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  1. for stuff like this, use the 'Submit New or Corrected Data' option under the software's internet menu and after you make the change in your database... its a great way to send us needed changes to our editorial team (rather through the forums).
  2. Anyone have scans of the correct covers without any watermarks? We're unable to find any online at the moment 😞
  3. go ahead and create what's needed then send a correction for it; the editorial team will take a look at what you got. The current image we have is for HC-2?
  4. to adjust you dbs in the mobile app, head here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Profile.aspx under the Known Databases section, remove any database you wish the mobile app not to track
  5. Pete's currently working on a problem with our automated report processor for the past few days that's been very troublesome. No real time table when it'll be fixed but hoping things get rectified asap.
  6. you're gonna want to be running a PC with Windows 10 (64-Bit) for CB2021 to work. We don't support Windows 7 anymore.
  7. go with the next letter variant available. Be sure to describe in the notes its title name noted by the indicia. Include also as brief as you can what the contents of the issue contains.
  8. just to clarify, this is 2 separate issues OR one a 1st print and the other a 2nd print? If the binding for both is Staple, adjust the Binding type to 'Staple Bound'
  9. Hey Scott, that's all the ideas I got. Other things that could be worth looking into... -a different software security program could be blocking; i've seen it happens with other users who didn't realize they had more than 1 installed/running. -if you're on a protected network - this kinda thing happens on a company network where they restrict certain employee internet privileges. Highly unlikely on a home network but you never know if it could be set. -using an outside/public wi-fi connection. The connection is so low/bad it can't do certain internet actions as well on
  10. thanks. these should be added with the upcoming update. Still not sure what to call the supplemental book yet, i'll need to ask Pete his opinion
  11. try going into your online profile here: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/Profile.aspx scroll down to the 'Known Databases' section remove all the databases you have listed. Send up a fresh report from the software afterwards and see if the report appears properly.
  12. This worked with another user with different CB internet feature you guys might want to try... head to your online account here and update your password: https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/ChangePassword.aspx *password requirements -only use letters and numbers; no special characters -at least 6 characters in length -include at least 1 capped letter and 1 number after updating the password, in the ComicBase software, go the internet menu>login information and enter your revised login credentials. See if that helps when you try to submit corrections.
  13. there is a new Digital (Dig) Item Variation you can select if you have the latest build for CB2021. Sounds like this issues should be set as #0-Dig
  14. This looks like it should go back to comics. When we did our initial scrub of moving titles to different categories before the recent AtomicAvenue.com website update; our editorial team might have anciently moved some titles over to Books when they should have stayed. If you notice any more that are questionable, please let us know.
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