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  1. Ok, so I downloaded the latest software update (build 2640) and then the content update. Had an error popup again and didn't finish. The next day I did the content update through Sidekick without any errors (can never tell with Sidekick...); but the log file only shows comic books updating, no other media. And no mention of covers although I think I did get some of them. I see there is now build 2665, but I'll wait until the end of the week to install and see what happens then.
  2. Not the software update, but the content update. Here is my update checklist and the error message I keep getting. And still no new covers.
  3. Same as the other topic I posted, Redoing this one as a reminder for the next update. Please and thank you.
  4. I was waiting to see if the new quarterly update would have this but it doesn't, so I am adding this comment as a reminder. Plus including the number of covers uploading, Thank you.
  5. I updated the software to the latest build ( and then installed the content update. I got this error message, and everything finished, but I didn't have any covers download. I reran the update and same error message and no covers. Were there any this week?
  6. Each issue is solicited in Previews as a one-shot, but the indicia and the UPCs have them as different issues of a series. As with your other thread, the same is true of Archie & Friends.
  7. That depends on the title indicia. There may be some which have the abbreviation and some that don't.
  8. It is US newsstand. The US price is first, so US. The barcode begins with 71486, which is the number of the publisher/distributor at the time.
  9. Welcome to the dilemma. This has been an ongoing situation with various titles. The longer an item has been incorrectly listed, the less likely CB will fix it because too many subscribers would have to be alerted to the change. Although, since there now exists a report for that, maybe it could change?
  10. The Amazing Stories (TSR) listed in Comic Books are duplicates of Amazing Stories (Ziff-Davis) in Magazines. The TSR title and issues should be deleted.
  11. When I would submit larger covers with previous versions of CB, I would get a prompt saying " You have X covers that are new or larger than ComicBase has on file. Would you like to submit them?". And then a thank you popup once the covers uploaded. CB2022 doesn't do this. I get a popup without knowing the number of covers that are new/larger and I don't know when the process is done. I know upload speeds are faster these days. But at the least, could you please have the thank you popup appear the same way it does when it is just regular data? Then I know I can move on to whatever I need to do in CB. Thanks
  12. Randall J. Paske said: I'm wondering if newspapers could be spun off to their own section, separate from the Magazines section. As I mentioned earlier, I don't want to exclude magazines entirely. I would, however, exclude newspapers if I could. I can see where tracking all of that stuff in Human Computing's master database might be worthwhile for them, but I doubt many of us want to house a mega-database on our own systems. As ComicBase grows and expands well beyond comics, there may be a need to devise more ways for users to select the portions that meet their needs and exclude those that don't. I've got plenty of magazines related to comics and entertainment, but I don't need a newspaper index. I've got plenty of books, but I don't need an index of romance paperbacks or theological volumes. I second this, if for the only reason that a newspapers database would potentially be larger than all other media combined. Think about, every city has had at least one newspaper at one time or another. Some of the larger cities had multiple ones concurrently and have a publishing history of hundreds of years, daily and weekly.
  13. It's been 2 months and this has not been fixed. I'm posting a new entry just as a reminder.
  14. I kept doing the updates and it stayed as a sketch. I uninstalled before the latest update and it switched. So there you go.
  15. They are pre-code horror comic stories collected/reprinted from different publishers/titles. The book also includes a mini-DVD with a film from the 50's talking about the "dangers" of comic books.
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