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    Adding in New Magazines

    Mark J. Castaneda

    With the Magazine category expanding in ComicBase with new titles, there is without a doubt some challenges when publishers don't use the same numbering system to track their issues. 

    Some magazine titles are pretty straight forward with ascending numbering system and others use multiple volumes to track their issues. In the case of a title with multiple volumes, we don’t want to create separate titles to track each volume.

    Going forward, we want to index them with a numbering scheme that can work no matter what system is used by a publisher.

    If the title is just a singular run with no other volumes then normal numbering is used.

    If the title has multiple volumes then we are approaching numbering with a more refined approach. The issue number we index will include both the volume and issue number. For example; vol. 23 #13 would be indexed as #2313 (The first digits represent the volume number and the last represent the issue number).

    Take a look at the magazine title LIFE (Time) as a great example of how we are implementing this going forward.


    Edited by Mark J. Castaneda

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