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  1. And question 2? What is the proper name for the cover style?
  2. Took a week and a couple of stores, but I managed a complete sweep this year.
  3. Question 1 - Two issues currently entered, FCBD 2023, the normal, free cover price issue FCBD 1-A, the special cover $10 issue The indicia for both read "Dawn of DC Knight Terrors FCBD Special Edition 2023" They have the same contents. Shouldn't they have the same issue number? Mayhap the second should be 2023-A, not 1-A? Question 2 - the special cover - what is the proper name for the cover style? Foil cover? Something else?
  4. Fright Night (Tom Holland's...) vs. Free Comic Book Day - Tom Holland's Fright Night I assume the first is the true, correct title?
  5. Yup. That's me. A comic comic.
  6. I'm partial to B-flat minor...
  7. Hand Scanner read UPC of "DC Silent Tales" #1, it found "DC Speechless" #1. There is no title currently for "DC Silent Tales".
  8. Zappy zap identified #1 as Speechless, cover and indicia read as "DC Silent Tales".
  9. Spring Sale announcement has left the News page...
  10. Suggestion - Bill Mantlo's name should be moved to a note, something like "Bill Mantlo incorrectly credited as writer (per letters page of issue #10"
  11. My post was meant to describe the action that had already taken place by that self-same latest build. I had updated the software and just completed scanning new books right before Pete made his announcement on last weeks stream.
  12. Or, you could just tweak the existing interface to actually show the downloaded pictures as you scan new books... Thanks.
  13. Submissions haven't been included in the most recent update.
  14. How about adding a "Refresh Thumbnails" button to the "Add by Barcode" window as a manual workaround to the timing issue for fresh cover scans when adding by barcode?
  15. Well, I feel better about bringing it up after it seemed like it was a simply a non-enabled setting.
  16. Always curious to know what happened when the program announces that it's updating the database.
  17. Question - since I've (and maybe others've) held off on this update, can we get a posting when the next week, successfully-updating-comic-book update is posted? "Others've"... huh...
  18. Is there going to be/has there been a correction to the update that add new comic books? Or should I wait for next week's update?
  19. Topic re-re-request, too late for tonight's show... I would like to see what the process of new data submission looks like from their point of view, with examples/screencaps/video... What info does or doesn't get sent? What does a CB editor see when looking at a wholly new entry? What steps do they do when processing a new entry before committing it into the master database? What does a CB editor see when looking at an updated submission? Do they only see the old/new field side-by-side, is the specific change highlighted? Updates are probably continually processed, but do they process submissions as single events, or do the look at things in batches? I know I tend to submit similar updates in a batch... do they look at batch submissions to speed up common corrections? I'd imagine for newly entered issues, they get multiple submissions with the same type of info, do they process some updates all for the same issue at once? Would also be interested to see the steps taken at the weekly level when preparing the weekly update.
  20. Thank you. Was just looking for the feedback of "it's on the list" vs. "it's fine , nothing to see here".
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