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Update problem

Rob Twohy

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2 minutes ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

As a work-around until this is fixed, you can try using menu item Setup->Preferences, and near, the top, Unchecking 'Check for interim updates'.
This should stop it from looking for a program update and go to the content update.

Except I WANT the update. Ha

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I am not sure of the exact mechanics but I think a step was missed. My guess is there was a change made but this didn't make it to the download file.

The Build number probably got updated (making CB think there is a new update) but the new program didn't make it to the spot where it is downloaded from. So, CB thinks there is a new Update but when it tries to install it, it is the same as what you currently have.

This will probably be fixed (eventually) but until then, can't get to the Content update until you get past this mixed up program update.

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