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    You are doing nothing wrong. Each edition of ComicBase comes with a different amount of covers. Each addition has approximately: Archive Edition - 650,000, Professional - 50,000, Express - 5,000, The Free Edition doesn't list the number of covers but I would think it would be 5,000 or (most likely) less than that. You can scan and add your own covers (at least I think you should be able to in the Free version but I have never used it).
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    The basics to adding an Item # (Issue) that is not in CB are: Go to the Title you want to add the missing Item # to. Click on the + button (located above the grid on the right side of the window) By default, it will be filled in with the next Item #. You can change this for the Item # that you are adding the variant. For a first Variant, you would normally just need to change the Variation to the next available letter. ex. If there are no variants listed, you could choose Variation A. If there are already Variations A, B, and C, you can choose Variation D. You can change/add other values, as needed. i.e. Cover Price, Cost, Condition, etc.
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    Hi Mark -- *Usually* you simply add the issue using the next variant letter in the alphabet. Sometimes, however, there are so many variants for a particular issue that ComicBase runs out of letters of the alphabet for the variants. (See the infamous "Crisis of Infinite Godzillas" thread over on the old message boards for more info on that.) For which specific comic book issue are you trying to add a variant? EDITED TO ADD: The mechanics of adding the issue and scan etc to your database are covered in ComicBase Livestream #14 starting at roughly the 30 minute mark.
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    Not sure if it's feasable, but how about a button for, download covers for all titles in stock/in collection?
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    I can't comment intelligently on the cause of value changes without knowing your collection--all we really do is compute rolling averages on market pricing (a couple million data points each week). That said, one of the features we're looking to incorporate soon is to automatically generate a list of top dollar and percent gainers each week for your collection as it does the update, as well as other reporting tools. Watch for it as we get underway by checking the interim builds page on comicbase.com > support -Pete
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