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  1. Hi mark they display fine in the comicbase base program,also when I exit the program I won't shut down for some reason
  2. Could any one help me get the pictures back in the folders
  3. Got same problem got no idea how to fix it,tried everything
  4. Ok Steve I'll do it now,don't think I'll be able to upload it too database as still getting error box keep popping up
  5. Thanks Steven again,you are a fountain of knowledge 🙂
  6. Trying to submit a cover but keep getting this error box,has anyone else come across it ?
  7. Thanks Steven I'll look it up then add it
  8. Any idea on this variant also
  9. Does anyone know what variant this is as it's not listed thanks
  10. Any idea why marvel vision is coming up under magazines and not comic books
  11. It amazes me how much work you people put in to making this comicbase what it is,the amount of comics you add weekly is phenomenal,keep up the brilliant work
  12. How would add ashcan 3/A to a jpg pic
  13. Every variant on every issue
  14. So would that load back all the variants
  15. Steven if we uninstall everything,will I lose my whole collection,just seems weird all the valiant letters have gone,eg ,6 C is now just 6
  16. All variant letters have disappeared Any help please
  17. The Collum that displays the issue number,has decided to go away.how do I get it back thanks
  18. Brilliant thank you Steven
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