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How to Enter Reprinted Omnibuses with Both Mass & Direct Market Covers

Edwin Billiot

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I have the recent 3rd reprint of the The Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus v1 and it has both a mass-market and direct-market cover. How should it be entered in CB? Usually second and third printings are listed as 1-2 and 1-3 and books with variant covers are listed as 1/A and 1/B. When I enter the UPC code 978130294634059999 I get 1/B but it has the wrong image. Should I use this, update the cover image and add a note that it is the third printing which was printed "between 2/25/2022 and 5/9/2022" or should I create a new item? I'm not really sure how I should enter this book.



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The variation and the printing number are separate fields... so you can have issue #1/A 3rd printing, for example.  

But in looking at the Fantastic Four by John Byrne Omnibus title, it looks like it needs some clean up, so I am pinging @Mark J. Castaneda on this thread.    

1.  AFAIK, there were only two versions of volume 1 first printing.  Issue #1 and Issue #1/B look like duplicates.  One of those needs to go away.  If it matters in the decision making, I believe that what is shown as #1/A was the DM variant (as indicated in the Notes field).  

2.  I am pretty sure that both versions of volume 1 had second printings and third printings.  So those need to be added once Mark decides how to handle the above item.  

3.  Similarly, volume 2 had only two versions.  Again, what is shown as #2/A is the DM variant (as indicated in the Notes field).  The entry for #2/HC is superfluous.  Volume 2 should be listed as either #2 and #2/A **or** as #2/A and #2/B.  I recommend using the same convention as for volume 1 (so again, what gets used will be determined by Mark's decision re: volume 1).  

4.  I am pretty sure that both versions of Volume 2 have had second printings, and I think that third printings have either been solicited or they are expected to be solicited soon.  

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On 12/29/2022 at 7:01 PM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

Cleaned up the title for the next content update. Not sure I listed all the later printings; feel free to send in submissions for them if i missed any.

The following printings need to be added:

#1/HC 2nd print

#1/HC 3rd print

#2/HC 2nd print

#2/A 2nd print

The only reason that I am not submitting them via ComicBase is that I don't have the UPC numbers for them.  

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