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Wrong listings for X-Men 5th series #12 variants B to O

Jeff Kindrat

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X-Men 5th series #12 (2020) has J Scott Campbell variants listed (Variants B to O, which are actually Uncanny X-Men 5th series (2019) (already in list).  Screenshot below.

There are also a number of variants for X-Men 5th series # 12 that are not yet listed on the database.  Attached pictures of all but the Momoko virgin cover.

  • Colossus cover 75960609466001231
  • Psylocke Cover 75960609466001216
  • Mark Brooks 75960609466001261
  • Mark Brooks Virgin 75960609466001271
  • Peach Momoko 75960609466001281
  • Peach Momoko Virgin 75960609466001291

I believe there are virgin ones of the Colossus and Psylocke which I don't own, rest I have in hand.







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