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  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!. That was it. I am so glad it wasn't something more complicated than that. I have been using this program for years and never new about that tab. I am not sure why or how it was changed with this new version, but I am so happy that I can start working with it again.
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  4. Not sure if this is your problem or not but when you use the View drop down box, Items to Show, what do you have a check mark next to? All Items, Owned Items, or Owned Items + Regular Issues? (see attached). It should be All Items (or possibly Owned Items + Regular Issues) to be able to see issues you do not own.
  5. I understand. I know I am using the word "update" for two different things. I updated the program to CB2023 and the version I first posted. I then updated the content a few times. Once last Saturday, then again yesterday, and again today using your advice from Monday. The program says that my content is up to date. When I just tried to search for your example using not only the "find" area but also the titles search to the right of the screen between the two arrows or triangles making sure "all titles" is selected and not "series in stock", only the title of the comic shows up with no issues at all. When I search issues in stock such as Batman (3rd series) it shows issue 126 and the most recent Annuals, but not the latest issue which is 127 that came out 3 to 4 weeks ago. Please see the screen shots below. It seems like something happened when I went to version CB2023. I have also sent a message to support as well. I have not heard anything back yet. I am just reaching out where I can, and I appreciate the help.
  6. Mark, that is what he did and it worked. But he is saying that when he shuts down the program and restarts it , the Find is 'focused' back on Death and not Title.
  7. try picking a different Find drop down option like 'Publisher' then go back and reselect 'Series Name or Barcode' - this can wake up the search definer if its not working right.
  8. upgrading to CB2023 is just a program update. the weekly content updates are a different thing entirely. That's done through the internet menu>check for updates. *if you need to redownload the latest content update, go into the software's internet menu, click AND hold down the 'shift' key on your keyboard then select the 'check for updates' option; you will be prompted to re-download the latest content update. *a good issue to check if you're updated with the latest content update is The Amazing Spider-Man (6th Series) #14 - that issues was recently added
  9. I waited until this week's update was available and there is no change. I tried what you suggested above and again it seems to download and update, but no new comics are showing up. When I updated the version of the program it changed the entire program from the professional 2022 to professional 2023. Is that the issue?
  10. It couldn't hurt to run File->File Tools and Optimize Database. Not sure it will help but it can't hurt.
  11. Not the way it is supposed to work. Probably have to contact support about this.
  12. So, now, as it turns out, I have to click away on the "find" like Death, and then back to baecode every time I open the program, or searches don't work.
  13. Last week
  14. One more thing. If you are downloading the Quick Start file, you will want to go into Setup->Preferences and check the box next to Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items. If you are doing the full size covers, you don't need to check this box.
  15. One thing to check is right-click on the large cover image in the top left corner and select 'Show Picture File'. This will take you to the folder containing the covers for that title. What is in there? Just the one cover or all of them? Also, did you install the pictures? They are in a separate download from the program. (or are on the install disks but you have to install them separate from the program). To download, go to your My Account on ComicBase website, Registrations and click the green arrow next to your current subscription. On the next page, you will have an option to install the Quick Start version (thumbnails initially but will download show larger cover if you select it). Or click the Other radio button to get to all the Picture Disk files (you will need to download all of them). Then, in CB, File->Install Pictures and Movies to install them.
  16. That did the trick. THANX! I thought I knew how to use this thing, but NOW I can't get all the images to show, like Pete did on this week's video. I do have the archive edition.
  17. Try this. Click on the Find drop-down box next to the data entry box. If Series Name or Barcode does not have a check mark next to it, select it. If it does have a check mark, select something else, then click on the Find drop-down box again, and select Series Name or Barcode. (Some time CB thinks it is a different selection. NOTE: To replicate your results (Daredevil takes you to Spider-Girl Presents the Buzz and Dark Devil' and Actio is not found), I had to select Death.
  18. I think I'm broken. I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I still can't get most titles to show up. For instance, Action Comics simply doesn't populate. When I type in Daredevil it DOES populate in the search, but it takes SEVERAL seconds to show up, and when it does, it's Spiderwoman? Something is definitely wrong.
  19. The new update (9/28/2022) just added back the incorrect and duplicative Marvel Novel Series. Marvel Novel Series should be deleted again. (The longstanding title, Marvel Comics Novel (Pocket), is still in the database and should remain.)
  20. Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 1-C.jpg) From: Pictures\#\2022\Conqueror Worm, The (CEX) To: Pictures\C\Comics Experience\Conqueror Worm, The (CEX) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Scout\Sgt. Werewolf (Scout) To: Pictures\B\Black Caravan\Sgt. Werewolf (Scout) Delete or Move 4702.jpg From: Pictures\S\Street & Smith\Astounding Science Fiction To: Pictures\D\Dell Magazines\Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  21. Not a computer expert by any stretch, but... I was getting the "Unhandled Exception" warnings over and over, and was unable to run the Content Update after installing ComicBase 2023. On a whim, I went to File/File Tools, and ran "Optimize Database". I then requested the Content Update yet again, and... ComicBase is now updating! No idea if it really "fixed" the issue, but the update IS now processing without any digging, file moves or other manipulations. Worth a try! Good luck all!
  22. Okay - solved. I kept hitting "check for updates" until it came back with no updates, and now the comics are there. I ended up "checking for updates" 4 times before the updates got everything
  23. i rebooted clean this morning, clicked the check for updates option, installed an update, then installed the ComicBase 2023 update. then clicked the check for updates option and installed a second comic database update, and the issues are still not available. Picked up about 20 comics from the shop yesterday, and 14 of them failed the UPC scan - read the code but registered no comic. If there is a different way to get a data update, it is well hidden.
  24. Thanks! I'll hold off on any potential bombardment of resubmissions (though there have been a handful already).
  25. yes...the new CB2023 release created a backlog. We're hoping to catch up for this week's content update.
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