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When I run the weekly update and check the Unknown Items list, I'm getting something weird.  Under "Comics: Unrecognized Comic Titles", Amazing Heroes is not listed. It shouldn't be, it's listed under "Magazines". But under "Comics: Unrecognized Comics", there are listed a number of Amazing Heroes issues. I don't have Amazing heroes as a Title under Comic Books, only under Magazines. I don't even own any copies of Amazing Heroes. I did have some on my Wish List, but I had removed those a while back. It's shown up like this after at least the past three weekly updates.

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interesting... the software thinks you have those issues listed instock under Comics

Try going into File Menu>File Tools>Rebuild Lists - select the 'Series information' and 'Item Information' then hit the Rebuild button. After the rebuild completes, see if that title still appears under the Comic category afterwards.

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On 3/10/2021 at 9:41 AM, Mark J. Castaneda said:

Can you upload a fresh copy of your database through ComicBase Sidekick's 'save to cloud' option? We'd like to take a closer look at the db ourselves.

When the process completes, please email our team at support@comicbase.com so they know its ready to be looked at.

Support helped. Apparently, I had multiple databases with the same ID. Deleting them from Collection Statistics and running the new weekly update cleared them from my list.

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