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  1. I'm glad you clarified: I was going to suggest Dr. Grordbort go see his physician about not having a colon! 😁
  2. Hi, everyone, Back in the day, I used to use the Comixology pull list function to know what to expect in my LCS every weeuk until they killed it a few years ago. After that, I used to parse Diamond's weekly lists, but now DC won't be part of it moving forward. Does anyone have any recommendations on a similar service? I'm just looking for something that says "here's what to expect in your pull slot" each week, not something that does the actual ordering. Two that I've found in a quick search are League of Comic Geeks and ComicList (which also has a similar Shipping Update last that Diamond does) Thanks in advance, Adam
  3. Thanks for the heads-up; I'd had no idea. As the YouTubers say, I subscribed and hit that bell! 😁
  4. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, but how can we compare against the Master Database (a Rebuild Lists option in CB2017)? There have been times where titles and issues get moved around and the weekly update won't or can't make the change (so a manual correction is required). For example, the changes in the last update for Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk. Any guidance would be appreciated, please and thank you. Adam
  5. This title (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=60665&M=1) should be removed in favor of Rocky & Bullwinkle Present: The Best of Boris & Natasha (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=62423&M=1) Hope this helps, Adam
  6. Or, if you have Professional or Archive editions, you might set up a custom field or custom checkbox to denote a Kickstarter product, but those two would only work for your own personal database and wouldn't be denoted as such in the "master" database.
  7. @Mark J. Castaneda, do these issues replace Wonder Woman (5th Series) 85 and 86? If so, those issues should be obsoleted and removed.
  8. As a one-shot (it's in the title, after all), I suspect issues 2 and 3 should be removed.
  9. S.H.I.E.L.D. (3rd Series) issues 5 & 6 should be deleted in favor of S.H.I.E.L.D. by Hickman & Weaver: The Rebirth issues 5 and 6. If I recall correctly, the series had gone on hiatus for quite a while and eventually came back under the new title (and indicia).
  10. ComicBase 2017 had an item in the Rebuild Lists options that was a way to see if there were titles and/or issues (I forget which) that weren't in the master database. That seems to have gone away with CB2020. I'd like to see it come back, so I can find those issues that may have been entered incorrectly or obsoleted (but won't "self-correct" because I have copies listed as owned).
  11. This title lists both an issue 1 and a Bk 1 that look to be the same; which is the correct one?
  12. I think Ghostbusters (3rd Series) Annual 2020 and 2020/A should be removed in favor of Ghostbusters 20/20 1 and 1/A. According to Diamond, the Ghostbusters 20/20 issues have the same street date as what the database lists for the annual issues. I've updated and submitted the Ghostbusters 20/20 issues, but I'm not deleting the Annuals (since they'll just appear back with the next update)
  13. I do have an "empty" database, but I update the content weekly so I have a mirror of the master database locally. It looks like there was some "crosstalk" with my other databases, because two of them (one being the mirror) had the same key, so I've changed it to see if that resolves the issue.
  14. I've got Sidekick set up to auto-generate reports when backing up databases, but they're literally empty: Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Adam
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