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Error when rebuilding series information

John S. Kinne

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When I try to use file tools, rebuild series information it fails with the following error.  I’m assuming that there is bad data somewhere.  Is there any type of logging that can tell me exactly where the process is failing so that I can manually fix?




Clicking continue just caused the process to hang indefinitely -




I’ve tried removing the indicated title (and all those around it) from the database to no avail.   I’ve also updated to the most recent build (3085) to no effect.



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Do you have recently dated backup that you can load into the software and see if it has the same trouble yet?

If you don't a have a back up to fall to, email our support team at support@comicbase.com and let them know the situation. They will most likely need to get your database in-hand so they can see what the trouble is. You can use ComicBase Sidekick's 'Save to Cloud' option to upload the database to your online account for them to inspect.

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Hi John,

There was some garbage data in your Batman/Doc Savage Special title (the "Datemask" -- an internal field used to compute which years a title was published in) was null. If you delete that title and let the update reinstall it, you'll be fine. I've also rigged the latest build of ComicBase to automatically correct for this issue if it encounters it--re-download the latest build (3162) you'll be able to do the rebuild successfully.



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