, then that cover is available to download for a user's personal database. Is this not the case? r/ Mike
  15. These issues have started shipping and are in stores (Diamond is shipping them incrementally, several titles per week). Are any of them in the database yet? I've searched a variety of ways but come up empty every time. r/ Mike
  16. I've been adding Golden Age issues to my collection through the day, all 1940s and 1950s issues. Several of them showed no cover in my database, and when I tried to download one, I received the "we don't have one" popup window. So, I scanned my own copy, added it, and then submitted it for review. Every time, I received the "thanks for your submittal" popup window, but never once got the dialog box asking if I want to upload my cover - which is unusual, since from your end I was told you didn't have that cover. Any thoughts on why this is happening? And, should I submit the covers some ot
  17. Thanks, Mark - those conditions make sense. I infer from your response that there's no exchange occurring between my machine and your servers when exiting. I posted this topic/question because nothing has changed with my machine and the programs that are typically open when I'm working in my db, but the delay in exiting is a recent change that now occurs every time I close the program.
  18. For the past couple of weeks, when I close the application and the "updating totals" window displays, the activity bar doesn't show any activity and the program freezes for 3-4 minutes minimum. It eventually closes and saves the file. I'm wondering if the problem is an issue with my machine or if updating the totals involves some interface with the CB server, and then if the problem is at my end or the CB end. Any thoughts? r/ Mike
  19. I just picked up an issue and counted pages. Issue #8 had five pages of comics stories: one page of Tarzan, three pages of Star Wars, and one page of two comic strips sharing the page. The issue has 48 pages, so approximately 5% comics pages.
  20. I was about to update my database with some copies of Pizzazz, but stopped when I found it listed with Comic Books. Should this be listed with Magazines? r/ Mike
  21. My experience was as Tim described, and adding the missing grades (created by me) to the list also revealed my missing books. r/ Mike
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