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  1. If you downloaded the program, you also need to download the picture file( s ). Go to ComicBase website. Select My Account->Registrations. Click the Green Arrow under download. Click the 'Other' radio button. Download the Pictures file. Then in CB use File->Install Pictures and Movies. NOTE: After installing you will still only have 1 cover per Title (actually less than that) as there are about 60,000 cover in the Pro edition but over 65,000 titles.
  2. If you bought a physical copy, you will need to install the Pictures (cover scans) from it). In CB use File->Install Pictures and Movies. If you downloaded the program, you also need to down load the picture file( s ). Go to ComicBase website. Select My Account->Registrations. Click the Green Arrow under download. Click the 'Other' radio button. Download the Pictures file. Then in CB use File->Install Pictures and Movies. NOTE: After installing you will still only have 1 cover per Title (actually less than that) as there are about 60,000 cover in the Pro editio
  3. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\#\3\Basilisk, The To: Pictures\K\Kazimir Strzepek\Basilisk, The Delete or Move 3.jpg From: Pictures\#\3\Crisis On Infinite Earths (Aus. Edition) To: Pictures\F\Federal\Crisis On Infinite Earths (Aus. Edition) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC Comics\Batman Flip Book To: Pictures\D\DC\B\Batman Flip Book Delete or Move ALL (67-jpg - 99.jpg) From: Pictures\D\DC Comics\Ghosts (U.K. Edition) To: Pictures\D\DC\G\Ghosts (U.K. Edition) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 1-2.jpg then Move From: Pictures\D\DC Comics\Untold Legend of
  4. What happened is the update (posted yesterday 29 Nov) changed the Title name from 'Wonder Woman: Black and Gold' to 'Wonder Woman Black and Gold' (note the : was removed. Since the Title was deleted it can't find it to down load covers. After the update you should be able to down load covers for the new title.
  5. Where are you setting 'Prevent Update From Changing Price'? The only place I can find something like it is when you process an Update (or in SideKick). On the Update window, you have 3 options related to this: 1a) Select 'Update Items with Current Guide Value (this should be column 2021 (value). 1b) if 1a is selected, a check box for 'Update Selling Prices to Match Guide Values' (this should be column Price). 2 ) Select 'Don't Change Existing Item Values' (should be columns 2021 (value) and Price). When I just ran a test, 1a and 2 worked as expected on my computer
  6. Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\#\-Ism\Hardwired To: Pictures\B\Bangtro\Hardwired Delete or Move 1-A.jpg and 1-B.jpg From: Pictures\C\Clover\Great Gatsby (Clover) To: Pictures\C\Clover\Great Gatsby, The (Clover) Delete or Move MMPB.jpg From: Pictures\B\Bantam Books\Aliens- Earth Hive To: Pictures\B\Bantam\Aliens- Earth Hive Delete or Move MMPB-2.jpg From: Pictures\B\Berkley\Cat Who Walks Through Walls, ,The (Berkley) To: Pictures\B\Berkley\Cat Who Walks Through Walls ,The (Berkley) Delete or Move ALL (TPB 1.jpg - TPB 5.jpg) From: Pictures\B\Bantam Book
  7. I have a similar setup as you with Archive Edition and the function keys are working for me (at least F8 and F12)
  8. For #1K and #1N, there is a Kickstarter and a Kickstarter Nude covers. #1N is has the Kickstarter cover and correct Note. #1K Has no cover and the Note should be changed to Kickstarter Nude cover For #1-R and #1-V29, my database and AA has 1-V29 Notes as Ultra-Stretch cover. However, while AA has the correct Ultra-Stretch cover for 1-V29, My database has the cover as 1-R. So I, and others need to Rename 1-R.jpg to 1-V29.jpg (I also have a 1-Z-4.jpg Ultra-Stretch cover scan left over from the change to "V" versions). Additionally, Items 1/J and 1/M are duplicate entries wit
  9. Your are missing my typo... Sigh... That should be To: Pictures\S\Supergraphics\Comixscene I have corrected the original post. Thanks.
  10. Rename TPB.jpg to 1.jpg From: Pictures\C\Center for Cartoon Studies\How to Start to Think About Learning to Draw Comics Delete or Move 1.jpg - 6.jpg From: Pictures\S\Supergraphics\Mediascene To: Pictures\S\Supergraphics\Mediascene To: Pictures\S\Supergraphics\Comixscene Rename Bk 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg From: Pictures\W\Warner\Kingdom Come (Warner) Rename 1-HC.jpg to HC.jpg, 1-A.jpg to HC-A.jpg, and 1-B.jpg to HC-B.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Marvel Covers- The Modern Era Artist's Edition Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 2-B.jpg) From: Pictures\D\Dark Hor
  11. Additional Information: Back on my real computer using CB 2021 Archive Edition, I found the following: Set Items to View -> Owned Items Opened Titles window (CTRL+T) and select Titles in Stock. Went to the Next to last Title "Zero Hour: Crisis in Time" Clicking the Right Navigation Arrow resulted in Going to Titles: Zorro: The Complete Dell Pre-Code Comics Adventures (my Last Owned Title). Fanny & Romeo (I don't own any of these) Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) (the first Title after Fanny & Romeo that I own) Then it continued on to only Titles I owned. If I start
  12. I verified the problem.Addi I downloaded CB Free v21.0.4.1907 and installed on a computer (after renaming all old Databases and uninstalling CB and Resources. Opened CB. Change qty to 1 for 2 Titles (chosen randomly but wanted them non-consecutive) "Heist" & "Helden (ideenschmiede)" Changed Items to Show to Owned Items. Starting on "Heist", clicking the Left Navigation Arrow, I just get a 'beep' as there are no other 'owned' Titles before it. Clicking on Right Navigation Arrow, it jumps to "Helden (ideenschmiede)" (skipping the un-owned titles between them). Clicking on
  13. Not sure if this will help, but you can try File->File Tools and use Rebuild Lists for Series Information and List of Owned Series.
  14. Ron, can you also supply the version (Help->About ComicBase)? It may help finding the problem. (By the way, I have the Archive Edition v12.0.4.1907 and it works as you are expecting. Setting Items to Show-> Owned Items and using the navigation arrows, I go from Title to Title but only ones I have Items in.)
  15. Yes they did. Power outages, malfunctioning UPS, Looping system restores, RAID Rebuilds... It was a very long weekend... Things should (mostly) be back to normal (fingers crossed...).
  16. This may be related. For the past three weeks, the covers downloaded had 'problems'. This has been fixed but you may still have these bad cover on your disk. One easy (but very slow) way to get rid of them is to use File Tools->Rebuild Lists and use 'Picture Files List (slow)' (and it is very slow for my Archive pictures took several hours to finish (4-6? I didn't time it but it was a very long time.) Alternately, you can look at the last 3 log files and use the Pictures downloaded paths to find all the pictures (but this is both slow and manual).
  17. Unfortunately, it looks like the updated deleted the Spiral entry and left the TPB entry. This is backwards as the Spiral should have been left and the TPB deleted.
  18. Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\All-New Iron Manual Rename 1.jpg to TPB.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\A\All-New Marvel Backlist Reading Chronology
  19. I can't tell from your description but Rebuild lists works on the entire database and not just one Type. Looking at the ComicBase web site, in the ComicBase Info box (top right), it lists: Titles: 963,923 Comics: 963,344 Publishers: 7,462. Clicking on the Titles number, it brings up a list of all Titles for all types (Books, Comic Books, Magazines). Because Titles lists everything, 963,344 should be the total number of Items in CB for all Types (from the last time it was generated).
  20. I added a Variation that started with 'S' It was located between Variation Z and Var27 (the same as yours) After that All the Var 27 - 150 are listed in sort order.
  21. Ah, thank you for clarifying that. Look at this Post as it looks like a similar issue to yours. If that doesn't help you may need to contact support. CB is finding those Items somewhere.
  22. What I see in the Variation Set-up window is: 3-D Edition through Westfield Comics Edition Variation A through Variation Z Var27 through Var28 (I think these were added first and the name doesn't match the other Variations) Variation 29 through Variation 150 (in correct sort order) When Editing an Item, the Variation drop-down box is identical to what I have in the variation set-up window. As for Custom Variation, I don't use. The main reason is they are not in the master database so when an Update is run, none of them will be updated (since they would be unrecogn
  23. I tried searching for Mutant Empire on the Internet and all I can find are 3 text novels and 1 book that collects them. I checked MyComicShop and GCD and can't find any comic listing (MyComicShop has the text novels listed). Is what you have an actual comic or a text story? Did the same for Giant-Size X-Men Tribute. Only finding the one with Wein and Cockrum item (both single issues with variations and a book) at MyComicShop and GCD. Can you supply scans or links to the issues? It is possible you have something that isn't in CB (or MyComicShop or GCD) but if so, I am not find
  24. I think there is something wrong/different about how your computer is sorting. The may be a Windows setting problem When I check the Variation drop-down box, all the variations are sorted correctly. And in the Grid display they are also sorted correctly. So it isn't CB directly causing the problem. You may need to contact support and see if they can help with your problem.
  25. If you have #8, what does the indicia have for the Title. This is a better guide for the title then what is on the cover (as sometimes they are not the same).
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