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  1. Similarly, it looks like Mighty Marvel Western #33 has the same error. The cover price is 25 cents, but the database field shows 20 cents.
  2. I don't think that there is a 20 cent version of Mighty Marvel Western #32. The scan for that issue in the database shows 25 cents on the cover. I'm not finding any information about a 20 cent version for that issue. I think that this is a case where the cover price field is simply incorrect. So my recommendation would NOT be to create a new variant. Instead, go into the cover price field for that issue, make the correction, and then submit it.
  3. For deletions, the best bet would be to either email support or post on these boards. The correction submission function from your database doesn't really handle deletions... and deletions often require some sort of explanation anyway, so best to do that via email or public board posting. Generally speaking, go ahead and create the entry in CB and submit. But, if you are entering something that is complicated for some reason, then posting to the boards can generate some helpful discussion. Also, if you can't find a fairly common title, it might be best to post on the boards for assistance before you create an entry. Hypothetical example: you can't find the 1970's Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man series... posting on the boards will result in somebody pointing out that the title is already in the database as Spectacular Spider-Man, The. Usually the reason behind that occurrence is that the existing cover file is larger than the cover file that you want to upload. The fix is to email the cover to support. Good rule of thumb: if the thing that needs correcting is complex and/or nuanced, please post on the boards! Even though these boards aren't necessarily a high traffic location on the interwebs, there is a pretty good pool of expertise here (from both HC and from CB users) that things often get sorted out pretty quickly. 😁
  4. This week's update added the title Illustrators to the database as a comic. I am pretty sure that this is a duplication of the magazine title Illustrators that already exists in the database. The title Junk Force Novel was also added to comic books, but I think that is also a duplication of an already-existing Book title. My understanding is that this is a prose book, so it should remain as a Book.
  5. I don't know if this feature still exists in CB, but at one point in time you could edit the Title description information and I *think* that you could get hyperlinks in there (but I could be misremembering that part). But I agree with you, it would be a good feature to have, particularly since we are deep into an era of frequent relaunches of the same title/character.
  6. As I indicated upthread, I did do that.
  7. I would also like to see this topic addressed in the Livestream.
  8. I'm not clear on what you are trying to say here. The issue numbering in Heavy Metal (2nd series) matches the issue numbers on the cover of the magazine. (Although I'm not sure I can vouch for all of the cover dates being correct) For folks who aren't familiar with why the database has a 2nd series for HM, you can make a quick visit to the old CB msg boards here, here and here.
  9. Just a quick note that you can always check to see when the most recent content update was posted by going to the ComicBase homepage and checking out the "ComicBase Info" box in the upper right.
  10. No, I am trying to get those databases delisted from my online account. The reports associated with them are gone. But the databases themselves are still listed in the "Database" pulldown menu at https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/MyComics.aspx and it makes things messy when trying to select reports from the databases that I actually use.
  11. I haven't reloaded those databases, and they aren't listed in my Sidekick settings.
  12. This post is a potential topic for the Livestream.
  13. Hi Mark -- I have done as you suggest, but the "Database" pulldown menu at https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/MyComics.aspx still lists databases for which I have no reports. I only have two databases that I have been using since I adopted CB2020 (and have since upgraded to CB2021): "2020 Collection Database" and "2020 For Sale Database." However, the pulldown menu lists my "2014 Collection Database" and "2014 For Sale Database". These were what I used prior to CB2020, but I deleted the reports associated with those databases since I no longer use them after the upgrade. Is there any way to delete these "orphan" database options on my pulldown menu?
  14. The database title Ever: The Way Out lists two issues, a #1 and a Book #1. These appear to be the same thing, so one of the two listings needs to go. FWIW this item is a hardcover, so it might make sense to delete *both* #1 and Book #1 and to list the item as Book #1-HC (just in case a tpb edition is ever published).
  15. I am looking to change the antivirus software on my Macbook Pro laptop. My current one causes issues with my Sonos app (issues = causes laptop OS to crash, not merely the Sonos app). I am running Mac OS 10 Catalina (will probably upgrade to OS 11 Big Sur in the near future), and I run ComicBase on Windows 10 using Parallels. Does anybody have any recommendations regarding antivirus for my set-up? (I'll even take recommendations on what to avoid if there is a known problematic combination of a particular antivirus with CB and/or Parallels.) Thanks in advance for everybody's assistance!
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