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  2. The Unexpected (2nd series) #2 is a duplication of The Unexpected (3rd series) #3. The 2nd series was a one-shot, so the #2 listing in that title should be deleted.
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  4. are using the latest build for CB2021? if not, just download/install the revised CB2021 program installer (which addresses a few improvements and bug fixes) from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx Afterwards, start up CB2021 again and see how it all looks. If you still have trouble please email our team directly at support@comicbase.com
  5. Try resetting your preferences. (File > File Tools > Reset Preferences). If the problem persists, please contact tech support directly.
  6. The problem is that you're using the mobile app for something it's not really meant to do: phones are lousy at barcode entry, compared to actual barcode scanners. That they can do it at all is a small miracle, considering what's involved with stabilizing the camera image, decoding the image pixels, etc. The new mobile app is downright miraculous in what it does, but it's easily 4x slower than using an actual barcode scanner (as are all phone-based barcode scanners). The mobile app is meant for light duty lookup and adding of issues on the go--it's not suited (and was never designed for) m
  7. So I tried my hand at the "duplicate" feature and now for the original and the new entry, a MJ Variant, the font is greyed out in the grid display. When I select the row, I can see the info because the font turns white. I've attached a photo of part of the row.
  8. is ComicBase maximized on-screen when you're using it (can you screenshot how it appears on your end)? Any other windows in ComicBase look odd on your end? Anything unique about your computer setup that we should know about? *Please email support@comicbase.com your answers as our programming team can address the trouble for you directly.
  9. As you requested. Hope these are the right images
  10. Just started using the Mobile App Scanner. After about 100 issues I have to say it's a bit infuriating. The lag between + scan feedback (buzz) and the info coming up is horribly inconsistent, that's if it comes up at all. I've had to scan nearly every barcode numerous times before any info would come up. Then there is the lag for the ADD button to show up, about 5-10 seconds after the issue info. And I'm fairly certain it is not my iPhone 12 or my internet connection since everything else is almost instant.
  11. do you happen to know your current Windows display resolution? And, do you have any kind of advance scaling set too? Screenshot these settings if you can.
  12. try out the revised CB2021 program installer now available here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  13. Just thought I'd let you know that I sorted out the problem. All the CBR files were in the correct directory, but only the first 100 issues were showing up for some reason. I removed all the files that weren't displaying from the folder and then added them again and now they all seem to be there. I'm not sure why they didn't import correctly the first time.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I should have went back and added this. The original post was before this feature was added and was a workaround until it did appear. (actually, it was instrumental to getting this feature added...). Now that it is available, the new feature should be used as it is much easier.
  15. When you run the weekly update, a pop-up window appears. There is a link toward the bottom that says "View unrecognized items". That will show you what you have that does NOT show up on the Comicbase Master Database.
  16. you have the J Scott Campbell cover as A it should be the Romita Cover first picture is Romita 2nd is Campbell
  17. Adventures of Jell-O Man and Wobbly & Jell-O Man and Wobbly are the same book Jell-O Man and Wobbly should be removed
  18. Using ComicBase 2021 Archive Edition v. for a few days. Lately the Title box has been looking slightly strange. Have included a jpeg for review. Titles works despite the appearance.
  19. Having read through the old message board posts regarding Heavy Metal, and their shift to a sequential issue numbering rather than the previous annual volume/issue number method, I am understanding that their records and those of CB apparently differ by about 10 issues. Currently, the first series numbering stops at #258 in ComicBase and on AA, with those last few issues before the shift being absent from both Series 1 and Series 2. Presumably this was done to avoid confusion, but with the side effect being that those 10 issues or so are no longer indexed or available on AA in either series.
  20. Thanks much---so it turns out I was not on the very latest version of Comicbase 2021. I noticed the release number on the website currently was different than the one I had just recently downloaded. So I downloaded the most current version today and now Sidekick is working perfectly fine again!
  21. Heavy Metal #293/A is showing the incorrect cover, and lists 2 artists in the Notes section. The A cover should be the one attached below, by Flavio Greco Paglia. The cover currently shown in ComicBase is also correctly displayed for the C cover, and is by Wanjin Gim. I attempted to upload the correct cover via the Submit New Or Corrected Data link, but apparently the master database image is larger, because it did not ask me for my image.
  22. Delete or Move 2.jpg and 2.5.jpg From: Pictures\S\Shroud\Gory Stories Quarterly To: Pictures\S\Shroud\Gory Story Quarterly, The and/or Delete or Rename 2.5-A.jpg to 1-A.jpg Then Move From: Pictures\S\Shroud\Gory Stories Quarterly, The To: Pictures\S\Shroud\Gory Story Quarterly, The (Between the two, you should end up with 2.jpg, 2-A.jpg, and 2.5.jpg (see AA for covers as refernce, if needed)) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fawcett\B.C. Life is a Sollar Seventy-Five Cent Paperback To: Pictures\F\Fawcett\B.C. Life is a Dollar Seventy-Five Cent Paperback
  23. The cover for 1-3 is incorrect. The cover is in fact for one of the printings of issue 2.
  24. There shouldn't be a limit (other than disk space). I just added over 100 digital comics to a Title and all 109 of them have the play button next to them. If you not already done so, try to leave and come back to the Title (so it can refresh the display). If they still do not show up, check the names of the files and ensure they match the Item #. If you still can't see them, I would contact support.
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