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  1. Delete or Move 2.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries To: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries, The Delete or Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg & 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dial\Great Comic Book Heroes, The (Dial Press) To: Pictures\D\Dial\Great Comic Book Heroes, The (Dial) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 2-A.jpg) From: Pictures\D\DC\G\Green Lantern, The (7th Series) To: Pictures\D\DC\G\Green Lantern (7th Series) Delete or Move HC.jpg From: Pictures\R\Running\Mad's Greatest Artists To: Pictures\R\Running\MAD's Greatest Artists-
  2. Instead of Softcover, Paperback seems to being used (displays as TPB). See 'Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide' for examples.
  3. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\T\Titan\Rick & Morty Offical Coloring Book To: Pictures\T\Titan\Rick & Morty Official Coloring Book Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - Ash 0.jpg) From: Pictures\U\Unmasked\Unmasked (The Offical John Bolton Magazine and Newsletter) To: Pictures\U\Unmasked\Unmasked (The Official John Bolton Magazine and Newsletter) Rename TPB 1.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\I\Image\E\Elephantmen- Cover Stories
  4. Issue information is easy: Title, Item #, Cover Date, Quantity, and Price. Title information is not easy or not possible: (not easy) Publisher, Date for Series, (not possible) genre (more accurated called Tag as not all Tags are genre). Collection Report (Basic) has Title, Publisher, Date of Series, Item #, Quantity, and Price. Missing Genre/Tag. Item Checklists has Title, Publisher, Date of Series), Item #, and Quantity. Missing Price (it has Cost and NM Value), and Genre/Tag. Price List (Basic/Detailed) has Title, Publisher, Date of Series), Item #, Quantity, a
  5. I am not sure I understand the question/problem. I see you have a Custom Text field (1 of 4 available (Note, you can change the name to something more representative, if you like)). Some Issues have 'Guide' in it. Some are empty. Are you saying the empty ones used to have information in them but now they don't?
  6. Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 2747.jpg) From: Pictures\G\Gwandanaland Comics\Gwandanaland Comics To: Pictures\G\Gwandanaland\Gwandanaland Comics Delete or Move 1-A.jpg & 1-B.jpg From: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Beasts of Burden Occupied Territory To: Pictures\D\Dark Horse\B\Beasts of Burden- Occupied Territory Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Crusade\Billy Tucci Remarked Sketchbook To: Pictures\C\Crusade\Billy Tucci Sketchbook Delete 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\P\Penguin\Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen Delete or Move ALL (1-HC.jpg - 6.jpg) From: Pictures\T\Tit
  7. F# is not designed to Jump to a UPC code. It is specifically designed to Jump to Item # (issue number) as stated by the text 'item #' in the box (in the displayed Titled). See Red circle in attachment. Side note. you have to type the item # for an exact match. For example if there are item #'s 10/A, 10/B, HC 10, typing '10 won't find anything (you would have to type 10A or 10/B or HC 10. To find an Issue with Barcode, enter it int the Find box in the top middle of the main screen (the text in the box should be 'Title Name or Barcode' See blue circle in attachment. .This will take you to
  8. Lance, it is both Magazines and Books. I have found several Titles that I know are books listed under the wrong Publisher.
  9. Press and Hold the SHIFT key when you select the Menu Option Check for Updates.
  10. Mark, it it strange because the seem to go into random publisher folders. For the same update, Previews Catalog cover went to 'Slave Labor" for Lance and 'Gabe Martinez' for me. So, they may be in some other publisher for you. If you download covers, check the Log to and search for 'Previews Catalog' to see if and where they might have been written.
  11. To add to the weirdness, in my update, the Previews Catalog cover got put into the folder for Publisher "Gabe Martinez". Here are a few of them: ComicBase Data\Pictures\G\Gabe Martinez\Previews Catalog\1.jpg ComicBase Data\Pictures\G\Gabe Martinez\Previews Catalog\2.jpg ComicBase Data\Pictures\G\Gabe Martinez\Previews Catalog\3.jpg
  12. Try Title "4" (seen here at Atomic Avenue: https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/series/30522/1/4 Wile it has A Universe X Special on the Title page, it also has a large 4 above it. And the indicia has: "4tm Vol 1 No. 1. October, 2000... So the actual Title is just "4" per the indicia.
  13. Delete or Move Bk 1-HC.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- City of Crime Deluxe Edition To: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman- City of Crime-The Deluxe Edition Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - WS 1982.jpg) From: Pictures\M\Marvel UK\Blakes 7 To: Pictures\M\Marvel UK\Blake's 7 Magazine Delete or Rename Bk 1 to TPB.jpg then Move From: Pictures\M\Mallard Press\Dinosaurs, The To: Pictures\M\Mallard Press\Dinosaurs, The (Mallard) Delete or Move ALL (1-HC.jpg - 3-HC.jpg) From: Pictures\T\Titan\First Kingdom To: Pictures\T\Titan\First Kingdom (Titan) Delete or Move ALL (1.jpg - 58.j
  14. If all you want to see are Items you own, you can use the View drop-down menu (in the top left area of the main window) and select Items to Show->Owned Items. As for designating a comic for sale, there is a For Sale check box column. If it isn't showing, you can use Menu item Setup->Columns to View and select it to be displayed (and move its location to where you like). After it is displayed, 'checking' the box should mark it as For Sale. There is a lot more to do with selling but I don't do this so have little experience. But I think once all the items are Checked For Sa
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