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  1. Hey Herb, Our programming team has been updating hardware and settings related to our server that might have caused the problem. As of now, things are working okay on our end. -Would recommend you make sure to download/install the revised CB2024 program installer (v936) from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx -restart your computer, relaunch CB2024 and try to download the latest available content update. If any error messages pop-up, note them in this thread.
  2. I'll notify the editorial team to add it to the upcoming content update. thanks for the heads up.
  3. You need to make sure not to load the undesired database(s) in the main software (don't update it or run collection statistics on it). Doing so will link it back to your online account/mobile app. Also make sure in CB Sidekick's setting to update the database listing to only include databases you wish to work with.
  4. not experiencing any issues currently... give it another try. If the problem still occurs, please contact our support team directly so they can investigate asap (email: support@comicbase.com)
  5. I don't think so. I have the same problem with iTunes
  6. after a bit of trial and error, i think this is what's happening... If you have copy of a particular issue (ex: Batgirl (5th Series) #1) already in stock (qty 1) in a specific condition (ex: NM) THEN add through the mobile app the same issue at a different condition (ex: VF), a qty of 2 will be added in VF instead of just 1 when you sync the addition in the main software. That sound about right?
  7. question, after adding through the CB mobile and syncing in your addition(s) in the main software; did you upload a fresh Collection Report?
  8. is someone able to submit these as separate titles (each named after what the official title name is stated on the interior indicia pages)?
  9. Greg... are you have to verify the official title name stated on the indicia page so we can create a new title entry based on that?
  10. typically, if we know (or have a strong feeling) when the a given title will end its publishing run, we'll end cap it with the last year published. A title that would go on for years (ex: Action Comics) we would just say 'Present'
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