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  2. Someone mistook the shared cover credits on the alternate cover of The Joker (3rd Series) 7/A as individual issues, so each cover artist (the cover artist, cover inker, and cover colorer) were credited with a separate issue. I've corrected 7/A, and both 7/B and 7/C should be deleted.
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  4. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\N\NWDSA\Beating Covid To: Pictures\F\Fight Covid Club\Beating Covid Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-C.jpg) From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- Fear State Alpha To: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- Fear State- Alpha Delete or Rename TPB 1-21.jpg to MMPB 1-21.jpg TPB 3-12.jpg to MMPB 3-12.jpg TPB 8-6.jpg to MMPB 8-6.jpg TPB 10-10.jpg to MMPB 10-10.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bantam Books\Star Trek Books (Bantam) Delete or Rename TPB 1.jpg to MMPB 1.jpg TPB 2.jpg to MMPB 2.jpg TPB 3.jpg to MMPB 3.jpg TPB 4.jpg to MMPB 4.jpg
  5. Thanks, Mark. I actually discovered this solution by myself before reading your response.
  6. Perfect, thanks. I'll make sure to submit a correction once I have a copy of the corrected version.
  7. By design, part of the startup process of the main CB software checks your subscription status and will notify you if you're expired with a pop-up message; you'll have to deal with it every time you launch until you decide to renew your subscription.
  8. If the message is trigger by ComicBase Sidekick, adjust all its Schedule settings to 'Never'
  9. 260/C should probably be the corrected version since its coming out later
  10. It's just the interiors. A mix of both letterer's pages were used.
  11. Installing the new 1903 build fixed the issue for me as well. Thank you!
  12. Not sure if this is the best way but you can try removing your Login Information so it can't connect. (under Internet->Login Information.
  13. Is the incorrect lettering on the cover, on the interior pages, or both?
  14. It appears installing the new 1903 build fixed the connection issue for me...thanks!
  15. Hi, I have had to let my ComicBase subscrption lapse for awhile. How does one turn off the popups I keep getting that my subscription has expired? They keep happening every couple of minutes, and this is EXTREMELY annoying.
  16. So it turns out that Savage Dragon #260/B has printing errors and it was recalled by the printers. They will be printing corrected versions but the cover to both will be exactly the same so I'm just wondering how should this misprint be entered into ComicBase since there are definitely copies out in the wild? Should it just be #260/C?
  17. if the first post by Brian didn't help you then try restarting your computer and see if that helps. "locked" messages usually mean the db file is in use by another program/process on your computer. Programs like our secondary application ComicBase Sidekick OR backup programs like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. can cause this lock message. Either wait out the process going on or cancel it in the program/process that's working on your db file so you can use it in the main CB software. If you still have trouble, please contact our support team at support@comicbase.com
  18. Look at Spider-Man #1 for examples of Bagged and Un-Bagged issues. If an issues is taken out of the bag, other than having the associated poster, it is just an un-bagged issue (as long as there is no other distinguishing characteristics. PS Whether or not HC prefers the /CS variation or just the newer /A, /B, etc. variations is unknown.
  19. Not all copies were bagged. All copies that were bagged were Direct Editions, but I don't know if all Direct Editions were bagged. I can not see any way to distinguish the bagged from the never bagged.
  20. Was this a case where all copies of those issues were polybagged? Or only some of them? If only some of them, is there a way to distinguish the "never bagged" issues from the ones that were originally sold in the polybag?
  21. Howdy! I have all three of the issues listed in subject still in their polybag with Sega Sub-Terrania Game Tips Poster. I do not find anything in Comicbase that mentions this version of the comics. For the moment I'm running with a note added to each issue, but that really doesn't feel like is adequate. Has anyone else run across this problem? Thanks, Pat
  22. Hi Mark where is the article for database locked I can not find it thanks Matt
  23. Thanks, I've made the correction in the OP. (I missed the time listed on the homepage and the YouTube page was a little confusing.)
  24. The time listed is 12:00 Noon Central Time (or 1:00 PM Eastern Time).
  25. Hey folks! The link to this week's Livestream has gone up on the CB home page, and the start time will be 12:00pm Central Time. (That may cut into our drinking for those of us who indulge during the Livestream... but then again, it's always 5:00 somewhere, so..... 🤪 )
  26. Hey boy, i forgot to link the folder in my last post, so here is it below. Cover Catalogue
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