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  2. Thanks. Seemed odd for a title that on it's face has more of a (2nd Series) feel... Although both would be series of ones... Doubly so since "Timeless (Marvel)" was published in 2022, while "Timeless 2022" has a Cover Date of 2/1/2023...
  3. One Man Thread!!!!!! Seems working 100% now
  4. I would have to go back to check the indicia for the most recent Timeless issue, but yes, there have been two separate one-shots from Marvel with the title Timeless.
  5. The notation in Item Description is short and contains information only relevant to that issue's cover. The notation in Notes is more verbose, and would contain the same wording for all connected covers, allowing a user to search and find all connected issues for a given collection.
  6. Revisiting this topic. Quick survey of some current Item Descriptions (199 found, but some are names)... Cover forms diptych with Superman: Man of Steel #77 Cover forms triptych with #74 and #75 Cover forms quadtych with Fantastic Four #12, Iron Man #12, and Captain America #12 Robin, covers form triptych (notes includes "Covers for #467–469 form triptych") Prestige format one-shot, cover is part of quadtych Cover is part of quadtych Diptych Cover that combines with Ms. Marvel (2nd Series) #25-A Jetpack Comics Diptych Left Variant Cover Diptych cover (notes includes "Covers connects with FF #22") Triptych cover Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) Cover (diptych to cover of #28) Would like to standardize to Item Descriptions of: 1st of diptych covers 2nd of triptych covers 3rd of 4-ptych covers etc. with accompanying Notes like: Diptych covers across #1-2 Diptych covers across Issue1 and Issue2 Triptych covers across #1-3 Triptych covers across Issue1, Issue2 and Issue3 4-ptych covers across #1-4 4-ptych covers across Issue1, Issue2, Issue3 and Issue4
  7. I have a feeling that the 'series' "Accelerators: Relativity" is an incorrect duplication, and instead might be the "Accelerators" #11-14 (and the missing #15) Notice that while the covers for what is currently entered as "Accelerators" have visible titles of "Accelerators", those for #16-20 include a subtitle, "Accelerators: Forwards and Backwards". Additionally, the UPC apparently shifted from 978098... to (9)78779, which gives precedent for the Relativity issues' 978194... to be accomodated.
  8. The typical use for Item Title is for when the printed title deviates from the Series/indicia. But, could it also be used in cases where the indicia is in error? I'm trying to find a good example, but I'm instead finding what I think are examples of bad Comicbase entries.
  9. Avenging Spider-Man Bk 1/HC Should an issue that is already of type "HC" (Hard Cover) include the word "hardcover" in its Notes or Item Description? My preference would be no. Arsenic Lullaby: The Devil's Decade Bk 1 Conversely, since the typical status for a comicbook is to be softcover, should an issue with no complicating circumstances include the word "softcover" in its Notes or Item Description?
  10. B&V Friends Forever A series composed entirely of books with covers that look like they are each #1's of different books with different subtitles. Between the "B" and "V" vs. "Betty " and "Veronica", the "&" vs. the "and", and the appearance of #1's of Subtitles on the cover, how could there not be problems? I found some... there might be more. 1) issue #1, Cover looks like "Betty and Veronica Friends Forever: At the Movies", which is what is in Item Title. But, there is a separate entry for a title "Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever: At the Movies", singular issue #1. This is probably an incorrect duplicate. 2) Book #1 vs. "Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever" #1 & 1/A 3) "Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever" #18 should probably move to "B&V Friends Forever", and is also apparently duplicated by "Betty & Veronica: Friends Forever: Christmas Party" #1 and #1/A. There might be more.
  11. Even assuming these are correctly 2 different titles, is the proper naming for the second title "Timeless 2022"?
  12. Couple of questionables, wanted some consensu "Spooky & The Strange Tales: Monster Inn" #1/HC currently has an Item Title of "Monster Inn". The cover shows both the title and the subtitle. Should Item Title be used for a subtitle only? If so, there's probably thousands and thousands of issues that could/should be updated... I personally don't think this is right. "Tales from the Wedding Present" BK 1 currently has and Item Title of "Go Out and Get 'm, Boy! Tales from the Wedding Present Volume One". The cover shows both the title and the subtitle. Should Item Title be used for subtitle followed by a title? I personally really don't think this is right.
  13. Fate/Grand Order-Mortalis:stella (with no space) is correct.
  14. *Chuckles* And, of course, then there's Item Title... 58 instances of "A ...", 0 of "An ...", 804 of "The ...", and no instances of "..., A", "..., An" or"..., The". Which probably is what we want.
  15. Also, none currently found in I.[IssueTitle].
  16. Just leaned that I can search for a double quote with LIKE "%""%"... Item Description- 333 found Item Title - 0 found Notes - 220 found Storylines - 468 found Title - 0 found Not touching this now, more of a reminder to myself for later unless someone gets to these before me.
  17. Anyone else having problems submitting covers the last few nights? Been having to try multiple times before they take....errors out with the attached error message and then eventually completes.
  18. Comic Books being my main concern, that's all I'm concerned with at the moment... Item Description - 596! Maybe I'll do them later, but this might be easier to do at CBHQ... Item Title - 42 cleaned and submitted. Notes - clean. Storylines - clean. Title - 502 issues, but fewer actual titles - Title changes must be done at CBHQ. My job is do... Oh, wait... names sometimes have apostrophes... Artists - 733 found! Arghhhh... That's too many for me. Plus, given that there are probably repeated instances of particular people, and these names might be in many name fields, this is probably better handled with find-replace at CBHQ.
  19. I can't find any evidence that DC ever published a second Scarlet Absolute Edition (which IS a shame)...so that should be removed from the DB.
  20. So, where do we stand on ". . ." (period-space-period-space-period) instead of "…" (ellipses)? I stumbled on this, searched, and found 13 instances in Storylines in Comicbooks.
  21. Can this be added as a quick choice when you click on the "Find" button?
  22. Hmmm......maybe it was down for a while? I sent a new test email....lets see if this one makes it
  23. I got a reply from the support team that my email (sent through Gmail) was received.
  24. Steve is fine. This may be a 'feature' of the database program (SQLite) handling the result set in the background and not a specific programming process 'filtering' out the changed row when it no longer qualifies for the Where clause. I am leaning towards filtering because if the Find was run again, it should( ? ) update the row count.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Thanks for confirming the behavior, Steve (can I call you Steve?) Whatever it is doing, the edited row does end up disappearing; it might not be re-performing the search, but it does appear to be doing something more and thus taking longer than what Pete (can I call you Pete?) thinks is supposed to be happening. Either way, non-updating or re-performing the search/filter, I can be okay with either. However, if the list is going to shrink, then the "Search Reported" number should shrink as well.
  27. I just sent an email to support. I will let you know if it bounces back to me.
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