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  1. Make sure that you have run the most recent content update on your database. Some of the "unrecognized" titles may have undergone a change in the master database (e.g., presence/absence of a colon in the title, presence or absence of "the" in the title, and so on). I know that Wonder Woman: Black & Gold had a title change in a recent update to more accurately reflect the indicia. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (and all similar titles) got moved to the Magazine category (there was an active thread on this in the "Contents and Corrections" section of the CB msg boards).
  2. The following items have incorrect scans in the database: Weird Science (RCP): Issue #4 has a scan from Weird Science (EC) M.D. (Gemstone): Issue #1 has a scan of Annual #1
  3. As per the Comicbase home page, there will be no content update this week. Also the Human Computing offices will be closed on Thurs 11/25 and Fri 11/26, so you know what that means... spend the next few days organizing your collection and send in tons of database submissions and corrections so that the folks at HC know that you were thinking about them during the holiday! 🤩 But even though there is no content update, there *will* be a Livestream on Wed. 11/24 at the usual time.
  4. Mark will be the final arbiter on this, of course, but I think your "What it should be" column looks good.
  5. The Notes field for Homer the Happy Ghost (Vol. 2) #3 states that it is the final issue of the series. This is not correct as there was an issue #4 published on schedule two months later (the title was bi-monthly). In fact, issue #4 (including cover scan) is listed in the database. The note for issue #3 should be deleted.
  6. To clarify Mark's answer, in cases where a particular comic item has both a hardcover and a trade paperback version, CB's typical way of handling it is that the hardcover gets the HC designation and the tpb is treated like a regular issue. For The Strange Death of Alex Raymond, this is what should be followed. Sometimes, in the case where the collected edition does not sit in its own title (i.e., it is placed in a title that includes single periodical issues that are collected in the book), then CB will usually give the HC designation to the hardcover and the BK designation to the tpb.
  7. I posted about this topic over a week ago, but the post got lost when these message boards got rebooted after The Great Server Crash of 2021... so I'm going to try again. The database lists an older Origin of the Hobgoblin trade paperback from 1992 as The Amazing Spider-Man Book #9. The contents of that book are as follows: Amazing Spider-Man #238-239, 244-245, and 249-251 and Spectacular Spider-Man #85. Normally CB lists tpb's and hc's as their own separate title if they collect issues from more than one title. In this case, there is only a single issue from a different title, so i
  8. There is a need for some clean-up under the Jungle Fantasy: Vixens title. • #1-K and #1-N are both noted as "Kickstarter cover" but only #1-N has a cover scan. I have no idea what is supposed to make these two issues different from each other, so I am suspicious that they are duplicates. I suggest deleting #1-K since it has no scan. • #1-Q is noted as "Kickstarter Hide Nude cover" but the scan presented is the non-nude "Kickstarter Relax cover". Issue #1-S is the actual Kickstarter Hide Nude cover and the scan for #1-S is correct, so I think that it is best to change the not
  9. I don't think that CB necessarily tracks whether a comic is squarebound (sometimes referred to as "perfect binding"). That isn't to say that CB will necessarily turn away such notations, but I don't know that they will necessarily feel obligated to track that kind of data for comics. If I am wrong on that, I am sure that @Peter R. Bickford or @Mark J. Castaneda will correct me and set the record straight.
  10. The new update added the title Weird Heroes to the Magazines category. Based on what I am seeing in the entries for the new title, this is a duplication of the already existing (and appropriately categorized) Weird Heroes title that is in the Books category. The new magazine title should be deleted.
  11. Like I said, it is a longstanding known issue that CB doesn't handle things well when two titles differ only by punctuation. So CB's solution for it is to just avoid it. 🙂
  12. A long-time issue with ComicBase is that it doesn't handle things like navigation very well when there are two titles that are identical except for punctuation. HC solves this by making sure that the titles in the master database avoid this problem, but it can pop up from time to time in user databases if they don't regularly run content updates and/or pay attention to their "Unrecognized" list after running a content update. The solution to your particular problem is to get your issues that are under the "rogue" title listed under the correct title as it is listed under the master dat
  13. There should be a link "View unrecognized items" above the "Collection Value Graph" button.
  14. The unmatched items won't show up in your log, but there *is* a list of unmatched items and titles that is generated every time you run a content update on your database. Look for a link to that list in the pop-up window you get at the very end of your content update (the window that lists out current collection value, etc).
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