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  1. Predator: The Original Years: the 1/A versions are solicited as Direct Market variants. Should they be changed to 1/DM? The same issue occurs with Aliens: The Original Series Omnibus.
  2. Another casualty of moving to Marvel, Predator: The Original Screenplay. This title was never published. It should be removed from the database.
  3. Were all the single issues published for this series? I have the first two issues, but I thought it was cancelled due to Dark Horse losing the license to Marvel. I know Dark Horse collected the whole story for for the TPB and it's collected in the new Marvel Omnibus.
  4. Aliens: Cauldron should be moved from "Comics" to "Books". Red Sonja (Dynamite, Vol. 6) Free Comic Book Day #2023 is listed under Dynamite Vol. 6 and Dynamite Vol. 7. It is basically the "zero issue" for Vol. 7, so I think this one should be deleted. Is there a difference between these issues: Harley Quinn (3rd Series) #11-2 and Harley Quinn (3rd Series) #11 Variation B?
  5. Reprinting the the Dark Horse series, this is a four volume set with Direct Market variant covers. I uploaded cover scans for the DM variants (which i own) and placeholder pictures for the other versions. I also corrected the ISBN and UPC where I could, as well as crediting the cover artists.
  6. Elric (Titan) 6-HC is also listed under the Michael Moorcock Library (Vol. 15). That's where it belongs. It's confusing, as it's the fifteenth volume in the MML, but the sixth volume in their Elric reprints. In short, 6-HC needs to go.
  7. Thanks. That would seem to be the answer.
  8. I am currently running Build 2129. when I open CB, I get the "do you want to update?" window. I click "yes", then I get a three button window: Modify, Repair, Remove. I click on modify, when the installer is done I press "Finish" and I'm still build 2129. I try the Repair mode: still 2129. I remove CB and reinstall from the Registrations page, where the current build is 2137. My build is still 2129 and I still get the "Do you want to update?" window.
  9. I was scanning some comics with the mobile app, and when I entered the Cost (in this case, $2.09) it would not accept the "0" digit. When I entered "2.0", the app does not register the "0", backspaces and deletes the "." The entry that should be 2.09 becomes 29.
  10. Round TWO! In this corner, we have Trogs, by FantaCo (2020) and the challenger: Trogs (American Mythology) These are the same book. Originally to be published by FantaCo last year, it fell victim to Covid-related circumstances. Then, it was picked up by American Mythology. There may have also have been a small run, independently published by the writer/artist Richard Bonk. I'm looking into that. Winner: Trogs (American Mythology). Delete the FantaCo Title.
  11. In the FIND list, I found Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast, The and Cimmerian, The: Queen of the Black Coast, both of which direct back to the same Atomic Avenue page. The second one (Cimmerian, The:) should be the correct one.
  12. The Little Golden Books are HCs. Are You Scared, Darth Vader, C-3PO Hates Sand and Rebel Rising are HCs. RotJ Storybook (Scholastic) is TPB. RotJ Storybook (Random House) is HC and TPB. The Force Awakens Mad Libs is like a notepad, bound at the top, so TPB? Battle of the Bounty Hunters is HB. Cyberantics is HB.
  13. While going through my stack of ComicBase disks (starting in 1996 with Version 2.0), I noticed I have a regular Archive version of #12 and a steelbook version. Is the steel book the Atlas version?
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