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Additional Reporting Options

Scott Edwards

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One of the big sellers for me on ComicBase was the ability to run collection reports, as well as the appearance of the reports.

What I would like to see, however, would be additional ability to customize reports.  For example, I like to keep all of my books with a value of $20 or more in a separate longbow from the rest of my collection.  There isn't a way to easily run a report of all books with a value of 'xx.xx' at all.  Instead, reports are pretty much pre-selected by the programmers.  Also, I'd love to be able to print reports to an Excel file, but that isn't an option right now either.

Basically, I'd like to have greater ability to customize my reports.  Thanks!

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I will let HC comment an the ability to customize reports (my guess is that Crystal Reports doesn't lend itself to that).

In the mean time, to get a report of books of $20.00 or more, do this:

Run a Find (CTRL+F).
In Find drop-down box, select Item Fields->Price
In the next drop-down box, select Is Greater Than or Equal To.
In the Box type 20.00 (or just 20 since it is an even dollar amount).
(make sure the List Only Items In Stock check-box is Checked)
Then click Find button.

When the result set is displayed, use CTRL+A to select all the rows.
Right-click to bring up the pop-up menu and select Quick Report (or press F7)
This will create a Report.
This may or may not be what you are looking for but it may be close enough until something better comes along.


You can't 'print' a Report to Excel but you can Export it.
If you run a regular Report (using the Menu option), click on the Preview button to generate the Report.
If you use the Quick Report, it automatically goes into Preview.

In the top left corner, the first icon (circled in Red in the attachment) is to Export Report. Click on it and a save dialog box will be displayed.
Use the drop-down box to change Save as Type to an Excel format (the part circled in Blue).

Export Report.JPG

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Steve answered this well. Only thing I'd add, is that you can also select the rows from _any_ find, highlight desired rows (or Ctrl-A) to select all, then use them as the "Selected issues" for any issue-based report (e.g. price, ID labels), or select any titles you and use them as the selected titles for any title-based report (e.g. Collection report, Issue checklists, Price List)


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