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  2. User-level fields of Custom Title and Custom Alphabetized Title, with programmable setting to display locally using Custom values if present.
  3. X-Men '92: House of XCII 'Nuff Said.
  4. make sure you have a solid connection to the internet. If you have protection software like Norton, double-check ComicBase is allowed internet access. a simple exit and restart of Sidekick can help ...OR even a computer restart can help. If you continue to have trouble, please email our support team at support@comicbase.com
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  6. Sidekick update database content seems not working, all I get is an error message An exception occurred during a WebClient request. The update launched from ComicBaser works as usual. All was working till last week update. Running version on Windows 10 Pro 21H2 build 19044.1766, Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0 Also in past few days when adding new comics books and switching titles it has become very slow in giving me back control for input. Tx Antonio
  7. Last week
  8. PERFECT. I just told it to only show "Owned Items". Did a Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C then did a Ctrl-V into the spreadsheet. Then I just had to delete a few columns and put in a header row. I will definitely file that trick away in the old memory banks. Thank you very kindly!!!
  9. Since you mentioned spreadsheets, here is another option. Select the cells in the grid, use CTRL+C to copy the data, then, up CTRL+V to paste it into a spreadsheet. You can either delete the extra columns you don't want in the spreadsheet. or You can move the Custom Field 1 column as far to the Left as possible, cause fewer columns you don't want being copied or You can use the Press and Hold the CTRL key, select all the cells in the Item # column, then in the Qty Column, and finally the Custom Field 1 column. The Copy from CB and Paste to the spreadsheet (this is probably more work than just copying extra columns and deleting them in the spreadsheet but just mentioning it as an option).
  10. Ours look the same except I exported to text because I need to get it into a spreadsheet so I can sort by my custom field.
  11. Hmm. Here is what mine looks like. What appears to be different is the Column heading includes Custom Field 1 while yours doesn't appear to have this hading. Also, I am not sure what the < / td > in yours are (other than HTML tags, I think) but I don't have them. I will assume SB11, Mark01, SB70, and LB14 are the Location values.) I just used generic A, B, C, D... for testing.
  12. I tried that.....problem is the "custom field" is appended to the end of the line, and not at its location in visual or printed report. Here is what the exported report I got looks like: Qty # Cd Cost Value Notes 1 1 $0.00 $20,200.00 1st appearance/origin of Daredevil; 1st appearance of Daredevil; 1st appearance of Battling Jack Murdock; 1st appearance of Foggy Nelson; 1st appearance of Karen Page; Death of Battling Jack Murdock; Origin of Daredevil ??</td> 1 1/ACE $0.00 $26.00 Wizard Ace Edition Acetate Cover by J. Scott Campbell; 1st appearance of Daredevil; Origin of Daredevil SB11</td> 1 10 $0.00 $390.00 1st Appearance of Ani-Men; 1st appearance of Ape-Man I (Gordon Monk Keefer); 1st appearance of Bird-Man I (Henry Hawk); 1st appearance of Cat-Man I (Townshend Horgan); 1st appearance of Frog-Man I (Francois LeBlanc) Mark01</td> 1 12 $0.00 $125.00 2nd Appearance of Ka-Zar SB70</td> 1 12 $0.00 $125.00 2nd Appearance of Ka-Zar Mark01</td> 1 13 $0.00 $185.00 1st appearance of Anti-metal; Origin of Ka-Zar SB70</td> 1 13 $0.00 $185.00 1st appearance of Anti-metal; Origin of Ka-Zar Mark01</td> 1 14 $0.00 $114.00 Mark01</td> 1 17 $0.00 $195.00 LB14</td> 1 18 $0.00 $110.00 1st Appearance of Gladiator I (Melvin Potter); Origin of Gladiator I (Melvin Potter) Mark01</td> 1 19 $0.00 $83.00 SB72</td> 1 21 $0.00 $74.00 Versus Owl Mark01</td> 1 23 $0.00 $69.00 Mark01</td> 1 25 $0.00 $84.00 1st Appearance of Leap-Frog (Vincent Patilio); Origin of Leap-Frog (Vincent Patilio); Versus Leap-Frog
  13. This isn't exactly what you want but it is close. Go to the Title you want the report for. (this is the easiest way but you can manually select the one title in the report if want) Select Report->Item Checklists Titles to Print: Select 'Current Title' Report Items: Check 'Items in My Collection' Custom Items to include: Check 'Custom Field 1' (or Location, if that is what you named it) Run the report. The Report will include: Issue # Condition Quantity Cost NM Value Notes Custom Field 1
  14. I want to generate a report for a specific title that only displays Issue #, Qty & Custom Field 1. In my case Custom Field 1 is Location. I want to be able to sort by Custom Field 1 (Location). Something so simple, yet seemingly impossible. I hope I am just overlooking an export feature that will give me what I want.
  15. Okay. What happens when you right-click on the large cover image in the top left corner of the CB window? Do you have an option to 'Show Picture File'? If you do, you can use that to find the file path for the covers. If not, I think the default path is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Human Computing. It that folder exists on you laptop, you can copy the Picture file folder from your external hard drive to this folder.
  16. On the express version there is no file/download pictures and movies option
  17. This sounds like a computer performance problem. You're running at 1.60 GHz which is under our recommended 2.0Ghz. Not to mention, if you have other programs running (even background programs which most computers do) that can also slow overall computer performance. As a result, CB is having trouble fully completing an action you try to initiate like optimizing, updating, exiting, etc. - you will likely hit 'not responding' states that could take longer than normal to finish through (or not finish). Did you access to a computer with better specs?
  18. No problem buts thanks for helping,I'll add them so singular
  19. No, you don't have to do it the 'long way'. Just copy the entire Picture folder from the external drive to the new drive location on the laptop. After that, use File tools->Manage Pictures and Movies to make sure the file path to the folder that CONTAINS the picture folder (not the actual Picture folder) is correct.
  20. Not responding then the screen kind of fades,but a new problem just came up where all items appear black no red when prices increase or blue when they decrease,don't get why I'm getting all these problems
  21. do you get the 'Not Responding' state when you try to exit OR something different?
  22. Processor slightly below our recommend 2.0 GHz recommendation. Could explain the long processing time of certain actions. Did you test whether you get the same problem on a New Database file?
  23. I've got a new laptop I had the covers on my external hard drive which shows up on the new laptop but I've got to drag and drop the cover pictures again
  24. Do you still have them on another computer? If you can share a drive over a network, do have a thumb-drive you could copy them to to transfer to the new laptop?
  25. No problem buts thanks for helping,I'll add them so singular
  26. Sorry. I didn't realize you had the Express version. I think only the Pro and Archive editions have picture disks.
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