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Stranded items report

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A few weeks ago in the livestream, Pete was saying how everyone needed to run some sort of report to identify and fix stranded or changed items that got moved from comics to magazines or books or the like when there was a lot of category changing going on behind the scenes. I finally got a chance to do it, and can't find the portion of the livestream where it was mentioned, nor any mention in the forums. It seemed pretty important at the time, and I am sure I had quite a few things affected. Can anyone clue me in on how to run the report or do whatever it was I am supposed to do to get things fixed?

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After you run a content update on your database, there is a link on your pop-up window (the same one that reports collection value) for seeing items that are in your database but which were not recognized during the update.  

If the content of your database is already up to date, you can "force" the update by holding down the shift key while selecting the "Check for updates" menu item.  

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