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Solomon Kane omnibus

Gregory Hecht

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The Solomon Kane: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus, like many of Marvel's omnibus books, has a regular edition and a direct market variant.  The database lists these as Book #1 and Book #1/HC, respectively.  To be consistent with other Marvel hardcovers that have regular and DM variants, these should really be listed as Book #1/HC and Book #1/A, respectively.  

This would require changing the existing Book #1 to Book #1/HC and changing the existing Book #1/HC to Book #1/A.  


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There is still some clean-up needed here after the most recent update.  

Book #1/A and Book #1/HC both say "Direct Market Hardcover" in the notes.  That note should be deleted for Book #1/HC and should be kept for Book #1/A.

The cover scans also need to be switched.  The one with the blue background is the "regular" version (Book #1/HC) and the one with the orange/brown background is the DM variant  (Book #1/A).  

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