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Clean-up for 4/29/2021 update

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This week's update added Monsters (Barry Windsor Smith) as a book.  

  • Is this a book or a graphic novel?  I thought that it was a graphic novel and should therefore be in the Comics category, but my copy won't arrive for a couple of weeks yet so I can't verify firsthand.  
  • Also, should this really be titled Monsters (Barry Windsor Smith's...) ?  Again, I don't have my copy yet so I can't check the indicia.  In its current form, the title is using the convention that the database uses to imply that Barry Windsor Smith is the publisher (rather than the author).  If the indicia just reads Monsters without any reference to Smith by name, then perhaps the title should be Monsters (Fantagraphics).  

Every week the master database update report lists "Changed Comic Book Titles" and it seems like some titles end up in that part of the list every week.  For example, Atom-Age Combat (1st series) seems to show up in there all of the time, week in and week out.  This has been going on for what seems like many months.  I think that some titles also exhibit this behavior, but I know for sure that this one has.  What the hell is going on with this title that it winds up changing every week?  

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In the last update (4-29-21), The History of Grendel: Devil In Reflection was moved from Comics to Books. It has one entry, listed under Item # as "1". There are two, the first on published by Dark Horse (not COMICO) and Capital Comics in 1992. The second printing was by Dark Horse and Advance Comics in 1993.When I tried to bring my data from Comics to Books, I ended up with three entries: the original Book entry (Item #1), my Comic to Book entry became Item # TPB and my second printing became Item # TPB 2. How do I get it to read as just 2 or 1-2? or whatever signifies Second Printing. While I'm at it, it's not a TPB. It just a 12-page Staple-Bound. Currently, my issues are listed as "Staple-2" and "1", in that order.

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Currently, there doesn't seem to be any way to create a Book Issue with just  the number 1 (nothing else) despite the update adding 1 and 1-2 to The History of Grendel: Devil in Reflection in Books. If you edit one of these issues and try to save it, 'something'  will be added as you have to choose a Binding Type and there isn't a 'none' selection.

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13 hours ago, Gregory Hecht said:

Should this even be a book in the first place?  What was the rationale for moving it out of the Comics category?

It's not really a comic. Mostly a text overview of the various Grendel series' with a four page Grendel story. I would have left it in Comics, but I can see it in Books.

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12 minutes ago, Mark J. Castaneda said:

just to clarify, this is 2 separate issues OR one a 1st print and the other a 2nd print?

I'm not sure, but Michael indicates that he has both issues.  (I only have what is currently listed in the database as #2.  It is as he describes, I think a case can be made either way for it to be in the Books category or the Comics category. It is a stapled promotional item.)  

The second was published by Dark Horse and distributed by Capital City as a promotional insert in their Advance Comics catalog.  I am not able to find the first issue on the comics.org, mycomicshop, or Mile High sites.  Based on the cover scan for #1, it obviously exists and was also distributed by Capital City. 

The note fields for these say that the first one came out in 1992 and the second came out in 1993.  I can confirm the 1993 date on the second one.   If Michael can confirm that the contents of both issues are the same and that the first issue bears a 1992 date, then I think that this should be a "first print, second print" kind of thing. 

If the date in the indicia of the first one is 1993, then it should probably be treated as a "variant A/variant B" kind of thing.  

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