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  1. What is the current preferred practice for annotating books with square bindings, like "Wonder Woman: Black & Gold" or "Batman: The Imposter"? Technically, this is independent of whether the issue in question has a cardstock cover, as there are stapled issues that also used cardstock covers. I believe in ye olden days, these would have been entered as "Prestige Edition", but that this is a now-deprecated variation.
  2. Should issues in titles like "Batman: Reptilian" or "Batman: The Imposter" have notes fields indicating they are "DC Black Label"? Should it just say "DC Black Label", or is there a more specific description?
  3. I can deal with it, but others should be aware. I don't know how to push this info to them, so I'll post this here... I add new purchases to my collection scanning with CBMobile. I just added my this week purchases. When I used CB to add new purchases, it reported adding more than it should have. It appears that with the recent server hiccups, my scanned additions from last week were activated again. When I scan and add, I add the current date into the Notes field, allowing me to do an Advanced Find to verify everything went in and help me do cover scans. I delete these dates af
  4. In ComicBase, the series has 12 Issues and 1 Annual (and 2 Books). All of the issues have variants, entered as /A, /B, etc., with no regular issues. The Annual is listed with a regular, /A and /B. However, the inside back cover of the Annual that I have, as Dynamite is want to do, shows all the variant covers, and only lists 2, identified as "cover A (main) Alex Ross" and "1 in 4 chase cover Johnny Desjardins" I don't think there should be an entry for a Anl 1 regular issue. Thank you.
  5. Nit picky, I guess, but there's an unnecessary capitalized "Of" in this title.
  6. The List rebuild appears to have cleared those four phantom items up. Thanks.
  7. I'm fairly certain the immediately preceding step was to check the pictures for Books, so I believe my description of the 963,196 for comics was Comic Books only. I had to sleep. so I did not watch to see if it counted the Magazines next.
  8. Doing a Full List Rebuild and I noticed now that it is looking at Comic Book Pictures that the dialog is processing for 963,196 comics. Now, I know 10 or so of those are my own, unofficial creations, but I take it that we are at nearly 1 million issues and variants. Any estimate on when we hit that level, and any celebratory plans? Did we already pass that if we include Books and Magazines?
  9. Forgot about list rebuildings... Thanks for the reply. Mid-process dialog tells me 4 problems were found and fixed. I'll let you know what I see when all is finished.
  10. Do me a favor.... add a custom Variant and see what happens.... Telling me that you see no problem on your end, when you don't use the feature I'm discussing, is really frustrating. I understand they will be red-headed stepchildren, that ComicBase will assume that they have no souls and so will ignore them when updating information and pricing. I've just decided to formalize my fake listings by replacing invisible fake /A's or reprintings with obvious fake /BG's.
  11. You have completely misunderstood my issue. I'm not reporting that I physically own the above issues and am wondering why ComicBase has never heard of them. I am reporting that ComicBase is complaining about "Unrecognized Comics" in the database that I don't physically own and for which I am unable to find the titles or issues to delete them and clear the issue.
  12. Are you looking at a listing of only the built-in Variations of the system, or do you also have some customized Variations like I do, which is the point of my question? Do you have any custom-made variants, and if so, where do they show up? For that matter, are the built-in Variations really in order if you look closely at the end? Here is the order I see, both initially in the Variations Setup grid and in the Variation drop-down box in the settings for an individual issue. All the original built-in variations, in alphabetical order by "Item Variation" "3-D Edition" t
  13. I've brought this up before, but I thought I'd try again with supporting information of how badly this is currently being handled. Searching in my database... 483 unique entries with either "unbagged", "bagged" or "polybag" in the notes field (did not double-count if they used multiple). 475 of those are singleton entries for various issues, which I think are a failing for a database and a disservice for collectors (One of those is absolutely cringeworthy). 8 of these are 4 pairs of entries that struggle with the situation. And, there are many entries that
  14. Second pass on reconciling Unreconciled items. I've adjusted a couple to use custom Variations, I have a couple honest-to-goodness real variants not in the database that I'll submit, but I have a couple I can't find. These are listed as Unrecognized Comics... Giant-Size X-Men Tribute 1 X-Men: Mutant Empire 1 X-Men: Mutant Empire 2 X-Men: Mutant Empire 3 My database has a title "Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute to Wein & Cockrum", and "Giant-Size X-Men" (with no Tribute #1 issue), but no "Giant-Size X-Men Tribute". My Database has a title "X-Men: Mu
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