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Problem with Collection Statistics

Brian Reilly

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Collection Statistics and other reports on my collection show what I believe to be correct numbers for every category except the "Between $10 and $24.99". In that category it shows that I own every issue of every comic; all 49 million+ issues worth $514 million and change (I wish).

I'm on Comicbase verion: v

Anybody have any idea what's going on here and how I can fix?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Have you checked to see if any of your comics has an unusual quantity in stock?  For example, if you have ever accidentally entered a UPC code into the issue quantity field, you might get a result like this.  (not that such has ever happened to me, of course 😉 )

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Intriguing idea Gregory but note how the snapshot shows that I have 10, 355 unique issues. I believe that to be the correct size of my collection. So, it seems the program knows I have that many issues but for some reason is not reflecting it correctly in the one "Value Range" row.

If I did want to investigate your suggestion, any idea how to easily find an individual issue with an improbably high quantity count?

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If you have a copy of Fantastic Four #1 in your collection and then you add a second copy of FF #1, that will change your count of total issues but NOT your count of unique issues (you already had a copy of FF #1 before you acquired the second copy).  So I think that your problem really is that at least one issue in your collection has an unusual number entered into the Quantity In Stock field.  

  • To find the issues with an excess quantity, do the following:
  • Go to any Comic Book title (not a Book or Magazine title).  Click on "Find" and select "Other"
  • You should now have a small pop-up window.  Use the "Find" pull-down menu to select "Item Fields" and then select "Qty In Stock"
  • After you do that, you should be able to select the "is greater than" option.  
  • Type 1 in the text box, then click the "Find" button in the lower right corner.  
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