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  1. I had actually considered creating a separate title because of the changes to content and Publisher, so that's what I'll go ahead and do. Thanks for the speedy response and thorough research! And just out of curiosity, where did you pull your information from? Your source might save us both some time in future situations like this.
  2. Thanks. Should Author names also not include periods when there is an initial involved?
  3. The title is Prince of the Blood by Raymond E. Feist. The first edition was published in August of 1989 by Doubleday and has 293 pages. The 15th anniversary edition was published by Bantam in July of 2004 and has 353 pages.
  4. Also of note for this particular book is that the actual content is a bit different as it has been revised and updated with the page count being higher. I'm just wondering if it would be more accurate to refer to it as a variant. I'll go with whatever the consensus is, I just want to make sure I'm doing it right moving forward.
  5. Sounds good. Should a note be included that the Publisher is different?
  6. I have two copies of the same book, published at different times by different publishers. One is the original first edition, and the second is a 15th anniversary edition, revised and updated. My question is, how do I enter the 15th anniversary edition? Should I enter it as a new book since it is a different publisher, or should I enter it as a variation of the first edition? Thanks!
  7. I'm starting to enter all my hardcover books into CB, but I have run into a problem naming a new book. I have a hardcover of the book "Magician" by Raymond E. Feist, but when I try to enter it as a new book with that name it won't let me. It wants to pick a name from the list of matching titles. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Thanks! I'm not sure how I missed that easily spotted option. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the beer in my hand...
  9. So after installing ComicBase 2023 I noticed that there are some new columns that I find very irrelevant. Specifically: "Pict Filesize", "Pict Height", "Pict Width", "Pict Modified". This seems like very unnecessary information. Is there a way to turn off columns that you don't want to see? I've actually been wondering how to do this for a while now as there are a few more that really aren't relevant to me.
  10. I've submitted corrections to this title twice now over the last several months but they do not appear to have been accepted. The corrections involved the credits as they are wildly inaccurate. I'd like to re-submit the corrections but I really don't want to take the time to update all the credits yet again if they are just going to be wiped out again. Can you tell me why the corrections I submitted are not being accepted? I am pulling all the information straight from the credits in the actual comic.
  11. With a new version of CB launching, will we see an update to the mobile app as well? It would really be nice to be able to lookup all the items that have been moved out of the Comic Book category. Thanks!
  12. For what it’s worth, I was able to download a cover earlier today.
  13. Were there other issues? I was entering some new comics last night and could not download new cover images. I kept getting error messages.
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