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  1. Is the incorrect lettering on the cover, on the interior pages, or both?
  2. Was this a case where all copies of those issues were polybagged? Or only some of them? If only some of them, is there a way to distinguish the "never bagged" issues from the ones that were originally sold in the polybag?
  3. Thanks, I've made the correction in the OP. (I missed the time listed on the homepage and the YouTube page was a little confusing.)
  4. Hey folks! The link to this week's Livestream has gone up on the CB home page, and the start time will be 12:00pm Central Time. (That may cut into our drinking for those of us who indulge during the Livestream... but then again, it's always 5:00 somewhere, so..... 🤪 )
  5. The scan for Thor Epic Collection #1 is incorrect (it is actually the cover for #16). I don't have a copy of this one, so somebody else will need to get the correct scan to the folks at HC.
  6. Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Two-in-One #6 and #6A are forthcoming and are already listed in the database. However, the Notes field for both contain the contents information for Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up #6 & #6A.
  7. Have you done a search on your entire hard drive for your additional scans? (see my post above)
  8. Not too much to add to Steven's responses except to say that CB can definitely handle printing numbers above 50. I submitted my Tolkein's Hobbit and LotR novels to CB. All of those had print numbers above 50 and there have not been any problems with retaining them or the scans in either my database or the master database (as evidenced by Atomic Avenue's website). Is it possible that at least some of these scans were associated with a title that underwent some sort of a change? Titles like Secret City Saga (Jack Kirby's...) often get entered into the database with incorrect ' or ... p
  9. My impression has been that they are in higher demand, but I don't think that $8-$15 boost applies to copies that are in mid or low grade. But I might be wrong on that.
  10. The "Titles" pop-up is the window that I think you are looking for. Does it have a "Modify" button in it? If so, then that is what you are looking for.
  11. You can do this by bringing up the "Modify Title" pop-up window. I am running CB off of a virtual Windows machine using Parallels on a Mac, and I can do this using the "control T" key command. I am pretty sure that genuine Windows users can do this using "right-click T". ("Modify Title" used to be in a pulldown menu, but as far as I can tell, that menu item vanished with CB 2020 or 2021, so now it is essentially a "secret hack." ) Within the pop-up window, select the title that you want to delete. Click the "Modify" button at the bottom of the pop-up window. You should now se
  12. Hey folks -- Just in case you didn't see the message on the CB home page, there is no Livestream this week (9/1/2021).
  13. For the unnumbered books, if there really is a continuity from one book to the next, you could always put something in the Notes field "continued from xxxxxxx, next book in series is yyyyyyyy." Alternatively, you can always use a custom field for those sorts of reading order and continuity notations.
  14. Are you saying that you don't know the publisher for the items in question? Or are you saying that you have a publisher listed but it doesn't match the publisher that is in the ComicBase database?
  15. • This week's update added Star Wars: These Are the Droids Your'e Looking For. The apostrophe is in the wrong place in this title. • Also added this week: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Novels (Pocket) and Star Trek: Voyager Novels (Pocket). The items listed under each of these titles are in the database as tpb. Are you *sure* that these aren't really mmpb? It has been a long-running common error for mmpb novels to be submitted as tpb, and I suspect that this is the case here. (This error might go away if ComicBase chose a format other than tpb as the default when creating a new
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