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  1. Yup, that's the one. Okay. Maybe I'll get around to entering it tomorrow. Question: Are there additionally separate entries for the individual books in other box sets, if you were to find the book on its own? Should I try and make 1 entry for the boxed set, and 11 entries for each individual book?
  2. Just picked up from a local discount store chain. It is a boxed set of 11 hardcover Avengers compilations. The box has a magnetically secured hinged front cover that opens to show the 11 spines which form a continuous image across the top of the spines reading "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes", with each book having an individual title on the bottom of the spines. The Box has UPC 9-784615-916312-59999, ISBN 978-1-302-91631-2 and 'cover pricing' of $500 US, $575 CAN. The books have no external UPC or ISBN and are all invidually shrink-wrapped, so I can't see if there is any indicia. I can provide pictures and individual book titles, if necessary. Any ideas what this might be?
  3. Yeah, it's not reeeeealy wrong... Comicbase follows it's own logic - Search has its own memory of which media it is focused on, and its own widget for changing the media.. It starts focused on whatever media you were browsing, but after that it goes its own way, regardless of how you change when browsing. It's fools like me, who spend nearly all the time thinking about Comics Books and just assume everything defaults to Comics all the time, or that the Search will always follow the Browse, well, which one of us is wrong, me or the software?
  4. Thank you for the reply. Sorry to waste your time. Hope you ended with the same chuckle at my expense that I had.
  5. And the saga continues..... One problem on me, and two more problems on ComicBase... I replace ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle with I.[Title] and no more errors... But no books found. ??? Okay, maybe I entered the month without a leading 0, let's try that. Still no books found. So, I search for one of the added books. Yup, it's there. Quantity 1. What's in the note field? Well, today is my birthday, and instead of putting today's dat in the Notes field, I entered it with my birth year. Duh. So, I correct the year in the search, and rerun the search. Still no books found. What is going on now? I search for just the two digit year, let's say I.[Notes] LIKE "%89%" (Similar to Dragnet, the Years have been changed to protect the old). Okay, that returns a lot of books, my newly added books, books where the notes mention that year, books where the note mention a matching issue number. So, let's expand, and I try a search for the month and year, "%10/89%". No books found. What's up with the '/' character, which has been part of my usual search test for years? And lastly, I try a wildcard. I.[Notes] LIKE "%10_89%". Again, no books found. What's up with the wildcard, or is it the wildcard for '/'? I figure I'll sidestep all this with ANDing LIKEs for "%07%", "%10%" and "%89%". Well, that returned items. I see references to issue #1071 and the like. Aaaaaaand, it is at this point that I realize what is going on. Because, I notice that the Title of the first returned item isn't a Comic Book. It's a magazine. My collection is at least 99.999% Comic Books. I'm almost always manipulating Comic Books. Buuuut, the last thing I had previously done was enter an issues of Marvel Previews, which is.... a Magazine. So, when I launched ComicBase today, I was starting up looking at a Magazine. And when I launched Find, it started out on Magazine. Which, of course, does not have a ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle field. And even when I looked up a specific Comic Book I had entered, to verify what was typed in the Notes filed, of course that doesn't change the focus of the Find window when I reopen it. And of course, Magazines did not have any issues with my birthdate in the Notes field, as I hadn't entered any new Magazines. And of course, searches for the date with a "/", or a wildcard, wouldn't find any. Find on Comic Books, Load my saved Advanced Find, fill in the correct date, as I entered, and everything works as should, like it has been doing for years. *Sigh* Congratulations, ComicBase. You have made me feel old on my birthday.
  6. Scanned new books with the App. Added the current date in the Notes field for each book. Imported into ComicBase with New Sales and Purchases. Load up the Advanced Find I've been using for a couple of years to pull up the new issues, so I can verify the quantities and scan the covers. Put in the correct date, press find, and... Error? My Advanced Find does a custom sort to put list the Issues in ComicBase order, as that is how my collection is organized. The first field in the sort order is ComicTitles.AlphabetizedTitle. This is now being reported as an SQL error, that the column no longer exists. Has this been renamed? Has this been hidden from access via Advanced Find? Help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. New Fantastic Four #1 (Wraparound Cover)
  8. User-level fields of Custom Title and Custom Alphabetized Title, with programmable setting to display locally using Custom values if present.
  9. X-Men '92: House of XCII 'Nuff Said.
  10. Tried to submit, and while I assume the database entry with "Wraparound Cover" as "Item Description" was submitted, it did not react to my cover scan...
  11. Second issue with the issue... The indicia reads "Cain", not "Caine"...
  12. I'm not sure what the proper way to enter this title *should* be, but I think the way it is currently entered looks... odd... Electric Black, The Children of Caine, The ???
  13. You misunderstand entirely... Not saying it's a user problem... More a realization that there are multiple users, with multiple different opinions on what they want, and a solution that simultaneously supports both a fixed official title so CB can update official entries, with official descriptions and valuations, and a flexible alternative/addition set of fields that supports as many different users' views on how to name, group, sort and describe, would satisfy most users.
  14. Been a proponent of maintaining paired Official/User fields for the database with different display/reporting options Official Title and User Title Official Alphabetization and User Alphabetization Official Notes and User Notes Official Item Description and User Description Display choice/Report choice - Official, User, Official [User] or User [Official]
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