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  1. Similar to the Overall Title field you can use under Title information, would it be possible to have something under storylines that would let you pull up all issues from a crossover? For instance, Marvel ran Contest of Chaos across many of its 2023 Annuals, so in theory you would be able to click on the Overall Storyline to pull up all issues from the crossover. I'm not sure if there would be a way to differentiate between tie-in issues and and issues that are directly part of the crossover, but that would be great too. Thanks!
  2. @Mark J. Castaneda I ran a Collection overview for books, magazines, and comics, and none of them display cover images, however, the auto-generated collection overviews for all three categories display cover images. I also ran item checklists of series I own with "items in my collection " checked for all three categories and they also do not have any cover images when looking at the reports under My Comics. However the cover images do appear if you do preview of the report.
  3. I just ran a collection report for comics and I am also getting covers. It's only Books and Magazines that won't display covers when running a report and using the Save to Web function.
  4. I just noticed that ID labels are printing titles much bigger now when space allows for it. That's a great little update. Thanks! And just out of curiosity, how hard would it be to add a few new fields to the ID label? One I'd really like to see is the cover date.
  5. I don’t think this is the same situation I have. The auto-generated report for magazines lists everything I own and there is a cover image for every item. However, if I run the exact same report myself and use the save to web function, not one single picture is displayed.
  6. Here's what a report for Magazines looks like:
  7. Thanks. My reports are showing up now. But I do have another question. Is there a reason cover images won't display on the reports that I generate myself? Cover images are present on the auto generated reports but not my own, and I do have the standard image size selected when I create the report. Thanks!
  8. I was just coming here to comment on this as well. The last auto-generated report I have is from March 26th. I also ran a few custom reports and saved to web last week and they have yet to show up.
  9. As of my post yesterday it was still the smaller image, but I just checked this morning and it looks like a larger image became available on your end. When I checked the picture folder I found a new image larger than the one I had been trying to add. So problem solved I guess. At least until it happens again.
  10. I just updated to 4K Archive Edition v24.0.0.1165 and tried again, but I am still getting the same result.
  11. I'm trying to replace an existing cover with a slightly larger and cleaner version, but every time I add it it automatically re-downloads the old version. Any idea why this might be happening? I am currently running the current build of the 4K Archive Edition.
  12. In the last livestream Pete mentioned that an update to the Mobile App is in the works. Do you have an ETA on that?
  13. I definitely only have one database and I haven't created any new ones. I checked both spots you pointed out and only one database appears. I'll let you know if it happens again, but I can't see any reason why empty databases are getting created. For what it's worth, each time an empty database turns up the unique identifier has been composed entirely of zeroes.
  14. This has happened to me a few times now. I was given the same advice in this thread and it cleared the issue up, but then last weekend another empty database showed up under My Comics. Do you know of any reason why this could keep happening?
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