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  1. The report will automatically split itself into multiple reports (based on first letter) after a certain report size. -Pete
  2. There's a couple ways of dealing with this: 1) [Preferred] -- Right-click on the items selected and choose "Request Price Check", giving your estimated price and source of data. Feel free to ask that the rest of the title be re-evaluated at the same time if you feel it's all under or over-valued. 2) Highlight one or more issues and Quick Change to set "Lock Price" to be checked, then set the value as you see fit. This will ensure that those items are unaffected by future price updates. -Pete
  3. The forced update of totals happens once a day, or when you generate stats/a report (so long as it happens at least once that day). Typically, it only takes a few seconds--if it's taking several minutes, there's some sort of performance issue at work on your machine (try temporarily turning off any anti-virus/security software--these tend to be the biggest performance drains). We're also looking into ways to have Sidekick handle this in future versions, so that the update never gets in your way during normal ComicBase usage. -Pete
  4. It looks like you're having a problem with the report engine (crpe32.dll) not being able to load on your system. Unfortunately, this sort of system-level issue is very hard to troubleshoot, as it typically points to an error or conflict on your Windows install. If disabling all your anti-virus/security software and uninstalling/reinstalling ComicBase doesn't set things right, your best shot may be to try it on a different machine, or even consider doing a clean install of Windows. (FWIW: Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. For safety reasons alone, I'd strongly recommend moving to Windows 10. As a bonus, that'll also likely fix this issue). Best, -Pete
  5. Update on this one: I checked into it and managed to replicate the initial bug report, and slipstreamed a fix for the Titles window not remembering its position into the current build. (The build number didn't increment so you may need to uninstall/re-install to get it if you already have build 3742 from before today). As for resetting prefs: that resets all user settings--there is, now that I've looked at my own notes here--a slicker way to reset window positions: just hold down SHIFT when launching the program and it _only_ resets window positions. -Pete
  6. It should remember the position you last leave it; you can also do a File > File Tools > Reset Preferences to reset the defaults of all prefs, including Window positioning. If you still have issues, send a note to support@comicbase.com and we'll investigate further.
  7. Just posted the full list of secret keyboard shortcuts alluded to in last week's Livestream here:
  8. As mentioned in the ComicBase Livestream here, there's a number of "secret" keyboard functions you can do to invoke special functions in ComicBase. Most of these are ways to invoke special extra functions (e.g. when doing list rebuilds), but some are also neat as (previously) undocumented shortcuts. Here, as promised, is the full list: Secret Shift Key Functions Resets window positions when held down when the program is launched Lets you re-download content updates (Shift + Internet > Check for Updates). Also works with clicking the "Update" button in Sidekick Deletes the original file after copying the picture to the appropriate media folder, when you drag a cover picture onto the grid Bypasses any "Save a Backup" when Exiting the program (Shift + File > Exit) Bypasses any daily re-calculation of totals when exiting the program Secret Alt Key Functions Forces update of pricing flags for the current database, when opening the program. Useful if you want to force the next update to update your prices, whether it thinks there's been a chance from the current price or not. Allows you to auto-name dragged files (useful for taking files found on the web and giving them the proper issue names when dragging in new cover art) When rebuilding item lists (Alt + click the Rebuild button in File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists), moves creator credits from notes to the appropriate creator fields, removes redundant notes, and attempts to move appearance citations from the notes field to the Appearances field. Typically only desirable if working with a very old ComicBase file which predates those fields. Secret Control Key Functions Forces deep database check open the current database when held down when launching the program or opening a database. Verifies table and data structures for integrity and performs any necessary fix-up. Secret Control Key + Alt Functions Holding Ctrl + Alt when launching the program or opening a database not only forces a deep database check, but also causes ComicBase to drop and recreate all database indexes. This is at least potentially useful for speeding searches or troubleshooting index issues.
  9. Hard to say: The app hasn't been changed for quite a while, and continues to run fine on the iOS devices I have in here (iPad, older iPhone) to test with. If this is a crash related to a specific report, I'd suspect memory, but if it's crashing just upon login/displaying the main screen, it'd seem to be a phone-related issue (unless other folks with the same config are also hitting this, meaning that it might be related to a system update of some sort) -Pete
  10. Hi Brian, It looks like something is amiss with your database--Cover Price Currency should be displayed for all issues. Try downloading a content update and see if it sets things right for you--if not, please get in touch with tech support directly. As for the database pricing currency, it's under File > Collection Statistics, then click the Database Info icon at the center-right. -Pete
  11. Catching up with some of the latest auction news from Heritage Auction Gallery... Vampirella (Magazine) #1 The magazine-sized debut of the sultry vampiress from Drakulon was largely unremarked upon when it first appeared back in 1969, seemingly being just another adult-themed horror character from Warren, albeit one whose debut featured a cover painting from the great Frank Frazetta. Vampirella proved a long-lasting character, however, and--despite decades of garnering only relatively mild collector interest--caught fire in the 1990s with the reimagining by Harris Comics. Since then, she's become a regular star of several publisher's efforts, and her first appearance back in the magazine continues to shoot to new heights, with recent auction sales pushing the $0.50 magazine to over twice its previous value, at $1500. Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #130 Carl Barks is traditionally known as "The "Good Duck Artist" -- beautifully rendering Donald, Scrooge, and the rest of the Disney duck gang in a luminous style which has long been prized by collectors. Recent auction results continue to confirm his popularity, pushing "Barks Duck" issues #94, 95, and #130 to new heights -- tripling the former guides for the first two comics, and pushing the July, 1951 issue #130 from $140 to $225. Our Fighting Forces #46 DC's 1950s and 1960s war comics were overall very solid from both a storytelling and artistic point of view, featuring the talents of stalwarts like Russ Heath, Irv Novick, Ross Andru, and Bill Finger, and the great Joe Kubert. Our Fighting Forces, however, typically got less attention than titles like Star Spangled War Stories, lacking a breakaway star like Sgt. Rock (at least until the late-series introduction of The Losers). From an auction standpoint, OFF seems to be finding its audience at last, with strong showings along many of the earlier issues essentially tripling last year's prices. Noted in particular here is issue #46, which jumped from $95 to $275. Shazam! #1 C.C. Beck's super-hero fave "Shazam!" was originally known as Captain Marvel, but was forced to change names when Marvel Comics gained rights to the trademark after one of the more celebrated sets of legal struggles in comic history. Reborn as Shazam! (both a battle cry and the initials of the seven legendary characters whose power he was invoking to transform from kid Billy Batson into the mighty Captain... err... Shazam! guy). Although the character has its fans, it largely underperformed in recent auctions, with even high grade slabbed copies selling for essentially the same price as unslabbed NM copies (when typically you'd expect a significant "CGC Premium"). The guide price fell slightly to $106, largely supported by similar unslabbed sales, sold through traditional, non-auction channels.
  12. Remember, the Cost field isn't a calculation. It'd be more fully understood as the "Cost per copy". You get the calculated cost on reports and summaries. (Think of it as similar to the price, weight, or value fields--they don't go to zero if you have no copies)
  13. That's the correct behavior. Cost is only zero in the field if you set it as such. You set your cost to default to a percentage of the price. THAT SAID-- remember that the computed cost is the qty X the cost. So if you have zero of something--even if the cost is set to a million bucks--your final cost is zero.
  14. A Collection Report is by definition, a list of comics in your collection already--it's not the ones you're looking for. The report you likely want is either an Issue Checklist, or a Title Report/Collection Overview. -Pete
  15. Hey folks, Go ahead and grab the latest build (3411). It should take care of things for you. -Pete
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