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  1. It is located under this title in the database.
  2. Somewhere along the line, the FCBD 2023 issue got listed in the database twice but that problem has since been corrected.
  3. This week's update added the title Cherry Omnibus - 40th Anniversary Edition. First, is that the correct type of dash in the title? Second, when I do a search on Atomic Avenue, this title comes up in the pulldown from the search box, but clicking through gets me an error page. Also added was the title Rascal Does Not Dream of a Santa Claus Light Novel Sc. I assume that "Sc" stands for "softcover" but that is just a guess on my part. Does "Sc" really belong in the title here? The comic title Thor Quest: Fires of the Forgekeep was also added. Is this title a comic book or is it really an illustrated book? (Same question for the already existing title Thor Quest)
  4. What specifically are trades #1 through #3? Do those collect issues from the first Runaways title or the Runaways (2nd series) title? I don't have the trades for these titles, but looking at the information in the database, it appears that Marvel elected to number the trades consecutively across the those two titles (rather than starting over with trade #1 when they collected the second series) and that ComicBase managed to keep its listings of those collected editions synched with the publisher's numbering. So trades collecting issues from the first Runaways series should be listed under the Runaways title and trades collecting issues from the second series should be listed under the Runaways (2nd series) title. As a side note: @Mark J. Castaneda Note that Runaways (2nd series) Book #1 (2nd print) collects issues from Runaways (3rd series) and appears to actually be a duplicate of the correctly indexed Runaways (3rd series) Book #1 (2nd print). The listing under Runaways (2nd series) should be deleted.
  5. Not only that but there is already a Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 series in the database for a series published in the 2000’s. To say nothing of the fact that changing the long-standing Tomb of Dracula (Magazine) title means that everybody will need to move their inventory. I just don’t see how the existing title name is so problematic that it warrants that kind of hassle.
  6. No, the contents are substantially comics so it should remain in the Comic category. The title has been in the database for decades, and was named at a time that the term “magazine” in ComicBase referred to a physical format rather than an item’s contents. Based on CB’s *current* use of the term Magazine, this title firmly belongs in the Comic category in spite of its long-standing title in the database.
  7. Comics.org suggests that this is normal for the print run: "Cardstock variant cover over base issue cover."
  8. This is NOT going to be a full listing of all of Pete's Livestreams, but rather a listing of episodes that are useful or noteworthy... and by that I mean episodes that people might want to come back to at some point. Expect the list to change over time: it will start out small for now but will grow over time as I find episodes worth adding. And I can imagine some episodes getting removed from the list if they are superceded by later episodes. And by all means, feel free to post suggestions (with YouTube links, please!!!!) for episodes that you think should be added. Was there an episode with a really useful demonstration? An episode with the answer to a really common or important viewer question? Is there an episode listed that is now obsolete and needs to be removed from the list? Let me know! (...and phooey on those of you who try to suggest adding Episdoe #149 to the index!) • Getting started with ComicBase: Episode #169 (01 May 2024) • ComicBase basic tips: Episode #141 (09 August 2023) Collection of "ComicBase Tips" videos are available at this link. • Introducing ComicBase 2024: Episode #144 (07 September 2023) • Handling non-U.S. comics in ComicBase: Episode #138 (12 July 2023) British comics w/ Joel Meadows: Episode #92 (11 May 2022) • Life hacks for comic collectors: Episode #164 (20 March 2024) Timesaving tricks for comic collectors: Episode #143 (23 August 2023) • Slabbed comics: what it's all about and thoughts about how CB should handle valuations of slabbed comics: Episode #167 (17 April 2024) • Comic book investing strategies: Episode #140 (02 August 2023)
  9. This week's update added the title The Christmas Story Cut-Out Book to the Comic category. Based on the title, this sounds like some sort of activity book. Is it actually a comic, or does this belong in the Book category?
  10. The database has two Skull & Bones comic book titles from Dark Horse: Skull & Bones (Dark Horse) and Skull & Bones: Savage Storm. There should only be one. I don't have the floppies, just the recent hardcover collection, and based on the indicia of the hardcover the correct title should be Skull & Bones: Savage Storm. But this should be confirmed since the floppies may or may not include "Savage Storm" in the indicia title. Pete has a copy of issue #3 posted on AA, so he should be able to verify the indicia. If the indicia of issue #3 says "Skull and Bones" only, then the following should occur: Delete the Skull & Bones: Savage Storm title and make no changes to the Skull and Bones (Dark Horse) title. If the indicia of issue #3 says "Skull & Bones: Savage Storm" then the following should occur: 1. Move Skull and Bones (Dark Horse) issue #3 and Book #1/HC to the Skull & Bones: Savage Storm title. 2. Delete the Skull and Bones (Dark Horse) title.
  11. A heads up on something that will obviously affect how this issue is presented in the database: Apparently Daredevil (8th series) #8 is missing several page signatures, resulting in the loss of 16 pages of the comic. Marvel has indicated that a free reprint will be released on May 22. Apparently the problem affects all six variants of the comic. One retailer indicates is reporting that Marvel will be reprinting all of the variants.
  12. The indicia, which is only on the Eternal Warrior side of the comic, states "Eternal Warrior Vol. 1 No. 26 & Archer & Armstrong". There is no issue number in the indicia following "Archer & Armstrong", but both covers (front and backside flip) are marked as issue #26. There is a note on the first page of the A&A story that the EW story should be read first. I will work on getting the submission in. I'll title it exactly as the quoted indicia above unless you instruct me otherwise.
  13. Marvel Masterworks: Avengers #1/A and #1/HC are apparently duplications of Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers #1/D and #1/E, respectively. The Marvel Masterworks: Avengers title (the one with no "the" in the title) should be deleted.
  14. Bumping this thread b/c A&A @26 and EW #26 are both still listed in the database as separate issues. These are a flipbook and should be handled in the same way as RL #28/GL #28. @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford
  15. No, not "never." The folks at Human Computing don't always know about release date delays, so I suspect that they are dependent on CB users to submit updates/corrections for many of them (thus Mark's statement that "they get corrected over time").
  16. Orders for The Darques: Soulside one-shot have been cancelled, with apparently no plans to re-solicit. The title should be removed from the database.
  17. This week's update added the title Legend of the Five Ring: Poster Book. Based on the cover, that should actually be Legend of the Five Rings: Poster Book . Also added was the Book title Classic Marvel Super Heroes (Barnes & Noble). This is apparently a trade paperback written by Peter Sanderson, released in 2005. There also exists in the database a book title Classic Marvel Super Heroes. According to the CB database, this was also written by Peter Sanderson and published in 2005, but it is a hardcover and is listed under a different publisher. I suspect that these two books are the same thing, just different format (hc vs. tpb). Does it make more sense to keep them as separate titles in the database or to put them together under a single title? My preference would be the latter, but YMMV.
  18. Also, it looks like creator names have been appended to the storyline titles for Abyss #1. AFAIK this hasn't been done before. @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford Is this a new editorial policy?
  19. This update added the comic title Cottage Classics: Their Makers* & The Making. I see that there is a link to an Amazon product listing in the title description. Is that intentional? There is also an outside link in the title description for Das Kampf. Again, is this intentional? @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford Is there an official editorial policy regarding links to places outside of ComicBase and Atomic Avenue within the title descriptions?
  20. To the extent that the conventions adopted by IMDB matter to what conventions CB has adopted, I would point out that IMDB doesn't move "The" or any other articles to the end of their titles. Just because "El" is part of the name of a place, that doesn't mean that it should exempted from CB's style conventions. "The" is part of the name of "The Grand Canyon," and if there were a book or comic entitled "The Grand Canyon" I would expect that the CB editors would file that title under "G" rather than "T". Your point about Los Angeles is relevant, however, and it does suggest that maintaining consistency of the CB conventions would require that the existing title Los Angeles Ink Stains should be filed under "A" rather than "L". Thoughts on this @Mark J. Castaneda @Peter Bickford ?
  21. This update added the following title to the Books category: …And Then We’ll Get Him! (Gahan Wilson) Is this a primarily prose book or is this a collection of Wilson's cartoons? If the latter, then this should be moved to the Comic category.
  22. The first of these books is entitled "The Bus" (with no volume number) but the second one is entitled "The Bus 2", so it would make sense to move them into the same title.
  23. Is there a particular reason why Bus, The (Vol. 1) and Bus, The (Vol. 2) are separate titles? I would have assumed that these would be issues #1/HC and #2/HC under a single title such as Bus, The .
  24. The convention that ComicBase has adopted is that returns to the numbering of an earlier series get those issues filed under the older title. That's not what I would have chosen to do, but that is what the folks at ComicBase decided to do quite some years ago.
  25. The convention that ComicBase has adopted is that returns to the numbering of an earlier series get those issues filed under the older title. That's not what I would have chosen to do, but that is what the folks at ComicBase have decided to do.
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