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  3. True. That issue definitely isn't an "error misprint" as claimed in the Notes field. IIRC the Special Edition was how Marvel published the issue for the newsstands (Quasar was direct-sale only at that time).
  4. The issue listed as the variant #32-A seen here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/983904/1/Quasar-32A Is actually the Special Edition # 1 of the same title seen here: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/51353/1/Quasar-SE-1 The #32-A needs to be deleted.
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  6. Hi folks -- A reminder that Pete is away this week, so there is no Livestream happening this week. Instead, feel free to join us in his backyard for BBQ and beer. (Please be sure to not leave any empty cans or bottles on his property so that he doesn't figure out that we were there!)
  7. Assuming that he is the same person as cyberspace comics, it looks like @Cyberspace Steve has a copy posted for sale on AA. He should be able to confirm.
  8. you're basing your info of the comic's interior indicia (fine credits) page?
  9. anyone have a copy to verify the date stated inside?
  10. Have you taken a look at Bags Unlimited? I have had good luck with them.
  11. Any opinions on who makes the best long boxes? The majority of my collection is housed in Drawer Boxes (which I love) but I need to store overflow. Comic shops here only have the BCW boxes, which don't hold their shape well and the handles tend to tear. Looking for something that is overall strong with strong handles for getting moved around a lot.
  12. Just curious: does the Pullbox feature only include comics distributed by Diamond?
  13. Space: 34-24-34 is listed in the database as having been published by Topps Comics in 1996. The entry for issue #1 says it was published in May 1976. Was this really published by Topps? I am doubtful since the cover says it was published by MN Design Productions. Mycomicshop lists it as published in 1989 as does the GCD, which is obviously neither 1996 nor 1976.
  14. Just tried the search function and it seems to working again.
  15. https://www.previewsworld.com has a pullbox feature now, and I believe you can link it to your LCS. Edited to add: Oops. I only looked at July 17th and didn’t notice the year!
  16. I don't think that Kickstarter products get entered into the database unless one of the following two things happens: (1) a ComicBase user receives the comic and submits the info for it from their database [I did this recently for Heavy Rotation, for example]; or (2) the comic gets solicited by Diamond. And, in the case of pathway #2, if there is a different version or variant that corresponds to what Kickstarter backers received, that version won't be in the database unless or until a user submits it. I don't think that anybody from HC trolls through all of the Kickstarter campa
  17. And a couple of follow-up items for the NFT discussion from a few weeks ago, and whether/how it would affect comics collecting: https://www.marvel.com/articles/gear/marvel-and-veve-collaborate-to-offer-digital-collectibles-experience-for-marvel-fans-worldwide https://www.macroverse.com/ is a new platform for the creation and distribution of creator-owned NFT comics
  18. Out of curiosity, have you guys developed a strategy yet for Kickstarter / Indigogo / etc comics projects as far as determining if/when projects that are fully-funded are actually fulfilled, how those are dated in the database, and how to handle covers which may differ from the preview art shown for the campaign? Info on "funded" projects that may or may not have made it into the real world seems tough to come by. Perhaps showing them with "Preliminary Artwork" on the covers, as with Diamond issues that have been solicited but not yet printed? Entering issues once I have them in hand is one th
  19. I had a feeling that was the case. Thanks.
  20. I think that is usually the result of a server issue at HC's end of things.
  21. I was dollar bin diving today and tried to use the search function on the iOS app, and while I could easily find the title I was looking for, as soon as I clicked on the title the app hung. I tried a few times and it happened every time. Any idea what might be behind this?
  22. TYVM for the above. As I am one of "those" people who only recently understood the difference between MMPB and TPB... and have a sneaking suspicion I may be the one behind The Avenger paperbacks... would it be impolite to ask if it's possible to pull together in one place the actual criteria for the most often mis-used options in some of the primary categories; primarily Type and Variation? Alternately, if these already exist, then would someone please point me at posts or articles that will help keep me from making more work for CB instead of being helpful? Mostly I collect comics, book
  23. I've noticed variations of this topic in different areas. I'm one of those that has been separating the newsstand editions (I've been using "NSE", oh well), primarily because I have a version of my database that has scans of my covers and I want them to match exactly. That said, I did some hunting around and found some things that might be interesting. Apologies if I'm repeating content from another post. As usual on the Internet, opinions (and "facts") sometimes clash. I am not in any way associated with any of entities below nor endorse them, but they seemed to at least be current.
  24. Can we get a definitive ruling on whether IDW's Artist Editions, Artist's Editions, Artisan Editions, and Artifact Editions (and similar books from other publishers) should be catalogued in the Book or Comics category? I *thought* that Pete indicated in one of the Livestreams that they should be considered Books (but I might be totally misremembering that). The database currently has some of these listed as Comics and some of them listed as Books.
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