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Is there a ComicBase issue with BitLocker?

Fred Slota

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I woke up to a heart-attack scenario...


I was running a Rebuild Lists overnight, this morning came to my sleeping laptop, tapped the power button, and the system froze on the initial login screen with the audio stuck on a tone.

10-second power, and the laptop froze 5 seconds into Dell logo with the spinning wheel.

3 more 10-second powers, and I got to a BIOS, which said there was a OS issue, and hung while trying to load a network interface.

10-second power, got to a safe mode DOS prompt, and when I tried switching to c:, was told it was Bitlockered.

Turned everything off in anticipation of taking it for service.

Half hour later, pondered what the status of the other drive was (I have both SSD and standard drives), pressed power, and the laptop booted normally.


Backed up all important stuff, then started digging, and found that BitLocker was enabled, which I didn't think I had been using. 


Now, I've done Rebuilds before, as recently as last week.  And, I've applied Windows Updates and upgraded the OS, but I don't anything was all that recent.  I don't think I had enabled BitLocker intentionally when I first started tis laptop 1-2 years ago, and don't think I enabled it subsequently.


But I have to wonder and share...



For some reason, I feel the need to scrutinize my backup process...

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