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Coordinating my Database with Comicbase Database cbdb

Roy Gosselin

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Hi, Getting started again on entering my collection into Comicbase Pro 2021. After several days of enterng information/issues,  I notice that all of the issues I've entered show up on File-Databases-Comicbase Database cbdb. And when that databse is selected, the Colection Reports and Collection Overview include all of the issues and  info I've entered. However, when I go to File-Databases- my (Roy's) Database , some issues that have been entered do not show up in that database or the Collection Reports or Collection Overview. Is there any way to Update/coordinate the my (Roy's) Database so that it has all the information that has been entered into the Comicbase Database cbdb?


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I believe the only way is to Export information from one database and Import into the other.

I would just select Issues you own.

After you Export data, you can edit the file (Notepad works fine) and compare it with the database you are about to import into.

This will let you remove lines where they are in both (so you don't get duplicate entries).

Also, if you have Books and/or Magazines in addition to Comic Books, you will need to do an Export/Import for each of the Types you have.

PS Make sure both databases have be update to the same weekly Update time.

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