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  1. The new update (9/28/2022) just added back the incorrect and duplicative Marvel Novel Series. Marvel Novel Series should be deleted again. (The longstanding title, Marvel Comics Novel (Pocket), is still in the database and should remain.)
  2. When the new CB2023 comes out (which is very very soon, according to the most recent Livestream), you could change the Media Type for the prop keys to be Newspaper. Then, when you do weekly content updates, make sure that your settings are for the Newspaper category to be not updated. Not the most elegant solution, I know, but it should work for you. Perhaps the best solution would be for CB to add a Media category of "Other" that *NEVER* has anything in it in the master database, but users can use it for whatever other stuff they collect (e.g., DVD/Blu-Rays, trading cards, statues, prop keys, etc). Since the master database wouldn't ever have anything in that category, the content updates would never disturb whatever individual users decide to track there.
  3. https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/221264/1/XMen-2nd-Series-Annual-1995
  4. That definitely makes much more sense, especially given the title in the indicia!
  5. The 1972 date tells me that is almost certainly not an issue of Captain America but is actually a reprint book of some type (possibly Marvel Super Action or Marvel Triple Action). Edited to add: I have been able to verify that what you have is a copy of Marcel Super Action #2, which contains a reprint of Captain America #101.
  6. I am not seeing it listed under Star Trek (5th series). Not saying that isn't a reasonable place for it, I'm just saying that it isn't there in the master database.
  7. IDW recently published Star Trek #400. Where is this in the database? I can't seem to find it, and the barcode on my version (cover A at this link) does not seem to be in the database.
  8. Have you done a Rebuild Lists lately? Some of the items you mention up above have gone through changes/deletions/etc in relatively recent content updates.
  9. The database lists the second volume of Dune the Graphic Novel as issue #2. To be consistent with the presentation for the first volume (as well as to allow for the possibility that these could come out some day in softcover format), issue #2 should be changed to Issue #2/HC. Also, the #1/DLX book needs to be revisited. Apparently there is a $50 version (which seems to be the version in the database) but also an autographed $125 version (which is not in the database).
  10. Also, make sure that you are holding the scanner at an appropriate distance from the barcode. I have found that holding the scanner too close or too far away can affect its ability to pick up all of the numbers in the barcode.
  11. This week's update added the title The Very Vicky Junion Hepcat Funbook. That should actually be The Very Vicky Junior Hepcat Funbook. Also added was MInd MGMT Rapport D'Operations. Should that actually be Mind MGMT Rapport D'Operations (note capitalization change)?
  12. The database lists the book The Art of Pulp Fiction: An Illustrated History of Vintage Paperbacks as a TPB. As far as I know, this book only exists as a hardcover, so the entry should be changed to HC.
  13. The book title Illustration Art Gallery presents Charles Dickens: Drawings and Paintings by Ron Embleton is listed as containing TPB #1. Is this actually part of a series? The publisher's website doesn't indicate that it is, so I think that should be changed to just TPB. Also, the word "presents" in the title should probably also be capitalized. The publisher doesn't seem to do it, but it would be in keeping with normal conventions. Another book title, Illustration Art Gallery Presents Through the Ages: Drawings and Paintings by Peter Jackson is listed as containing HC #1. Based on the publisher's website, this book is softcover and not part of a series, so I think that should be changed to just TPB.
  14. The database lists a TPB #1 for the book All of the Marvels. This should be an UNnumbered hardcover. It is not part of a series and, as far as I know, the only edition at this time is a hardcover (price etc seems to match the hardcover that I have).
  15. Over the last couple of years, IDW has been publishing Smithsoninan coloring books, and some of these have made their way into the database. Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book • This title needs a capitalization correction (The "i" in "Dinosaurs" should be lowercase) • Incorrect artist is listed (I have submitted this correction) • Incorrect writer is listed. The book lists "National Museum of Natural History" as the author of the text contents of the book. I have submitted this correction, but I am not sure how HC feels about listing an organization as the writer rather than a person. I suggest either list the organization (as it is in the book itself) or, if need be, just leave the Writer credit blank. I prefer the former over the latter. Sea Creatures: A Smithsonian Coloring Book • Incorrect writer is listed. Same issue as above. Airplanes: A Smithsonian Coloring Book • Incorrect writer is listed. Similar situation as above, just in this case it is credited in the book as "Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum"
  16. Although Eternus #4 from Scout is in the current solicitation catalog, Eternus #'s 2, 3, and 4 are apparently being cancelled and will be resolicited in the future. Eternus #1 is apparently on schedule to come out next month, but #2 (which is in the database now) should be deleted. In addition, issues #3 and #4 should not be added to the database until they are resolicited.
  17. Mark would of course be the final arbiter on these things, but I think a short comment in the Notes field would be appropriate. I wouldn't suggest making a notation in the creator field since the way CB is currently set up, only creator names can go in those fields. Plus, it has been longstanding CB editorial policy that pseudoyms don't go into the creator fields. Occasionally a discussion bubbles up about wanting the database to reflect not just the actual people who worked on the comic but also the actual names used in the comic's credits. It's a worthwhile discussion to have* but I don't know that it has ever moved up to the front burner at HC. *Especially since even some modern day mainstream creators have used pseudonyms unbeknownst to the majority of their readers... so if CB editorial policy is adhered to strictly, names like Dennis Hopeless would disappear and folks would wonder who the hell is Dennis Hallum. (The database currently lists Dennis Hallum, Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum, and Dennis Hopeless as he has published under all three names.) Similarly, some creators change their names in the middle of their career (Jim Owsley, James Owsley, James C. Owsley, Christopher Priest, and Priest are all in the database; Glynis Oliver and Glynis Wein is another example). Admittedly, the problem is a can of worms, but it probably should to be revisited.
  18. I agree with Mark, it gets its own title. Credit Kindt not Perrier IMO.
  19. The most recent update added the comic title Krampus: A Yuletine Adventure. That should really be Krampus: A Yuletide Adventure.
  20. I assume you bought your scanner from Human Computing. How have you set up your scanner to talk to your computer? If it isn’t scanning numbers, it sounds like a device communication issue.
  21. I assume that Perrier is either a pen name or is an in-world character? That there is no “real” Perrier?
  22. This update added the comic title Frank Miller Presents: Ash Can. Usually "ashcan" is a single word, not two. It does appear as a single word on the cover. Is it different in the indicia? Also added was Lana+Flare Anniversary Edition. Should that really be Lana + Flare Anniversary Edition (note the spaces)?
  23. I am looking for the X-Men: Ghosts tpb in the database, but I am having no luck locating it. Is it in there and I'm just not looking in the right place? (Hoping for verification that it is missing before I go to the trouble of submitting it... will probably do that as The Uncanny X-Men Book #24.)
  24. The most recent update added the comic title DCs Terrors Through Time. Should there be an apostrophe in that title? Should Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man: Artist Edition really be listed as Spider-Man (Todd McFarlane's...): Artist Edition or as Spider-Man: Artist Edition (Todd McFarlane's...) ? Or leave it as is?
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