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Removing Excess Entries from the App's List of Databases

Peter R. Bickford

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To find the Database ID of your current database:

Press F12 (or use Menu item File->Collection statistics.

When the window displays, click on the item below the Renew Now button (looks like a stack with an i in a circle). If you hover your mouse over it, it displays the text Database info.


The Database ID is the fifth line.971613205_DBID.thumb.JPG.93fc0352c2e4648b304f9cd78cb7b797.JPG


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I'm seeing two databases with the same ID (for example, "ComicBase Database" and "ComicBase Database.cbdb").  When I try to select the cbdb version in the dropdown (not that I'd want to delete those), it reverts to the "extension-less" version.  Note that the same occurs on the My Comics reports page.


Can I safely delete the older 2017-style databases?

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If you ever notice things not updating, try this:

-make sure you download the latest versions of CB2021 AND ComicBase Mobile App

-In the software, go the File Menu>Collection Statistics - this does a backend check to the mobile app that should refresh your stats and award any badges earned for the account you're logged in with in the software.

If none of those help, email us at support@comicbase.com and we'll look further into it for you if needed.

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