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  1. you're basing your info of the comic's interior indicia (fine credits) page?
  2. anyone have a copy to verify the date stated inside?
  3. there are sellers on AA current selling it a high value
  4. The sketch cover is part of the ComicBase Resources install file (different from the program install file). You would need to fully uninstall both your current ComicBase 2021 Edition and ComicBase Resource listings in your App List then download/install the latest CB2021 program installer (which will get the correct splash graphic installed).
  5. We would advise using the Alt UPC field to plug in the number for the newsstand for #4
  6. There's is a Grading Notes field for all media categories that you can use. *Be sure to make this field visible on the main screen grid if you wish to see it (Setup Menu>Columns to View)
  7. Alt UPC field can be used. what comic in particular are you referring to?
  8. forwarded your email to programming team for them to look at the trouble you found.
  9. Ed Hannigan: Covered will just be in books then. We'll have the listings under the Kazar the Savage Omnibus moved to the regular title.
  10. content updates have been discontinued with 2017 & 2020 as well as bug fixes/improvements; so slow performance can be expected when compared to 2021. To stay updated with new content, you want to be on 2021.
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