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  1. How much material from vol. 1 is contained in Book 1? Does it make more sense to spin out Book 1 into its own title if it contains material from three different database titles (vol 1, vol 2, and the cover gallery one-shot)?
  2. Last Run, The: listed as Comic Book, should be moved to Book category. Gentleman's Game, A: listed as Comic Book should be moved to Book category. [Note that I just submitted the hardcover version of this as a book from my database, so what you'll really want to do is move this item into the new book title after you accept my submission. I am guessing that the $7.99 item already listed in the database is a MMPB rather than a TPB, but you might want to double-check that.] Surprisingly, Private Wars wasn't in the database so I submitted the data for the hardcover of that boo
  3. There is some clean-up necessary for Hellboy (Pocket Books). Pocket Books had nothing to do with items The Bones of Giants or The Lost Army. Dark Horse published those. Hellboy: Emerald Hell, Hellboy: The Fire Wolves, and Hellboy: The Ice Wolves were all prose novels in tpb format published by Dark Horse, yet they all have their own separate titles. Why do those books each get listed as separate titles but Bones of Giants and Lost Army get lumped into Pocket Books? Also, Lost Army was published years prior to Bones of Giants, yet Lost Army is listed as TPB #2 when it shoul
  4. Avengers Battle the Earth-Wrecker, The is listed as a tpb. It is a MMPB. Captain America: The Great Gold Steal is listed as a tpb. It is a MMPB.
  5. The master database has two listings for Willie & Joe: Back Home: there is this listing (accompanied by a totally incorrect scan) and this listing (with the correct scan). A reminder that this title belongs in books, so whichever of those listings is not in that category should be deleted. And, depending on which listing is left, the scan might need to be corrected.
  6. Pete mentioned this issue on the Livestream today. Turns out that this is a problem specific to the iOS version of the app and they are actively working on it.
  7. I am trying to clean up the number of databases that are tracked by my Mobile app. I went to my profile on Comicbase.com and deleted all of the databases listed there. I then saved my main database to the cloud using Sidekick. Sidekick is set up to make automated reports (collection overview & collection report) when it saves to the cloud. I also sent a collection overview report manually to the web this morning. However, no reports show up in my profile. The mobile app recognizes the database and is able to tell me the total number of books, comics, and magazines, but it also states
  8. The Prehistoric Times: listed as Comic Book, should be in the Magazine category. DC Calendar: listed as Comic Book, should be moved to Book category. Sandman, The: King of Dreams: listed as Comic Book, should be in the Book category. Conan Event, A: 1984 Calendar: listed as a Magazine, should be moved to Book category.
  9. Any chance that we can add a field for Afterword in the Books category? I came across a book today with an Afterword, but there doesn't seem to be a field for that. (We already have fields in the "Creators" window for Introduction, Foreword, and Preface... so that would be a good place for "Afterword") Thanks!
  10. This item is still hanging around. I have located my copy, and the following corrections should be made: 1. KEEP William Stout: Prehistoric Life Murals (that title matches the indicia). However, the item in the database is listed as a TPB. That is incorrect, the book is a hardcover. 2. DELETE Prehistoric Life Murals. This title does not match the indicia and is a duplication of William Stout: Prehistoric Life Murals.
  11. The database lists an entry for TPB #1992 under the title Classic Comics Calendar. That item should actually be listed as Calendar #1992.
  12. Somewhere along the line, Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites was deleted. As per my post above, Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites should be kept in the database. The Beasts of Burden: The Gathering Storm Book #1/HC should be deleted. (The book contains several stories in addition to "The Gathering Storm" *and* the book carries a different title on the cover and in the indicia -- "Animal Rites" -- and not the "Gathering Storm" title).
  13. Does issue #4 for Jungle Comics (Blackthorne) exist? I'm not seeing it listed in the usual places, but it is listed in CB without a scan.
  14. Those variants were apparently cancelled. They may elect to have Living Vampire variants at some future date (closer to the date for the Morbius movie, perhaps), but the ones with APR20---- codes from Diamond were all cancelled. Similarly, the "Sneaker variants" and "Dark Marvel" variants were also cancelled. Note for Mark: the link above contains a list of all of the individual variant comic issues that were cancelled. You'll want to delete any of them that are still lurking in the database. (Time to dust off the Ultimate Nullifier!)
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