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  1. must just be mine then,when you press see whats new,all its shows is the list of updated covers
  2. was there no comic value updates this week,was it just added covers?
  3. mark d. smith


    has there been any content updates since december 31st
  4. hi scott was there a new content update today?
  5. i changed the currency into great british pound,but want to change it to us dollars but cant remember how,can anyone help please
  6. is the red prices= prices up blue prices=price stays the same black price=price down
  7. terence i have the cb 2021 archive editon,does the 4k version cost more,if not how do i get it mate
  8. hi steven tried to install lastest build but when the loading window comes up,a box appears with unhandled execption,seems to be problem after problem.
  9. does anyone know how too get the country flags that are next to the publisher mine have all dissapeared,its not vital just wondered
  10. tried still only covers that updated,perhaps that was all it is this time
  11. the update when it says whats new it was only some covers thats all
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