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  1. This entry needs some work. We have an issue #1, 1-A-2, but no 1-A, 1-B, 1-B-2, 1-D, no 1-C, and 1-E 1-B is the 2024 Foil Facsimile 1-B-2 is a 2022 Store virgin variant, but no trade dress variant I have a copy of the regular 2024 facsimile and the 2024 Facsimile blank variant (However, the blank variant is just an actual blank cardstock cover, no trade dress, and it is just covering the regular facsimile issue, and they both have the same UPC code) Here are scans of both, for the blank, I left the spine line on the right showing because I forgot to rotate it, sorry. I almost feel that the blank should be disregarded, but it is an actual produced book.
  2. I was just letting you know that whoever added the extra #2, added that it was a Kickstarter book.
  3. Having the "No Actual Cover Price" notation sounds like a winner to me!
  4. The issue is that the incentives do have a cover price listed. The crowdfunded books are initially only able to be purchased at a certain price. However, I understand your reasoning, but I still prefer to have the crowdfunded books to have their cover price be what they were offered for.
  5. Issue #2 needs to be deleted. #2A is the main wraparound cover of issue #2. Was solicited with letter designations for all issues. Also, was not funded on Kickstarter. It was funded on Indiegogo only.
  6. Andy Smith has now added a sign-up to receive notice when Kor-Drath: The Awakening goes live on Indiegogo.com. So, there will be a second volume. Therefore, the idea of keeping only the Kor-Drath listing appears to be the better option.
  7. Thanks Mark. That's weird because it says .jpg on my end.
  8. The $25.00 cover price is because that is what it cost to get the book. Saying "pledge price" is misleading because you can pledge any amount and not get a book. You are basically telling the creator that if they print the book, you will pay the $25.00. That is the only price to get it. The aftermarket price can go up or down, but the initial cost is $25.00.
  9. I tried to submit the correct second print of issue #1. It's this one here:
  10. The actual title for the book in the indicia is "Kor-Drath; The Reckoning". CB has two entries for this book, Kor-Drath Kor-Drath: the Reckoning I'm not sure if Andy Smith is going to do a second chapter, however, I feel that the plain Kor-Drath should be kept and Kor-Drath: The Reckoning be deleted. The same way that Cyberfrog:Bloodhoney was shortened to Cyberfrog (All Caps) in anticipation of a second issue.
  11. Issue 1-E is the Mike Mayhew Trade Dress Variant, not the Wal-Mart Variant Issue 1-J is the Wal-Mart Variant However, Atomic Avenue has the Wal-Mart Cover for 1-E But my DB has the correct p[icture somehow.
  12. I had submitted a new issue #1-L as the foil variant of issue 1-K. I didn't realize until I received the book that it is actually the foil version and second print of issue #2-K I submitted the entry as 1-K-2 with iffy scan (Foils scan terribly) Therefore issue #1-L needs to be deleted
  13. When printing labels for the title "Captain Marvel; Assault on Eden" (yes, I bought those books, please don't judge me) the "n" in "variation" is cut off and there is no letter designation for the variant. This is not a margin issue because the condition is printed fine. Thoughts?
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