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  1. The only problem with that would be telling it apart from Tomb of Dracula the comic book. Marvel published the magazine because it wasn't under the Comics Code. They did the same with Conan but those had different titles.
  2. It's been more than a year, so I thought I would bump this up again.
  3. The Santos Sisters Halloween Special should be titled Santos Sisters and Friends Halloween Special. Also, cover #1/A has Gutt Ghost covered and #1/B has him showing his guts. I have already submitted the data under the ...and Friends title. I am including what I think is the indicia.
  4. The Sandman: King of Dreams should be moved to Books. Alisa Kwitney recounts her experiences and behind-the-scenes stories as a member of the series' editorial team. It also includes quotes from Neil Gaiman and previously unpublished illustrations. I submitted all three printings under Books as well as putting Neil in the Introduction field and Mike Dringenberg in the cover artist field.
  5. I submitted Confabulation: An Anecdotal Autobiography under Books. It is arranged encyclopedically with each entry being an anecdote of a person, title or event. There are pages reprinted but no complete stories.
  6. I purchased and X-Men Annual #1 today which chapter 7 of the Contest of Chaos story and could not find it entered (searched by barcode). Then I went to the most recent X-Men series (6th) and found an Annual #1 already entered (2/1/2023) with "Radiant" as the storyline. The cover and indicia say Annual #1 but with a November cover date. So where and how should I enter this?
  7. I'm guessing you submitted them, and I can understand your reasoning. And if I have any other book series like this, I know what the guidelines are. Thank you.
  8. How about Marvel Age One-Shot or Marvel Age (One-Shot)? This way, if Marvel publishes another one (say 10 or 15 years from now...), it can be listed in the same title. And because I didn't do it before, here's the indicia for it.
  9. I noticed last week that CB added Piers Anthony's novels On a Pale Horse, Bearing an Hourglass, etc. as separate entries instead of under the series banner Incarnations of Immortality. I see the link for the series, but I am curious why not combing them together. And should this be the standard for similar series.
  10. I bought a copy this week, but neither it nor its variants have been added to CB. I know that the original series was moved to magazines. This however, is a collection of six comic stories about superheroes celebrating sixty years of the Marvel Age of Comics. So any suggestions how should I enter this?
  11. I haven't seen any paperback versions. HC support already emailed me that it would be #1/HC, so that would fix that one.
  12. When I went to add this item, it was listed under Classic Marvel Stories Artist's Edition (Mike Zeck's...). I created the new title Marvel Stories Artist's Edition (Michael Golden's...) from the indicia and entered it as issue #1 since they only come out as hardcover.
  13. There are listings for All-New Firefly: Big Damn Finale and Firefly: Big Damn Finale. The first title matches the indicia, so please delete the second. Thank you.
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