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Magazines not owed with costs

Lawrence McQuaide

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Hi all, recently went to input a group of magazines for the 1st times and noticed about 90% of the magazine titles in the DB have values in the cost field. These are magazines that have a Qty of zero and have never been entered into the database. Is there a quick way to clean this up? I'm running v20.0.2.3433. 



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I think this is a "Feature" and I am not sure it is a good idea.

If you a Find for last weeks new items in Comic Books, All ha a Cost entered (even if Qty is 0). The only ones that don't are ones that have a Cover prices of 0.00.) So it isn't just Magazines (or Books).

If it is a Feature, what I am about to suggest may not last past the next update (and I would try on a copy of your database, just to be safe). And this will affect all items in a section (Magazines, Books, or Comic Books).

Select menu item Items-><Mass Change (or CTRL + M)

Make sure the drop-down box in top left corner is set to Magazines.

Use Change drop-down box to select Cost.

Click Radio button next to Value and then type in 0.00 in the box.

At this point you can click the Apply To radio button for All Titles to get everything or Selected Titles to then select various Titles.

Once ready, click Make Changes.  Note: There will NOT be any Undo for this (hence the 'work with a copy warning I mentioned while testing to see if this does what you want).


Again, the next update MAY set them all back OR set any new ones to have a Cost value other than 0.00.


I am with you in that, if you don't Own any of these items, there should NOT be a Cost entered for them.



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2 hours ago, Steven L. Dasinger said:

What does Cost represent? What an Item # Will Cost? or What you Paid for it?

If it what you Paid for it, it should be 0 unless Qty in Stock is >=1.

Agreed and this was my assumption (Cost = What I've paid). To answer Mark, my settings are Cover Price with 25% discount. 

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Here is an example (although this is the case for most, if not all, of the Magazines).

The Red circle shows Qty 0.

The Blue circle shows the Price (what it is currently worth).

The Black circle shows the item #'s 'Cost' me 1.80 and 2.25 for ! and 2, respectively.

But, since I never bought them, the Cost should be 0.00 and NOT the Cover price * the Discount set in preferences.


This is true for Books and Comic Books (although only for newer (i.e. updated) Comic Books), I think.

Magazine Cost example.JPG

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It isn't really anything we do. It is what the program does. This is probably with the weekly update.

From last weeks update log:

New Magazines:

007 Magazine Omnibus 4

If you go to 007 Magazine Omnibus, Item #'s 1, 2, and 3 all have a Cost of 0.00.
But, the newly added Item #4 has a Cost of 23.59.

This was added by the weekly update and not me. Randomly checking other New Magazine Item #'s, most have a Cost value set other than 0.00. The few that don't may have been moved from Comic Books instead of added as new (at a guess).

Also notice that 1, 2, and 3 were Modified prior to CB 2020.

PS The same thing is happening for Books and Comic Books.

Magazine Title after update.JPG

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That's the correct behavior. Cost is only zero in the field if you set it as such. You set your cost to default to a percentage of the price.

THAT SAID-- remember that the computed cost is the qty X the cost. So if you have zero of something--even if the cost is set to a million bucks--your final cost is zero.

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Except, it isn't behaving the way it should. Any new Item added that has a Qty of 0 should have a Cost of 0.00.

Since these appear to be newly entered Items, with Qty = 0, the Cost should be 0.00, but the Update is setting it to Cover Price  * Discount % for every new item the update adds to the database.

Cost should only be set if Qty is set to 1 (or more).

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I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

To me, Cost is what I Paid for an Issue.  I don't own it, then the Cost is 0.00.

If I ever change Qty to 1 or more then Cost would be some value.

If you handle cost differently, then that is your choice.  I will just have to set discount to Zero to get the Cost to act the way I expect.

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