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  1. Not sure if this is your problem or not but when you use the View drop down box, Items to Show, what do you have a check mark next to? All Items, Owned Items, or Owned Items + Regular Issues? (see attached). It should be All Items (or possibly Owned Items + Regular Issues) to be able to see issues you do not own.
  2. Mark, that is what he did and it worked. But he is saying that when he shuts down the program and restarts it , the Find is 'focused' back on Death and not Title.
  3. It couldn't hurt to run File->File Tools and Optimize Database. Not sure it will help but it can't hurt.
  4. Not the way it is supposed to work. Probably have to contact support about this.
  5. One more thing. If you are downloading the Quick Start file, you will want to go into Setup->Preferences and check the box next to Automatically download larger pictures when viewing items. If you are doing the full size covers, you don't need to check this box.
  6. One thing to check is right-click on the large cover image in the top left corner and select 'Show Picture File'. This will take you to the folder containing the covers for that title. What is in there? Just the one cover or all of them? Also, did you install the pictures? They are in a separate download from the program. (or are on the install disks but you have to install them separate from the program). To download, go to your My Account on ComicBase website, Registrations and click the green arrow next to your current subscription. On the next page, you will have an option to install the Quick Start version (thumbnails initially but will download show larger cover if you select it). Or click the Other radio button to get to all the Picture Disk files (you will need to download all of them). Then, in CB, File->Install Pictures and Movies to install them.
  7. Try this. Click on the Find drop-down box next to the data entry box. If Series Name or Barcode does not have a check mark next to it, select it. If it does have a check mark, select something else, then click on the Find drop-down box again, and select Series Name or Barcode. (Some time CB thinks it is a different selection. NOTE: To replicate your results (Daredevil takes you to Spider-Girl Presents the Buzz and Dark Devil' and Actio is not found), I had to select Death.
  8. Delete or Move ALL (1-A.jpg - 1-C.jpg) From: Pictures\#\2022\Conqueror Worm, The (CEX) To: Pictures\C\Comics Experience\Conqueror Worm, The (CEX) Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\S\Scout\Sgt. Werewolf (Scout) To: Pictures\B\Black Caravan\Sgt. Werewolf (Scout) Delete or Move 4702.jpg From: Pictures\S\Street & Smith\Astounding Science Fiction To: Pictures\D\Dell Magazines\Analog Science Fiction and Fact
  9. Both my database and Atomic Avenue (AA) have 'Savage Avengers (2nd Series)' #4 and 5 along with 'A.X.E.: Judgment Day' (if that is the title you are referring to as I can't find a 'A.X.E. Judgement Days') #3, 4, and 5 (along with several variants). Have you run the most recent update?
  10. Unfortunately, it is not that straight forward. As an example, Company A publishes a Title with Printings 1 through 5. Then the company is bought/merged with another company, and the publisher of the book changes BUT the next book a 6th printing. If you split it into two titles, the second would 'start' with 6th Printing. However, if after the merger, the next book IS a 1st printing, then, yes, I would make two titles.
  11. I have found this to be a pretty good site for books: https://isfdb.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi I also do some searches on Amazon and Ebay to see If I can see any inside information. PS Very good series, by the way. I would have got to it eventually but i have several hundred books to get through (and I started a Z and am working backwards to A as I rearrange my bookshelves...
  12. Here is what I can find:Raymond E. Feist Prince of the Blood Type Cover Pub Printing Pages Cover Artist Price Date Publisher: Doubleday HC 18.95 8/1/1989 1st 393 Kevin Eugene Johnson HC/A 8.98 2/1/1990 SFBC 308 Kevin Eugene Johnson Science Fiction Book Club Edition; Cover Catalog Number: 15750 HC 22.00 11/1/1992 2nd 293 Don Maitez Publisher: Bantam HC 25.00 7/1/2004 1st * 356 Liz Kenyon MMPB 7.99 7/1/2005 1st 432 Liz Kenyon MMPB 4.95 6/1/1990 1st 396 Kevin Eugene Johnson MMPB 5.99 1/1/1994 5th 351 Don Maitz *I don't have information about 1st printing but I assume it is. you have the book and could tell better Personally, I would create 3 separate titles: Title: Prince of the Blood (Doubleday) Publisher: Doubleday HC 1st HC/A SFBC Title: Prince of the Blood (Bantam) Publisher: Bantam MMPB 1st MMPB 5th (there are 2nd - 4th printings but I don't have information on them) Title: Prince of the Blood 15th Anniversary Edition (Bantam) Publisher: Bantam HC 1st MMPB 1st When you start having different publishers and different printings, it can get messy and you may box yourself into a corner later. It is easier (and less prone to problems) to have the separate titles.
  13. Sorry, I meant to end sentences. they are valid in Name.
  14. Okay. I will look into this and get back with you. However, for the 2nd printing, the Published by Bantam should be in the Notes. (Also, I doubt it is an actual 2nd printing but we will see). And I would suggest not to use periods (they can give the system problems at times).
  15. Can you supply the titles? They may need to be in two different titles. I can do a little searching with the Titles and Publisher (and any other information like Printings and dates.
  16. This should probably be posted to the Atomic Avenue forum located here: https://forums.atomicavenue.com/
  17. You are doing nothing wrong. It is a little quirk in the system. To get around it what you need Type until you get where it is different, press the space bar, then backspace to delete the space. This will un-highlight any of the suggestions allowing you to type in the name you want. So, in your example, Type 'Magician ' (note the space after Magician) the press the backspace. This will leave just 'Magician' (without space) and no item in the list highlighted.
  18. Before you go to this extreme, have you contacted support to see if they can help? If not, I would try that first. The following is all I can think of (short of editing the registry which I don't recommend or know much about). There may be other bits I am not aware of. Make sure that CB and Sidekick are not running. Uninstall ComicBase xxxx Resources Uninstall ComicBase xxxx <your edition> Type %appdata% in a Windows explorer window and delete Human Computing folder Navigate to C drive Users\<logon-id>\Documants\Human Computing. Check that your database is in folder ComicBase Databases. Delete all other Folders and Files (except the database and its folder) NOTE: If you database is not there, you will need to find it. Navigate to C drive \Users\Public\Documents NOTE: You do not have to deleted any Pictures or media. If Pictures and Media are located in the Human Computing folder in Public\Documents (the default location), delete every folder and file except those two. If you they are located somewhere else, you can leave them there.) That, I think, should get rid of most everything.
  19. Use menu item Setup->Columns to View. This will allow you to display/not to display and/or move column positions. NOTE: Will need to be done for each Type separately. Just Check or Uncheck the Visible box to Display /Not Display, respectively. Next click on any where in the Field column (to make it active), select the columns you want to move. Then click Move Up / Down buttons to position the columns where you want. NOTE: When you go back to the grid, you will need to leave the Title to refresh the display to see the changes.
  20. Delete or Move HC.jpg From: Pictures\B\Baen\Call to Arms, (Baen) To: Pictures\B\Baen\Call to Arms, A (Baen) Delete or rename 193.jpg to 1704.jpg 266.jpg to 2205.jpg Then Move along with 7102.jpg, 7104.jpg, 7202.jpg From: Pictures\T\TSR\Amazing Stories (TSR) To: Pictures\Z\Ziff-Davis\Amazing Stories (Ziff-Davis) Delete or Rename 1-A.jpg to 9-A.jpg then Move From: Pictures\A\Archie\Archie & Friends- Guide to Dating To: Pictures\A\Archie\Archie & Friends (2nd Series) Delete or Rename 1.jpg to 15.jpg then Move From: Pictures\A\Archie\B&V Friends Forever- Halloween Spooktacular To: Pictures\A\Archie\B&V Friends Forever Delete or Move 1.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\F\Flash- The Fastest Man Alive (2nd Series) To: Pictures\D\DC\F\Flash, The- The Fastest Man Alive (2nd Series) Delete or Move 1.jpg and 1-A.jpg From: Pictures\D\DC\L\Lex Luthor-Porky Pig Special To: Pictures\D\DC\L\Lex Luthor-Porky Pig Delete 3-E.jpg and 3-F.jpg From: Pictures\M\Marvel\D\Daredevil (7th Series) (Duplicates of 3-C.jpg and 3-D.jpg, respectively) Delete 1-G.jpg From: Pictures\I\Idea + Design Works\Spike vs. Dracula (Duplicate of 1-E.jpg)
  21. One more thing I had pointed out to me. If you have Qty of 2 or more for an issue, the values you get won't be quite accurate. If this is the case, and you want more exact values, you would need to do option 1 (copy Cover Price AND Qty in to a spreadsheet). Then multiply Cover Price by Qty to get all of the issues counted. For example, if Qty is 2 and Cover Price is 1.00, option 2 would only be 1.00 while option 2 would be 2 x 1.00 or 2.00.
  22. Follow up... It appears that after you make the Mass Change, you need to run Rebuild Lists (I all except the Pictures list but probably just need Item Information (which list 'recalculates totals' as part of its processing)). Before Rebuild Lists: Collection Report displayed Cost (Cover Price) as: 2,683.09. After Rebuild Lists: Collection Report displayed Cost (Cover Price) as 93,469.62. NOTE: In both cases the Collection Statistics had 93,469.62. So, either run Rebuild Lists to get the correct information or just use Collection Statistics.
  23. Short answer is that CB has no direct way to give you Cover Price totals you are looking for. (Mainly, I think, because Cover Price has no real meaning for a collection (like Cost (what you paid) or Price (what it is worth)). I can think of a couple of ways to do this. But they take some work. 1) Work out side of CB Run a Find where Quantity in Stock is >= 1 (you own it). (Make sure you can get as many rows displayed as possible by setting Preference 'Rows to Display in Grid view') Select all the cells in the Cover Price column (click the first cell, go to the bottom, press and hold SHIFT while clicking in the last cell). Use CTRL+C to copy the date. Paste the data into a spreadsheet. Sum the values in the spreadsheet. NOTE: if you have more comics than can be displayed at one time, you will need to advance to the next 'page' of results and repeat the Select, Copy, Paste process. 2) Let CB do the work for you (in a destructive way). NOTE: Do this on a COPY of you database. DO NOT do this on your actual database. Run a Mass Change. Change: Cost To: Cover Price Apply to ALL Titles You will get a warning that this change can not be undone. Did I mention you should only do this to a Copy of your database? After the change (done on the copy, correct...?) Run a Collection Report. The last page will get you the Total Cost (which is identical to Cover Price at this point).
  24. It would probably be best to contact support for faster response.
  25. If you click on the green arrow on the Registered Products page, it should take you to the CB2023 download. If it doesn't, there is probably a incorrect link. You did find the work-around for this.
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