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The database entry for Acme Comics has gotten messy, and I think I'm partly responsible. I'm new to entering my collection. When I looked for Acme Comics, I did not see the existing entry for Acme. So I added Acme Comics as a new title. Later, I discovered the entry for Acme and entered some creator and publication data for issue #8. I also made a title modification using the "Edit Title Information" button in ComicBase. The title should correctly be given as Acme Comics, not just Acme, as it is Acme Comics on all of the covers. I also fixed the publication dates, which are correctly 1982-1992. I'm a little unclear on some of the details about which pieces of information get replicated to other users and which stay on my end, but after the last database update, I'm now seeing a bare-bones listing for Acme #1-10 and a second entry for Acme Comics which contains only #8 and the info I entered for it. These listings need to be merged. To summarize: there should only be one listing for this title; the title should be Acme Comics, not just Acme; the dates of publication are 1982-1992, not 1987-1989; and the details I entered for Acme Comics #8 should be preserved.

I'm sorry for any part I played in this confusion and I've already learned to be a little craftier when checking the database for titles before I go trying to add one.

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It's Acme Comics in the indicia of #8 as well.

I just dug the first seven issues out of a magazine box (they're all roughly magazine size, while #8 is the size of a standard comic). It's Acme Comics on the covers and indicia of the first seven issues as well. I don't think I have #9 or #10, but from pictures on the Internet it looks like #9 omits the word "Comics" from the cover, while #10 includes it again.





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