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  1. What's the exact build of the software you're using (from Help > About ComicBase). If you download the latest build and force an update (shift while checking for updates), do your point-issues reappear? -Pete
  2. Worth noting: the custom barcodes printed with ComicBase are unique to that particular database (they're identifying record numbers in that database). If you try to use them with a different database, you'll get random/no results. -Pete
  3. I'm not able to reproduce what you're seeing -- I wonder if what you're experiencing is actually a refresh issue. Try playing with your view settings and seeing if it resolves. -Pete
  4. In the case you're referring to, there is no regular issue, so all the variants are considered as needing to be shown. There's no ability to handle cases where. "1/A, 1/B, and 1/C were each 33% common covers, but 1/D was the super-limited convention special". If there was no issue that was just #1, it's considered that that issue number has no "primary issue" and the filter to "show regular + owned issues" is forced to show any issue that's either (a) in stock, (b) is a primary issue, or (c) all variants in cases where that issue # has no primary issue.
  5. We've had a few (so far, unreproducible on our gear in the office) reports of backups not saving when you exit the program using the close box instead of File > Exit. Try to latest build -- posted yesterday -- and see if you can make the program not save a backup on your machine via any method of closing. (We changed up some of the closing routines to try to work around any cases where the process might close prematurely before saving backups when the window is disposed). -Pete
  6. I'd suggest installing ComicBase 2017 and having a look at your original database. Do a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists > Issue Information and confirm that your items are really there and listed as you expect. If, afterward, they somehow convert to being first printings, let us know and we'll have a look. (My suspicion is that you may have somehow entered the -1, -2, etc. part into the issue number field directly, instead of setting the printing number; if not, I'd definitely want to have a look at the database to see where things are going wrong for you). -Pete
  7. Hi Antonio, The information we have is that 977-starting barcodes encode the ISSN number, and that--like Bookland--the supplemental typically encodes the cover price. If you're seeing that the supplemental is more frequently encoding issue/variation/printing, it'd be useful to know a few particular codes/titles so we can better determine how to handle these. -Pete
  8. I can't comment intelligently on the cause of value changes without knowing your collection--all we really do is compute rolling averages on market pricing (a couple million data points each week). That said, one of the features we're looking to incorporate soon is to automatically generate a list of top dollar and percent gainers each week for your collection as it does the update, as well as other reporting tools. Watch for it as we get underway by checking the interim builds page on comicbase.com > support -Pete
  9. Hi John, There was some garbage data in your Batman/Doc Savage Special title (the "Datemask" -- an internal field used to compute which years a title was published in) was null. If you delete that title and let the update reinstall it, you'll be fine. I've also rigged the latest build of ComicBase to automatically correct for this issue if it encounters it--re-download the latest build (3162) you'll be able to do the rebuild successfully. -Pete
  10. This is going to be a bit of a dance between supporting the least capable phone out there, with the least memory--and not making life too difficult for people with big reports. Fundamentally, all the reports are just big html files, and I'd definitely prefer that they load up as one big file, so they're easily searched. It seems, however, that some folks are using devices which become unresponsive or sluggish when asked to parse the larger report files, forcing us to break them up after a certain point. There may be a clever use of javascript which could provide us with a unified "search all" -- if so, that'd be the way I'd like to approach the problem, ultimately. We'll try to explore this further once we punch a few more items off our "to do" list.
  11. Scott: make sure you're running the current build (308x), and that you explicitly choose the Find > Title name or barcode option from the drop-down. If you still have problems afterward, contact support directly at 408-266-6883 Best, -Pete
  12. I'd be curious as to what your experience would be if you booted with all your extensions turned off (other than the Microsoft ones) -- I wonder if you might have something running (anti-virus? security suite?) which is compromising your performance to this extent.
  13. As a heads-up: changed the maximum report page size (before longer reports are broken into multi-section reports) from 2 MB to 1 MB. If you've been having trouble loading reports on your device, try reposting and seeing if the new reports aren't working better for you.
  14. This has been a periodic problem since the contribution points are tracked by your ComicBase ID -- which in turn is tied to your email. If you change emails, you wind up getting lost in the process. As soon as we address some other issues, we'd like to re-jigger these to tie in by your comicbase.com user ID so that the problem doesn't recur. -Pete
  15. Custom fields and checks are carried over by the conversion process to 2020. If you're not seeing the _names_ of the custom items, those are stored in your preferences, and can be reset by entering in their names under Setup > Custom Fields (make sure you're selecting the right collectible--remember, ComicBase 2020 now has multiple types of media it covers, all of which can have their own custom field names). If you're not seeing the _data_ for your custom fields, I'd encourage you to reinstall ComicBase 2017, and double-check that you're converting over the proper database (make sure you see the data in the database you're about to convert). If you still have trouble, please contact support directly at support@comicbase.com, sending them a link to your old ComicBase 2017 database, and noting the exact data you expected to see, but aren't seeing in the converted database. -Pete
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