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  1. Adrian, this is a common and serious flaw in CB pricing algorithm. They base part of the price on the offered sales prices in AA. There are 6 seriously overpriced comics for sale for Superior Iron Man #8 right now. Those all get folded into the new 'value' in the weekly update. If there are no other sales, then the ONLY factor in the price will be those for sale. If any seller automatically adjusts their selling price based on the new update, then their issue for sale goes up (or down) every week! This is a serious problem that I have pointed out for years with using 'for sale' prices in AA. If the issue is widely traded, it's not that big of a deal. But if there aren't a lot of sales, then it radically skews the prices up or down depending on the sellers pricing. I wish CB would just drop the whole for sales pricing part of the model. But, it's always been this way and it's a problem.
  2. It's been like this for years. Little data in those fields. I stay up to date on the Interim versions and let CB update anything it has data for. See attached.
  3. I don't use Sidekick to do the updates. I only update using the CB application. I allow the update to make all changes. No, there is nothing in those fields for FF (6th) #48. See attached
  4. For some time now, in my dB, I don't have very much in the Writer/Storyline/Artist/etc. columns. It's maybe 5% filled out. Should this be in the dB for Express users? If so, how do I get it restored? A weekly update isn't populating those fields that are missing data.
  5. I guess I missed the announcement on this. I was on Atomic Avenue today and the current value for a give issue is no longer presented. Why was this removed and when did it happen? I liked having it there.
  6. I am only an Express user. When I go to my Registration page and click to download v23, I am only offered the Archive edition. Is my download link pointing to the wrong file?
  7. I just ran the 7/28/22 content update just now. The unrecognized issue link went away. <shrug>
  8. Steve, I have tried the Rebuild and Optimize. Unfortunately, neither helped. Appreciate the guide to find the problem issue. I was hoping there was some easier way to get at the data. Surely, there is a flag in the dB that is set for unrecognized comics after an update. I would like to know what that flag is and how to search against it. Mark, is there a way to do that?
  9. Yes, still same issue. Is there a way to get the list of unrecognized Comics via a Regex type of search? I could then add those comics to a fresh dB
  10. Mark, I doubt it. I don't know what comic triggered the alert. So I don't know how to replicate the problem
  11. After running an update, I have some new unrecognized items. When I click on the link, I get this error below: Can you assist?
  12. Mark any update on this? Has it been addressed in a SW update yet? Thanks!
  13. There are 2 versions of this comic. The initial printing was recalled because Tom Cruise complained the artwork on page 3 make the Ethan Hunt character look too feminine. There should be an entry for the recalled comic added. Not sure how that should be numbered. The cover art of the fixed issue is identical to the recalled issue. I cannot create the missing recalled issue using my copy of CB (long story). Can someone create this? @Mark J. Castaneda can you help create the recalled entry and get its value priced? Thanks! https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=19814&M=1 Citation from Grand Comic dB: https://www.comics.org/issue/641474/
  14. http://comicbase.com/UpdateReports/Current_Update_Report.asp Returns: 404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  15. CollectionReport-Cropping Issue.pdf I am running v2022.0.2.1708
  16. The comic grade field is getting cropped for CBCS graded comics. It needs to be wider to support these longer grades when printing to .pdf See attached
  17. I rebuilt the indices, optimized, deleted that issue, optimized again. The update completed successfully. Thanks for the help!
  18. In this 4 comic series, both issue #1 and #2 state in the notes: 1st Appearance of Yukio What is actually correct? Is that note proper for issue #1 or #2? Thanks!
  19. I can, but it's happening on all my dBs at the same place
  20. I am running v2022.0.2.1708. When I update using the program or using Sidekick, I get this error with both. Index was outside the bounds of the array. when reading comics at issue Amazing Spider-Man: The Menace of Mysterio Bk 1 I have optimized the dB using the File Tools, but it made no difference.
  21. When I run an update, at the summary screen there is a link which will show me any comics that are no longer in the dB. How can I get to that same data without running a full update? Thanks!
  22. It's been a couple of weeks since a comprehensive valuation update has been provided. The last two updates that ran only had price changes for a handful of comics. When is the next comprehensive valuation update coming? Thanks
  23. 1st series, and I cannot use that feature. It stopped working years ago. Pete has no idea what happened and I haven't been able to fix it.
  24. This black cover is hard to find in high grade. The copies that are available are selling for more than the value in the dB. The value for a NM is listed as $1,000. There is a copy for sale in AA (VF for $495, but it is Restored). Is that dragging it down? Can you review the pricing for this issue?
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