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  2. Ugh. I can see why this would be a reasonable default for phone users, but I actually use the web report on my laptop and find it most useful to have everything listed on a single page instead of 27 separate screens. So if I want to see what titles I have that contain the word "Frazetta", I have to check each screen on the report or open up my Windows partition and launch ComicBase. It was much faster to just bring up my old single screen report and do a text find on that. Is there any chance that an "ALL" button can be added next to the "Z" button?
  3. Okay, I didn't know I had to select it when it appeared to already be selected. Now it works.
  4. I guess I'm lucky I only have one book to sell. Moving the books over causes a duplicate issue to appear, even when the numbering is the same, but I deleted it and it looks okay now. Thanks.
  5. Scott: make sure you're running the current build (308x), and that you explicitly choose the Find > Title name or barcode option from the drop-down. If you still have problems afterward, contact support directly at 408-266-6883 Best, -Pete
  6. you will have to manually convert the listing to the 'book'media type (under the Edit menu). The software doesn't auto-convert it over because you had something in-stock previously under the previous media category.
  7. Looking into it more, it seems to be because it is not a "TPB" under "books." Why was this not automatically converted? Do I have to manually move all my books? How do I fix this? I am having the same problem with Doctor Who Magazine, which is now a "magazine." I assume the same kind of fix will apply.
  8. I've been trying to upload this for sale for ages, but ever since the 2020 update the email confirmation has been coming back with "unrecognized title." The title is right here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=622&M=0 As near as I can tell, everything in my database matches how AA has it filed. But it just won't upload, nor will my browser go to the title's page when I click "find copies" or to "browse" the title.
  9. I tried using the search bar and it doesn't find titles, only characters, even though "find" is set to "Title name or barcode." Furthermore, when I start to type a name, only a few selections come up. For example, entering "night" only brings up "Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond)" and "Nightwing (Superman)".
  10. There appears to be two covers for The X-Files (Topps) #-2 Lone Star comics ( https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=163961 ) list them as 'Pink' and Gray logos. The Comic Book Realm ( https://comicbookrealm.com/series/10706/122503/the-x-files-issue-2/1 ) lists them as American Entertainment Special 'Red' logo and American Entertainment Variant Gray logo. The Grand Comics Database ( https://www.comics.org/issue/899211/ ) have them as 'Black' Logo and 'Red' logo. I think there are only 2. The Pink/Red are probably the same just different scans affected the Hue. The Gray/Black are probably the same with the Black being a bad scan that didn't pick up the dark Gray logo. The Red appears to be the main issue and the Gray appears to be the variant.
  11. I have a #-2 (Minus Two) and the indicia indicates that it is a first printing, but the cover is black with slightly lighter black lettering instead of the red that the official cover scan shows. Any thoughts?
  12. Yesterday
  13. After much delay, yes, the new build seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks again!
  14. Just got a post notification from AA. Seems to be working now. Prices are as posted.
  15. Since the weekend I’ve been trying to update prices via ComicBase (latest version). I get successful completions but don’t get the email confirmation and the prices remain unchanged. Supp?
  16. There are a number of Kickstarter titles in the database. You just set up the info like you would for any other comic, write "Kickstarter" or "Kickstarter product" in the notes field, then submit.
  17. I was curious if anyone else has a lot of comics from independent sources with very low print runs? I would love to hear any tips or hints at easy ways to handle them. I tend to just put in the most basic info with a publisher created from the creator's name and KickStarter in the notes field. I've probably got 20 or 30 titles so far. Thanks, Pat
  18. It would run like it was meant to. That is what would happen if I booted with all my extensions off. Yay!!! It's my computer! I have been working on networks too long. I didn't even think of doing a safeboot. I will post the culprit once I have identified it. Thank you, Peter!
  19. Last week
  20. make sure you've checked the 'preview before printing' box before you hit the 'Sell' button. The following preview window that pops up should allow you to print out.
  21. Usually the printer should come with driver support/software to properly link it to your computer. You could even consult the maker's website for that kind of stuff. Once you successfully add it, it should be an option for you to choose when you print.
  22. we'll need to add it in for the next content update. thanks for the heads up.
  23. How do I assign a new printer to my sales terminal?
  24. I recently started using this program, so I hope I am asking this in the correct area, but while inputting my collection I could not find a listing for the NYCC Variant of Curse Words issue #1. The cover can be seen here: https://comicspriceguide.com/titles/curse-words/1-NYCC/pkrwlut
  25. I'll have to try the title box as well. My CB is also very slow when using the button, and my PC is only a couple years old and built for gaming.
  26. This flipbook scan is composited wrong. Both images are on the correct sides (brown on left, blue with UPC on right), but both are upside-down. This is not correctable by simply rotating the whole scan 180 degrees or mirror flipping the whole scan top-to-bottom; each side image needs to be rotated 180 degrees separately, so the current outer edges would then join in the center.
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