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  1. And now it becomes another reason to update the User's Guide.
  2. M.O.M.: Mother of Madness does not have a colon in the title according to the indicia.
  3. They may have advertised it to drum up preorders or start demand by having people ask for it at LCS. Not enough demand, so they probably canceled it. Try contacting any of the artists, see what they know.
  4. Whenever I try that I get the 🚫 symbol.
  5. Could this be why I am missing badges as well as my points not showing/updated?
  6. I seem to remember another thread more specific to book vs. comics but I can't find it so... Both Amazing Fantastic Incredible and Hawking are listed under Books. However, they are graphic novel biographies which should put them in the Comic Book category. The thread was talking about these items as books since they are not series but a single published item that only gets reprinted. Since they come under what we are all classifying as comic books, that is where they should be placed.
  7. The IDW series is indexed as Usagi Yojimbo: Dragon Bellow Conspiracy, not The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy. Here are the indicias for issues #1 and 2.
  8. Didn't mean to double-submit.
  9. I think that is why Robert is suggesting it. Plus, it would also help if someone were to buy a mix of books, comics, and magazines.
  10. In the older versions of CB, you could right-click on the cover/logo area above the issues and it would give you the option to either open the cover folder or create one. The current one only has "Show Picture File" but doesn't have creating one. When I click for a new series, I get the main Pictures folder. I then have do drill down to the specific publisher to create a new title folder. But when I have tried, but it doesn't always match.
  11. This would also make it easier for adding batches. I just tried one with books and comics. While it took everything, once I clicked save it jumped to the book title and ignored the comics.
  12. A couple of things about this title: you should include an exclamation point in the title (see indicia) and change the Media type to Magazines. The indicia is the same for all four issues that I have. Thank You. P.S.: I'm guessing the Mark Hamill cover is considered issue #1. Because the Boba Fett one I have does not include an interview with Hamill.
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