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  1. Any word on if this may be coming anytime soon? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all your help. I have an invoice with a list of all the comics I purchased so it won’t be too much trouble to print barcodes.
  3. Well I added the last two weeks of comics from my full list using my barcode scanner and the date modified has many different values. Here are just a few samples. Batman (3rd series) #122: 2022-04-13 Batman Killing Time #2: 2022-03-03 Last Flight Out: 2022-04-13 Little Monsters (Image) #2: 2022-04-08 Superman Son of Kal-El #10: 2022-03-17 Wonder Woman Historia #2: 2022-04-03
  4. Okay, I think I know why nothing turned up in a search. I added the "Date Modified" as a column to view and looked at a few of the comics I added and it looks like the Date Modified might correspond to when they were added via a content update.
  5. Thanks. That's a good suggestion. Unfortunately I can't seem to turn up any results using this search string, and I don't know enough about it to troubleshoot.
  6. Thanks. The files in the dropbox link had an older version of Crystal Reports than was installed on my system so I just I ended up following the instructions that popped up and it's working again. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. Of course now I have to go to each comic I just added in the last batch individually to print barcode labels for them. I know, I know, first world problems...
  7. I was just entering some comics into my database tonight using my barcode scanner, and after entering them I went to go print barcode labels as I usually do by pressing F6, but when I hit print I was presented with the following error: Uninstalling everything seems a bit drastic. Is there no other way to fix this error?
  8. I just noticed that Knightmare from Image is listed as having issues from 0 to 8, but I'm pretty sure issues 6-8 do not exist.
  9. Okay, I fixed the update issue. I closed ComicBase and tried to update from Sidekick instead and I noticed that it started trying to read titles right away and didn't download the update first. Sure enough the updated failed again, but this time Sidekick provided me an error message that included a filename. I suspect the update got corrupted somehow so I deleted the temporary file and initiated another update and this time it worked. Cover downloads seem to be working properly at the moment as well, so maybe I jumped the gun in opening this thread.
  10. I tried to run a content update tonight and keep getting "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error. Downloading covers has also not as I was adding new comics with my barcode scanner. I got the following error after I scanned each issue. I was able to eventually download the new covers after I finished but then a few minutes later the errors appeared again.
  11. Same. I was able to upload last night.
  12. You might have more luck posting this in the Content and Corrections forum, but I'd say it's off by a few decimal places. Even Mile High Comics only lists a NM copy at $113, and they always seem to price items higher than anyone else. You can also request a price check through ComicBase.
  13. I just checked my online backups and they're missing too, despite Sidekick saying there was a successful back on January 29th.
  14. I've noticed that if I close ComicBase when I'm on a title that has a large number of issues (Comic Shop News is a good example) then it takes forever to load the next time I start it up. If I close it while it's open on a title with very few issues there is no delay in loading.
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