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  2. Is it possible to get the cost and sold price on the report?
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  4. If your db is on not on your main hard drive, wouldn't hurt to do an update test with it on the HD.
  5. Delete or Move 394.jpg and 547.jpg From: Pictures\E\Editorial Vid\Kendor, El Hombre Del Tibet (Editorial Vid) To: Pictures\G\Grupo Editorial Vid\Kendor Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-2.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Mishkin File, The To: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Mishkin File!, The Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Search For Smilin' Ed, The To: Pictures\F\Fantagraphics\Search for Smilin' Ed!, The Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg and 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\M\Moonstone\Green Ghost, The- Declassified
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  7. Just to try to determine where the problem may be, you could try to create a new database (don't have to copy anything into it), and try to run the Update on it. If it completes in a normal amount of time, there is probably something wrong with your database. If it takes just as long as the original database, there is probably something wrong with your computer. (by 'wrong' I mean there could be some setting (like anti-virus) causing problems.) Also, while it is updating, can you tell by the text displayed in the update window if it is just going slow or is there a specific place that it is slowing down on?
  8. Thanks for the heads up gang... I'll let the Ed. Team know to take stab at cleaning up the books listed under the series.
  9. My weekly updates have been taking up to 10 hours to update a single update. I am trying to figure out how to correct this (sudden issue) on a brand new (2.5 months) NUC. I am frustrated as this occurred (suddenly) on my previous machine. I spent $1300 on a new system to supposedly correct this issue. And I am suffering worse than I had. Any help?
  10. @Gregory Hecht The only way I could add my versions of Books 4-7 and have the proper cover scans, UPC, and ISBN was to create "A" variants. If I tried to update current entries, then my cover scans were overwritten by the system with other ones. Hopefully, you'll see my data and be able to sort it all out.
  11. I didn't realize that Marvel decided to continue the trade numbers over the original and 2nd series. I assumed they started the numbers over again. What I listed as #1 is issues 1-6 for the 2nd series, #2 is issues 7-13, #3 is issues 13-18, #4 is 19-24. I don't think I deleted any entries, just added the above so I should be able to adjust and upload the cover images.
  12. What specifically are trades #1 through #3? Do those collect issues from the first Runaways title or the Runaways (2nd series) title? I don't have the trades for these titles, but looking at the information in the database, it appears that Marvel elected to number the trades consecutively across the those two titles (rather than starting over with trade #1 when they collected the second series) and that ComicBase managed to keep its listings of those collected editions synched with the publisher's numbering. So trades collecting issues from the first Runaways series should be listed under the Runaways title and trades collecting issues from the second series should be listed under the Runaways (2nd series) title. As a side note: @Mark J. Castaneda Note that Runaways (2nd series) Book #1 (2nd print) collects issues from Runaways (3rd series) and appears to actually be a duplicate of the correctly indexed Runaways (3rd series) Book #1 (2nd print). The listing under Runaways (2nd series) should be deleted.
  13. Above books/trade compilations need some serious cleanup. I had to add trades 1-3 and it took me four tries to correct the photo for trade 4 (kept replacing it with the wrong image). There also seem to be trades linked to other Runaway series included in this one. Thanks.
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  15. Not only that but there is already a Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 series in the database for a series published in the 2000’s. To say nothing of the fact that changing the long-standing Tomb of Dracula (Magazine) title means that everybody will need to move their inventory. I just don’t see how the existing title name is so problematic that it warrants that kind of hassle.
  16. The only problem with that would be telling it apart from Tomb of Dracula the comic book. Marvel published the magazine because it wasn't under the Comics Code. They did the same with Conan but those had different titles.
  17. Well, the Boss (Pete) said that it is a comic. Discussion of placement is now ended. However, shouldn’t “magazine” be removed from the title and be listed as another volume instead? 😁
  18. Delete or Rename MMPB 3.jpg to MMPB 3-3.jpg From: Pictures\A\Ace\Red Sonja (Ace) Delete or Move ALL (116.jpg - 413.jpg) except 209..jpg From: Pictures\E\Editions Heritage\Selection Rions C'est L'Heure To: Pictures\E\Editions Heritage\Selection Archie (et amis) (The TO title already has a 209.jpg and the FROM title's 209.jpg has 209 A on the cover. Don't know if this is a variation (with different cover price) or something else.) Delete or Move FCBD 2024.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\E\Energon Universe To: Pictures\I\Image\E\Energon Universe 2024 Special Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 1-F.jpg) From: Pictures\A\Astonishing\Kor-Drath- The Reckoning To: Pictures\A\Astonishing\Kor-Drath Delete or Move 1-A.jpg and 2-A.jpg From: Pictures\A\American Mythology\My Bloody Valentine To: Pictures\A\American Mythology\Valentine Bluffs Massacre Delete or Rename 1-F.jpg to 1-D.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\V\Vs (Image) (This is a little bit of a guess based on cover artist)
  19. Hello, Thank you I finally managed to get it. To be super honest I did so many things that I am not sure what happened that finally managed to get the pictures to load and then my database to load. But it is all on there and working. Thank you for your help, with that and some bumbling around, viola!
  20. Thank you, Gregory. I was checking my copies and verifying what you have stated.
  21. No, the contents are substantially comics so it should remain in the Comic category. The title has been in the database for decades, and was named at a time that the term “magazine” in ComicBase referred to a physical format rather than an item’s contents. Based on CB’s *current* use of the term Magazine, this title firmly belongs in the Comic category in spite of its long-standing title in the database.
  22. As per the title, this series needs to be moved to the "Magazine" designation and out of "Comic Book". I just submitted the change, but left "Magazine" in the title in case it needs to be changed back if you disagree with me.
  23. Indicia says "Kor-Drath: The Reckoning" However, it is being treated as an ongoing series by creator Andy Smith. I submitted "Cyberfrog:Blood Honey" years ago, and you changed it to "Cyberfrog (All Caps)" So I continued the series with Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet" as issue 2 even though the Indicia says "Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet" not "Cyberfrog 2", it's all one series. Each chapter has it's own title. So if you are now going by the indicia, then all of the True Believers books need to have their own titles, as well as the DC Essential books, etc. You guys are killing me with this back and forth stuff. I submit books by the indicia and then you change them to an existing title because it's a reprint of one of those books, I submit a book to a series, and then you want it separated by the indicia. What is it going to be? I, as you can see on older message boards here on this forum, have fought for indicia ONLY and I get repeatedly shot down.
  24. Thanks! When I tried a Google search and then looked at online retailers and eBay, I didn't see any clues. I'll try to bookmark the site you mentioned.
  25. I preordered it via DCBS so I was going off of the DC Connect description when it was solicited 4 (?) months ago.
  26. Thank you for the update. Appreciate it.
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