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  2. I actually have the same problem now; whether in the "Find" search bar, in the "Sales Terminal" window, or in the "Add By Barcode" window, UPC queries aren't working. Only the Codabars (price labels) are working.
  3. The same thing happened to me and when I downloaded the new build the window showed up fine but now the books will not scan in. The correct bar code shows up but it is outlined in blue and no books show up. This happens with new books and books that i scanned in last month.
  4. I am getting the same error when I select the Simplistic theme. Error in the Theme file: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow of value cellbackcolor.
  5. I did a clean install to the best of my ability on two PCs (one of them had 2020 Pro on it, the other had 2022 Archive circa Christmas on it) and am still getting the error on both.
  6. Hi Dylan, Thank you !! Those two codes you provided worked along with the basic configuration that is listed in the PDF I posted. I started the configuration, scanned your two codes and then the two codes from the PDF (Decode with supplement & Transmit 2&5). I then scanned 'end configuration' and then 'save parameters' code. Works great! I can scan in a comic as normal into the search bar and it takes me to the correct comic. I can use the ctrl 'i' (not j as i have 2021 archive edition) and can scan in multiple comics into the 'add by barcode' window. I then sca
  7. Last week
  8. Barcodes aren't consistent between databases. If they're two entirely separate databases that like correspond to comics that are clearly delineated, then that's fine. But if you have an issue in the "sales db" that you sell and want to remove from the other db, or something like that, it can be tricky. Anyway, I actually know of another couple potential workarounds. So first of all, when I try to print something with qty > 1, then I get this prompt when I click "Print" or "Preview": Speaking of Preview, the preview window actually lets us export the print as a file. That h
  9. For the Manhattan CCD scanner, this is what you want (click for full size, you might need to print or use a device with a higher pixel density than a computer monitor, like an iPhone or something): Start configuration, then turn this ON: I dunno if you need to save before or after Ending Configuration. I thought I tried both and it didn't seem to take until I saved before AND after. So I'd suggest doing that. Another thing I'd recommend changing is setting the terminator to *just* CR: CR+LF was causing problems; some programs interpreted it as two presses of the En
  10. Thanks, Mark. There is also a "Circulation" field for comic issues. I'd like to suggest that the numbers behind the run also be included in that field.
  11. The type of barcode the ID labels use is the 'codabar' type. The quick start manual won't have the setup codes for that, see if you can chase down the full multi-page manual or contact Manhattan support for assistance. We haven't carried the Manhattan for years so we can't provide much tech support on this one. There's also a chance the scanner may not be scanning like it use to, may be time to consider a new model.
  12. Team conferenced on this topic based of the last livestream. Pete will discuss more about it in the next livestream. We will accept items with or without COA if we know there's a limited run of it. Ideally, we'd like to know the numbers behind the run noted in the notes field (ex: Limited to 200).
  13. Clyde, can you screenshot your print settings AND a sample label so we know what you're seeing on your end?
  14. Hi, I'm using the Manhattan CCD scanner I purchased some years ago with my Comicbase product and I am getting the same issue with the printed bar code labels. It reads it and does not include the leading and ending characters. I have reset the DB, the scanner, and reconfigured it several times. I have the latest 2021 version with the updates. Is there something missing in the scanners' configs? Again, I'm using the configs you suggest in the PDF for the Manhattan scanner. Here's the config you provided: Any thoughts or suggestions? I hav
  15. Workaround solution if you don't want to deal with turning off/uninstalling the back program. -With ComicBase closed, create a new sub-folder on your Local C Drive (ex: My ComicBase Databases) -move your working database to this folder. -once moved, simply double-click on your database itself from its new folder location and it'll load into ComicBase. -immediately quit out of the software. When you start up the software from the ComicBase desktop icon, it'll load the database from its new location. *if you use ComicBase Sidekick be sure to update the database list (Set
  16. Blade Runner 2019 #4-C has the wrong pic, the full color cover was never released. The correct cover is below.
  17. The covers for these two issues look like they should be traded. The cover associated with #80 has the barcode of a variant, i.e., the last five digits are 08021. The cover associated with #80/A has the barcode ending in 08011. r/ MikeW
  18. It depends on the 'pack'. For #56, that is Yes. One a story from "Star Wars: Visionaries" and the other from "Star Wars Tales". Others could reprint the whole comic book story.
  19. we'll get this one looked into. thanks for the heads up.
  20. The current CB value is $11,500. Mostly due to a Fine issue offered for sale at $4,300 on AA. Right now on eBay you can buy a CGC 9.6 for $250. This is EXACTLY why you shouldn't use an 'offered for sale' price on a thinly traded issue. It completely skews the value of the comic for everyone. Can you fix this pricing issue? https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/249771/1/Weird-War-Tales-64
  21. Here's a more useful example that would get a majority of the first-parts of the annual JLA/JSA team-ups in Justice League of America -- although not perfect since I'm only checking against the month of August. strftime('%m',I.[CoverDate]) = '08' and (I.CoverDate BETWEEN '1963-08-01' AND '1987-05-01') AND i.Title = 'Justice League of America'
  22. Correct. I like functions and was glad you posted about it. I was just writing something up on that... While the Year component may not be as efficient, it can be used for Month, Day of Month, and (possibly) Day of Week. For example If you want all items put out in a particular Month (January in the example): strftime('%m', I.CoverDate) = '01' You can also constrain it to a Year range (Month January between 2010 and 2019): strftime('%m', I.CoverDate) = '01' and I.CoverDate Between '2010-01-01' and '2019-01-01' The Day of Month and Day of Week are probably most use
  23. Steven, thanks for checking the timing on that. While slow, strftime can still useful if you want to do a query like this where you want to find all issues of a title that came out in a certain month. Here are all the issues of the 1973 series SHAZAM! that have a cover date of April. Note that the month has to be a 2-digit value. strftime('%m',I.[CoverDate]) = '04' and (I.CoverDate BETWEEN '1973-01-01' AND '1978-12-31') AND I.Title = 'SHAZAM!'
  24. While strftime('%Y',I.[CoverDate]) = '2022' does work, using: I.CoverDate BETWEEN '2022-01-01' AND '2022-12-31' is easier to remember and more efficient. Query with function strftime takes 23 seconds to process while Between takes 1.75 seconds. (Ran each query several times and got the same results each time. For those interested, the reason is the function has to be applied to every row before the comparison is made. The Between just has to compare.) PS In case someone hasn't found it, there is an Advanced Find Guide/Manual (work in progress) for those who need a little
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