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  1. If I understand your post correctly, you are saying that you have Whitman variants that are not listed in the database (but not that there are Whitman variants in the database that have a scan of a non-Whitman version of the issue). You can submit the Whitman variants that you have along with scans. Your FF #182 would be submitted as #182/A for example, and you can look at the existing Whitman variants that are already in the database for guidance.
  2. I took a quick look at mycomicshop, and it seems that most of those titles are priced at $2.50 or $3.00 for their highest graded issues (whether NM, VF, or FN). The Booster Gold, Green Lantern Parallax, Harley Quinn, NIghtwing/Oracle, Shazam, and Supergirl Matrix titles look like they are a buck or two higher. Might be worth a "Price Check" submission. Superman seems to be an exception, they price it a lot higher. I'd have to research it a little bit, but I suspect that it sets up the return of the pre-Flashpoint Superman and Lois.
  3. I noticed that #8 (2nd print) was added to the database. To be clear, *all* of the covers of Daredevil #8 received a corrected printing, so second prints of all variants B through F should also be added to the database.
  4. This week's update added the title Marvel: 85th Annersary Special. That should really be spelled as Marvel: 85th Anniversary Special.
  5. I recently received my corrected copies of the regular issue #8 (JRJR cover) and issue #8/B (Miller cover). The UPCs for both of those matched the UPCs in the database for the corresponding uncorrected issues. So my guess is that they used the same UPCs for the corrected printings as for the original printings.
  6. A reminder that each of the different Daredevil (8th series) #8 -- the "main" issue and all variants -- should be listed in the database as having two printings. The first printing issues should have a (Printing Error) notation and all of the second printing issues should have a (Corrected) notation. At present, only #8/A reflects the above. To the best of my knowledge, the indicia for both printings are the same. Some retailers did not sell the error printing issues, but a number of them did, so both printings are "in the wild" and the only way to tell them apart is to check the pages inside the comic.
  7. It is located under this title in the database.
  8. Somewhere along the line, the FCBD 2023 issue got listed in the database twice but that problem has since been corrected.
  9. This week's update added the title Cherry Omnibus - 40th Anniversary Edition. First, is that the correct type of dash in the title? Second, when I do a search on Atomic Avenue, this title comes up in the pulldown from the search box, but clicking through gets me an error page. Also added was the title Rascal Does Not Dream of a Santa Claus Light Novel Sc. I assume that "Sc" stands for "softcover" but that is just a guess on my part. Does "Sc" really belong in the title here? The comic title Thor Quest: Fires of the Forgekeep was also added. Is this title a comic book or is it really an illustrated book? (Same question for the already existing title Thor Quest)
  10. What specifically are trades #1 through #3? Do those collect issues from the first Runaways title or the Runaways (2nd series) title? I don't have the trades for these titles, but looking at the information in the database, it appears that Marvel elected to number the trades consecutively across the those two titles (rather than starting over with trade #1 when they collected the second series) and that ComicBase managed to keep its listings of those collected editions synched with the publisher's numbering. So trades collecting issues from the first Runaways series should be listed under the Runaways title and trades collecting issues from the second series should be listed under the Runaways (2nd series) title. As a side note: @Mark J. Castaneda Note that Runaways (2nd series) Book #1 (2nd print) collects issues from Runaways (3rd series) and appears to actually be a duplicate of the correctly indexed Runaways (3rd series) Book #1 (2nd print). The listing under Runaways (2nd series) should be deleted.
  11. Not only that but there is already a Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 series in the database for a series published in the 2000’s. To say nothing of the fact that changing the long-standing Tomb of Dracula (Magazine) title means that everybody will need to move their inventory. I just don’t see how the existing title name is so problematic that it warrants that kind of hassle.
  12. No, the contents are substantially comics so it should remain in the Comic category. The title has been in the database for decades, and was named at a time that the term “magazine” in ComicBase referred to a physical format rather than an item’s contents. Based on CB’s *current* use of the term Magazine, this title firmly belongs in the Comic category in spite of its long-standing title in the database.
  13. Comics.org suggests that this is normal for the print run: "Cardstock variant cover over base issue cover."
  14. This is NOT going to be a full listing of all of Pete's Livestreams, but rather a listing of episodes that are useful or noteworthy... and by that I mean episodes that people might want to come back to at some point. Expect the list to change over time: it will start out small for now but will grow over time as I find episodes worth adding. And I can imagine some episodes getting removed from the list if they are superceded by later episodes. And by all means, feel free to post suggestions (with YouTube links, please!!!!) for episodes that you think should be added. Was there an episode with a really useful demonstration? An episode with the answer to a really common or important viewer question? Is there an episode listed that is now obsolete and needs to be removed from the list? Let me know! (...and phooey on those of you who try to suggest adding Episdoe #149 to the index!) • Getting started with ComicBase: Episode #169 (01 May 2024) • Running ComicBase on your Apple Silicon Macintosh: Episode #172 (29 May 2024) • ComicBase basic tips: Episode #141 (09 August 2023) Collection of "ComicBase Tips" videos are available at this link. • Introducing ComicBase 2024: Episode #144 (07 September 2023) • Handling non-U.S. comics in ComicBase: Episode #138 (12 July 2023) British comics w/ Joel Meadows: Episode #92 (11 May 2022) • Life hacks for comic collectors: Episode #164 (20 March 2024) Timesaving tricks for comic collectors: Episode #143 (23 August 2023) • Slabbed comics: what it's all about and thoughts about how CB should handle valuations of slabbed comics: Episode #167 (17 April 2024) • Comic book investing strategies: Episode #140 (02 August 2023)
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