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  1. Round TWO! In this corner, we have Trogs, by FantaCo (2020) and the challenger: Trogs (American Mythology) These are the same book. Originally to be published by FantaCo last year, it fell victim to Covid-related circumstances. Then, it was picked up by American Mythology. There may have also have been a small run, independently published by the writer/artist Richard Bonk. I'm looking into that. Winner: Trogs (American Mythology). Delete the FantaCo Title.
  2. In the FIND list, I found Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast, The and Cimmerian, The: Queen of the Black Coast, both of which direct back to the same Atomic Avenue page. The second one (Cimmerian, The:) should be the correct one.
  3. The Little Golden Books are HCs. Are You Scared, Darth Vader, C-3PO Hates Sand and Rebel Rising are HCs. RotJ Storybook (Scholastic) is TPB. RotJ Storybook (Random House) is HC and TPB. The Force Awakens Mad Libs is like a notepad, bound at the top, so TPB? Battle of the Bounty Hunters is HB. Cyberantics is HB.
  4. While going through my stack of ComicBase disks (starting in 1996 with Version 2.0), I noticed I have a regular Archive version of #12 and a steelbook version. Is the steel book the Atlas version?
  5. Last one, for now: should The Star Wars Vehicle Collection move to Magazines?
  6. Other Star Wars stuff: Star Wars: Battle of the Bounty Hunters should probably move to Books. Not Star Wars, but Cyberantics should move to Books, as well. Star Wars Omnibus: Emissaries and Assasins need to fix the title to read "...and Assassins" Star Wars Hasbro slim and Star Wars: Kenner Star Wars Special seem to be the same comic, with the Hasbro version being a second printing (if the years are correct).
  7. The next set: Star Wars: Are You Scared, Darth Vader? Star Wars C-3PO Does Not Like Sand! Star Wars: Rebel Rising Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Storybook Scholastic Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Storybook Random House Star Wars: The Force Awakens Mad Libs
  8. While spending some time in the Star Wars area of ComicBase, I noticed a slew of titles that should probably be in the Books section instead of Comic Books. Almost all are of the "Little Golden Book" type, with a few from Disney and Scholastic that are geared towards young readers. I warn you, this is going to be quite a list: Star Wars: A New Hope (Golden) Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (Golden) Star Wars: Heroes and Villains Little Golden Book Collection (Golden) Star Wars: I am a Droid (Golden) Star Wars: I am a Hero (Golden) Star Wars: I am a Jedi (Golden)
  9. Let me see if I can clear this up a little: Issue 172 has the correct cover (Newsstand edition) and UPC listed Issue 172-A could be right, "Notes" are wrong Issue 172-B incorrect cover, "Notes" are wrong (should be Subscription edition wit Chirrut Imwe cover) Issue 172-C incorrect cover (should be a cover with UPC, either scan for 172-B or 172-D), correct UPC, " Notes" are wrong Issue 172-D incorrect cover (should be Celebration Light Side Jyn Erso cover) Issue 172-E correct cover (Celebration Dark Side)
  10. Issue 172 has the correct cover (Newstand edition) Issue 172-E has the correct cover (Celebration Dark Side) The others don't match what's inside on the index page. Don't know why the picture is upside down.
  11. First one came out in 1992. Contents are the same for both, only difference is the covers.
  12. It's not really a comic. Mostly a text overview of the various Grendel series' with a four page Grendel story. I would have left it in Comics, but I can see it in Books.
  13. In the last update (4-29-21), The History of Grendel: Devil In Reflection was moved from Comics to Books. It has one entry, listed under Item # as "1". There are two, the first on published by Dark Horse (not COMICO) and Capital Comics in 1992. The second printing was by Dark Horse and Advance Comics in 1993.When I tried to bring my data from Comics to Books, I ended up with three entries: the original Book entry (Item #1), my Comic to Book entry became Item # TPB and my second printing became Item # TPB 2. How do I get it to read as just 2 or 1-2? or whatever signifies Second Printing. While
  14. Here's a few more that need to be moved to Books: Another Chance to Get It Right The Marvel Art of Conan the Barbarian The Red Star (iBooks) Soon I Will Be Invincible
  15. Here are a few titles that need category changes: Akira Club: listed under Comic Books, should be moved to Books. It's an art book, if anything. Aliens: Tribes: listed under Comic Books, should be moved to Books. It's a prose novel with fully painted illustrations in each chapter. Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor: move from Comic Books to Books. Batman: The Complete History : move from Comic Books to Books, along with... Superman: The Complete History , and... Wonder Woman: The Complete History, to finish the Trinity. DC Comics: Sixty Years of the World's Favor
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