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  1. But does the signed copy come with a COA? As I understand it, that is currently the criterion that HC uses for listing signed variants in the database.
  2. Ugh. I can see why this would be a reasonable default for phone users, but I actually use the web report on my laptop and find it most useful to have everything listed on a single page instead of 27 separate screens. So if I want to see what titles I have that contain the word "Frazetta", I have to check each screen on the report or open up my Windows partition and launch ComicBase. It was much faster to just bring up my old single screen report and do a text find on that. Is there any chance that an "ALL" button can be added next to the "Z" button?
  3. There are a number of Kickstarter titles in the database. You just set up the info like you would for any other comic, write "Kickstarter" or "Kickstarter product" in the notes field, then submit.
  4. I don't *think* that I have changed my email associated with ComicBase for at least a couple of years, but at some point last year I disappeared off of the leaderboard (I was somewhere in the top 50). Right now my ComicBase online profile shows that I only have 11 points.
  5. I could be wrong, but I'm not aware of a comic shop release for that particular Giant title.
  6. Yes, that Pizza Hut book is definitely a giveaway book from 1993. I don't have a copy of this particular one, but there were a lot of different Pizza Hut/Marvel giveaways around that time (see here, here, and here, for instance). I'm not finding the one you have in the AA database, so I agree that this should get entered as its own title. If there is no indicia, then use the cover title as your guide.
  7. I know that I had a January-dated report that went up just prior to the web server conversion. At some point during the conversion, my report got rolled back to a 12/22 report that I had uploaded. I have not had a chance to try uploading a current report after the conversion, however.
  8. While looking up some things for my post above, I discovered that Daredevil Epic Collection #21 has a duplicate entry as Daredevil Collector's Set #1. The Collector's Set entry should be deleted.
  9. The Collector's Set designation is generally used when there are additional items included with the issue. In the case of AoS #500/CS, I think that the issue was polybagged with a trading card. Batman #500/CS had several items included in the polybag such as postcards and a poster. In both cases, there were non-bagged versions of the comic that did not come with those extras. Similar situation for Superman (2nd series) #75. In the case of Action Comics #687/CS, I don't recall anything different with that issue except for the die-cut cover. That probably should have been indexed as AC #687/SC (special cover) or AC #687/A, but so much time has passed that HC might be reluctant to make a change to the database on that one (when possible, HC prefers to avoid making variation changes to older mainstream comic issues in the database so as not to mess up the longstanding inventories of ComicBase users). I'm sure Mark or Pete will weigh in on that particular issue. Note that the CS designation was used back when HC was more inclined to go with "descriptive" variant designations (e.g., "gold cover") instead of "variation A." It is used sparingly (if ever) for newly released comics. There have been a few cases where trade paperbacks of a series get the CS designation. I don't recall specifically which titles that happened with, but it was instances where there was already a tpb series indexed under the same title, and the Dlx designation was not deemed appropriate. I *think* this happened when an *older* tpb collection was not in the database prior to indexing a more recent tpb collection with different contents, and the older collection needed to be retrofitted into the title. This is done only rarely, however. Finally, CS has been used in a few situations where a set of comic issues were released in a single package. Here is one example of that: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/250265/1/Daredevil-The-Man-Without-Fear-Collectors-Set-1
  10. The database actually lists both titles. You are correct, though, the title Firefly: Sting does need to be deleted.
  11. Hi Fred -- Earlier today I started a thread in the "News & General Discussion" area to talk about forum issues. Feel free to hop on and post. And I agree with you re: item 2. I am pretty sure that I asked Pete about this via email right after he set up the new forums, but didn't hear back from him on that particular item. Hopefully he will be able to address that soon.
  12. Hi folks! Here is a handy dandy thread for posting any and all issues/bugs/features that you might encounter regarding the new forums. In my case, I am having trouble getting the link function to work. It worked easily enough when I set up the "Forum Rules" posts for here and the Atomic Avenue boards, but over the last few days I get a "There was a problem loading this content" error when I try to use that function. If I paste a raw URL into my post, that automatically gets converted into a link, but I can't select text within a post that I am writing and turn that into a link.
  13. I think that the general consensus would be to not take both the girlfriend and the wife to see it at the same time in order to maintain their friendliness towards you. 🤡
  14. DC has informed retailers that all of the below items have been cancelled. They indicate that these will be resolicited in a different format, so all of these should be deleted from the database: Absolute Fables https://atomicavenue.com/title/64043/Absolute-Fables Superman: Man of Steel by John Byrne Omnibus vol. 1 (I'm not seeing this in the database even though it was officially solicited) Legion of Super-Heroes: The Road to the Legion tpb (I'm not seeing this in the database even though it was officially solicited, but I'm pretty sure that this was supposed to collect issues of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium and Legion of Super-Heroes (8th series).) Also, orders have been cancelled for Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus vol. 8 https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/952800/1/Batman-The-Golden-Age-Omnibus-8-Hardcover. Although DC claims that they will resolicit, my recommendation would be to remove this item from the database until they actually do so.
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