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  1. Hey John, Pete just addressed this with a revision to the CB2022 program installer that should fix the problem. Download it from your online account here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Registrations.aspx
  2. A backup won't save as you exit if there's already a backup with the same time/date. Is that what you're noticing as you exit?
  3. In the software, go the the Help Menu>About ComicBase - what version number are you running? We are currently on v22.0.0.1340. Any trouble exiting out of the program? Do you exit through the file menu OR just hit the 'X' at the top/right of the software window to close out?
  4. are you able to use the 'Submit new and corrected data' option? it's an outgoing internet option like Price Check.
  5. what's the full text you're typing into the 'Source' field so we can try to submit it ourselves?
  6. just a heads up, the livestream for this week will be Thursday (12/2/2021) at 4pm CT
  7. Can you screenshot what you're trying to send in? We'll try to replicate on our end.
  8. When you install pictures, the software looks to see what you have in your computer's Downloads folder and will suggest the first picture archive file it sees. *It's a good idea to clean out older downloaded files from us in your downloads folder once you've installed them, or at least say "No" if it asks if you want to install an file you've already installed.
  9. Outside what Steven mentioned, if you were expecting our complete cover library (750,000+ covers), that's exclusive to our Archive Edition.
  10. worked ok for me when i tried (windows 10). Anyone else have trouble?
  11. alternatively, if you don't want to update your database, you can manually modify the title name and omit the colon mark.
  12. thanks for the heads up. we'll get the proper covers in.
  13. That would work. If you have an example of a case where it didn't go through or get accepted, send in a correction then email our team at support@comicbase.com and we'll take look at it.
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