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Identification Label Information - Diminishing Returns

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Hi, all--

I print identification labels for my comics and magazines. And while I like the ability to include StoryLines and Creators at some point this information provides diminishing returns (pun intended) as the font size gets readjusted based on the amount of text that's included. Here's an example from The Official Legion of Super-Heroes #1:


This is nearly illegible. I think this may be at the limit before the data starts getting truncated. I have a couple of suggestions that might help this situation and it's regarding what information can be included.


  1. The checkbox for storylines and creators could be separated into multiple checkboxes. It appears that when the checkbox is selected the Item Description, Notes, Storylines, and Writer and Artist columns are combined. By separating those, a user could decide what information is important for the label. 
  2. Having a checkbox to limit the amount of text displayed for the storylines and creators checkbox (or if separated, the combined amount).
  3. Having a checkbox to include the cover date would be awesome! As you can see in the attached image, the publisher didn't list the cover date. This is true of Silver Age issues as well where the month is listed but not the year.
  4. A checkbox to include the Publisher. Perhaps Cover Date and Publisher could be one checkbox and be on one line. 

These modifications could be done in a way that would not affect those who prefer the label as it currently displays.

Thanks for your consideration.

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