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Clean-up for 2/5/2022 update

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I have both, but oddly, the more recent one is hiding at the moment...


Iron Manual, (1993), one-shot, 32 pages, no adds.

Cover Price $1.75, sold in stores, not a giveaway.

No story, no sequential art

Done in the style of looking through a computer archive with personal noted by Tony Stark, shows illustrations, schematics and exploded views of suits, tech and buildings/labs.


The cover includes the statement "The Ultimate Operations Handbook of the Golden Avenger's(tm) Armor"

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Ahhh, had a pair of earlier not-yet-consolidated boxes...


2020 Iron Manual, one-shot, 4"x6.5", 28 pages, no adds

Cover price FREE, IIRC my store had a stack of them at the counter...

first page is a reproduction of the cover for Iron Man 2020 (2nd Series) and a 4 page sneak peak of the same, followed by single page handbook-style character sheets for related characters and teams.

So, mostly no story or sequential art.

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