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  2. The logic ComicBase is using to determine which cover to display is choosing incorrectly in some situations. Amazing Fantasy for instance is preferring the 1000 covers instead of the earliest issue - #15. Another situation I have seen recently involves Nth printings of the first issue somehow getting ordered before the first issue. I think this coincides with another issue I have seen recently and wrote about (in Contents and Corrections): I think there are other issues when issue # goes under 1, (0 issues, negative issues), but those are rarer instance, however maybe an ideal logic would preference the cover for the oldest issue in the series, rather than simply the lowest number in a folder. Not sure how easy that would as I don't have access to the logic. Note: I had to delete variant covers of #1000 on Amazing Fantasy to get it to choose the main cover of #1000 in the attached image.
  3. I am a collector that really only collects the main covers for Marvel/DC. I noticed recently that DC comics listings have changed from just an issue # to Issue #/A for the main cover. 1. Is there a good reason for this? 2. It breaks the feature for viewing just regular covers (which I find very useful). Now I have a lot of variant cover spam in my grids. Can we go to a consistent numbering of main cover just being the issue # across titles so that when I want to just see the main covers, it actually works. Currently, it only consistently works for Marvel comics.
  4. The database lists second printings of issues #6 and #7 for Moon Girl. I don't believe that these ever came out... can anybody verify that they exist? (I can verify that second printings for issues #1 through #5 do exist as I have them in my collection.)
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  6. Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-Ash.jpg From: Pictures\A\Angel\Battlebride To: Pictures\A\Angel Press\Battlebride Delete or Move 0.jpg From: Pictures\A\Andromeda\Fire and Fury To: Pictures\A\Andromeda Comics\Fire and Fury Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 4-A.jpg) From: Pictures\A\Andromeda\First Wave To: Pictures\A\Andromeda Entertainment\First Wave Delete or Move 1.jpg and 2.jpg From: Pictures\A\Andromeda\Andromeda (Andromeda) To: Pictures\A\Andromeda Comics\Andromeda (Andromeda Comics) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 3.jpg) From: Pictures\A\Andromeda\Arik Khan (Andromeda) To: Pictures\A\Andromeda Publications\Arik Khan (Andromeda Publications) Delete 1.jpg and/or Delete or Move 1-Nude.jpg From: Pictures\A\Angel Entertainment\Girl on Girl- Babysitters To: Pictures\A\Angel\Girl on Girl- Babysitters Note: The old 1.jpg is incorrect. Delete 1.jpg and/or Delete or Move 1-Nude.jpg From: Pictures\A\Angel Entertainment\Girl on Girl- Strippers To: Pictures\A\Angel\Girl on Girl- Strippers Note: The old 1.jpg is incorrect. Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-Nude.jpg From: Pictures\A\Angel Entertainment\Girl on Girl- Sweet Lil' Cheeks To: Pictures\A\Angel\Girl on Girl- Sweet Lil' Cheeks Delete or Move Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\And Action\Legend of the Mantamaji To: Pictures\A\And- Action!\Legend of the Mantamaji Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Franklin Richards- Fantastic Year To: Pictures\M\Marvel\F\Franklin Richards- A Fantastic Year Delete or Move 1-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\S\Star Wars- The High Republic Adventures-Phase III To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\S\Star Wars- The High Republic Adventures (Phase III) Delete or Move ALL 1.jpg - 41173.jpg) From: Pictures\N\News World Communcations\Washington Times, The To: Pictures\N\News World\Washington Times, The (News World) Delete 2.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\M\Marvel Masterworks- The Amazing Spider-Man (although I am not sure why it was deleted) Delete 2-B.jpg From: Pictures\L\Last Gasp\Slow Death (or rename it to 2-A.jpg which is a lower quality duplicate) Delete Bk 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\Abrams\Super Hero's Journey, The (duplicate of 1-HC.jpg)
  7. This book will require some special care, as it has batteries in the cover. For Zod's sake don't leave them in to meltdown! Acid will eat the card-stock! Because of the sound chip insert, this book will need to be stored differently to prevent damage to it and other books. (Anyone remember the Eclipso cover with the black diamond?) the cover on mine was separating (just a thin strip of glue tape) but, shows the batteries on the sound card which with care can be removed. DO NOT REMOVE the sound chip! Make sure the resealable poly bag remains with the book for Zods sake! wafer between two backing boards.
  8. I was watching on Chrome, and I don't think that I have any ad-blockers on that browser. I didn't have any trouble. I was logged in to my Google account, don't know if that has any importance.
  9. I wanted to link something, however it's all a hot mess and I don't want to send anyone down a rabbit hole. A quick fix is "incognito mode." I had to do so to watch the podcast today.
  10. Hey Herb, Our programming team has been updating hardware and settings related to our server that might have caused the problem. As of now, things are working okay on our end. -Would recommend you make sure to download/install the revised CB2024 program installer (v936) from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx -restart your computer, relaunch CB2024 and try to download the latest available content update. If any error messages pop-up, note them in this thread.
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  12. CB 2024 is a 64-bit application. It should be installed in 'Program Files' and not 'Program Files (x86)'. Personally, I would use Windows Settings->Apps->Installed Apps and Uninstall any ComicBase program (the program and Resources). Then Rename any Human Computing folder (to get it out of the way), then Install CB 2024.
  13. Thanks for continuing to provide me with information on this. At the moment, Sidekick doesn't appear to be working at all. As noted above, I had installed CB Pro 2024 through the desktop app. My version is currently showing as However, there wasn't a new folder created for CB 2024, and the executable is in the CB 2023 folder, as you can see from the screenprint below. Trying to run Sidekick from that executable doesn't successfully launch anything. Please let me know if I should attempt a clean install of either CB 2023 or CB 2024.
  14. Should also add I'm running Windows 11 (23H2) with 64gb Ram.
  15. Yes. The error messages ask that I allow Comic Base in my firewall (it's never been excluded) it has also asked me to exit and restart (done 3 times), and finally to check back later.
  16. Can you supply more information? Specifically, do you get any error messages? Any there any 'strange' activity (for example, the process starts and then just never finishes or display error messages)?
  17. Hello. I have been unable to download updates to ComicBase for the last 2 days, on either the main program or Sidekick. Running version 930. Help please. Thanks.
  18. I see that the database includes one of the recent re-issues of Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man #2, but it is listed as #2/A (2nd print). That issue should be deleted. In keeping with our discussion above, the silver & black re-issue of that book should be MM:TAS-M #2/D and the marble variant re-issue of that book should be MM:TAS-M #2/E. I will try to get those submitted in the next couple of days.
  19. The database lists Book #1 as the sole issue for The Super Hero's Journey. The book is a hardcover, so I am wondering if this should really be listed as #1/HC. My reasoning is that if a paperback edition is ever published that might be a better candidate for the Book #1 designation.
  20. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 4-A.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Mad Robot\Frank at Home on the Farm To: Pictures\S\Scout\Frank at Home on the Farm Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\American\New American Frontier, The To: Pictures\A\ACG\New American Frontier, The Delete or Move 1-A.jpg and 1-B.jpg From: Pictures\A\American\Safety Around Electricity To: Pictures\A\ACG\Safety Around Electricity Delete or Move 100.jpg and 101.jpg From: Pictures\A\American\Spencer Spook To: Pictures\A\ACG\Spencer Spook Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\A\American Water Works\Story of Drinking Water, The To: Pictures\A\American Water Works Association\Story of Drinking Water, The Delete or Move 1-4.jpg and 1-5.jpg From: Pictures\A\American Water\Story of Water Supply, The To: Pictures\A\American Water Works Association\Story of Water Supply, The Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dren Poductions\Tales of the Bizarre To: Pictures\D\Dren\Tales of the Bizarre Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 5.jpg) From: Pictures\A\American Mule\Adventures of Adam & Bryon, The To: Pictures\A\American Mule\True Adventures of Adam and Bryon, The Delete or Move 4.jpg From: Pictures\A\Amigo\Apocalypse Girl, The- Provocation To: Pictures\A\Amigo\Apocalypse Girl, The (Vol. 2)
  21. Strategy 1 did the trick. I guess it was moved to magazine from comic book sometime in the last couple of months. Thanks for the assist!
  22. Those titles have been moved to the Magazines category. Multiple ways to fix this, either of the below should work for you. Whichever on you choose, it should obviously be done in the database you are using to upload inventory to AA. My instructions here are for the CBLDF Defender title, you will need to repeat these same instructions for the CBLDF Defender (Vol. 2) title. STRATEGY 1: 1. Do a search for CBLDF Defender. 2. You should see multiple "hits", one of which is CBLDF Defender in the Magazine category. Go to the Magazine version of the title. Delete the title. 3. Go the to the Comic Book version of the CBLDF Defender title. Change the media type to Magazine. 4. Upload your inventory to AA. STRATEGY 2: 1. Do a search for CBLDF Defender. 2. You should see multiple "hits", one of which is CBLDF Defender in the Magazine category. Go to the Magazine version of the title. Enter all of your CBLDF Defender inventory information on that title (don't forget to check the "For Sale" box where appropriate). 3. Go the to the Comic Book version of the CBLDF Defender title. Change all inventory under that title to Quantity In Stock = 0. 4. Upload your inventory to AA. (The next time you do a content update on that database, the old Comic Book version of the title should be deleted if you have the proper settings checked off *AND* it contains no issues in stock.)
  23. In the database that you are using to upload your inventory to AA, are the CBLDF Defender titles in the Comic Book media category or in the Magazine media category?
  24. I recently started getting an error when posting comics for sale on AA. I get an email stating that there are unrecognized issues (see below). The titles are: CBLDF Defender CBLDF Defender (Vol. 2) I removed the issues - and titles - from my CB database. I then re-downloaded the latest update. The title did not get added into my CB database. So I re-added the title and issues, and still the same issue - not recognized. How do I force CB update to re-add the 2 titles so I can re-add the issues into my CB database? I even created a brand new DB, and exported the 2 titles and then imported them to my existing DB. Same issue, always unrecognized issues. Note that I have had these for sale for quite some time now prior, and the unrecognized stuff is new from the last couple of months. When I go to AA, the titles are there, but I just can't get my CB to match what I add to the title that CB/AA is using.
  25. When printing labels for the title "Captain Marvel; Assault on Eden" (yes, I bought those books, please don't judge me) the "n" in "variation" is cut off and there is no letter designation for the variant. This is not a margin issue because the condition is printed fine. Thoughts?
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