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  1. Thanks! I wish I was able to watch it live, but the timing never works out for me.
  2. Hey Pete. Just thought I'd check in to see how you are progressing on this. No big rush since Ontario is in a 28 lockdown and I won't be able to make into a shop anytime soon, but I am curious. Thanks!
  3. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, since I am really jazzed about the new search capabilities, but the mobile app has been crashing on me pretty consistently this morning. It seems to work fine when I browse a title with a small print run, but if I pull up a title with a large number of issues it crashes before I can scroll past the first 100 issues or so.
  4. I'm just catching up on yesterday's Livestream, and I just had to say THANK YOU! This is going to make it so much easier when I go back issue bin diving! Also, I made sure to write a review in the Apple App store. It truly does not suck for me!
  5. I see that there is now an entry for Comic Shop News under Magazines, which is great since I have a pretty big stack of them. I just have a question regarding special releases which aren't numbered. Specifically, the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer previews. If you look at "Smr 2016" it's for the Fall Preview of 2016. I assumed this was because Fall Previews are actually released in the summer, which makes sense to me. The same is also true of "Smr 2017". However, this logic doesn't seem hold in many cases. For example, if you look at "HO 2010" it's for the Fall preview, and if you lo
  6. I noticed ComicBase Mobile will be a topic of discussion today. Has the new version been released yet, or will it only be released after the Livestream?
  7. Just thought I'd let you know that I sorted out the problem. All the CBR files were in the correct directory, but only the first 100 issues were showing up for some reason. I removed all the files that weren't displaying from the folder and then added them again and now they all seem to be there. I'm not sure why they didn't import correctly the first time.
  8. One more question on adding CBR/CBZ files. Is there an upper limit of how many issues you can add? I can see all the issues I added in the media folder, but I am only getting the play icon for the first 100 issues in the series.
  9. Looks like the issue has been sorted out. I can see my manual reports as well as the auto-generated ones. For what it's worth, I'm running version v21.0.1.1577. Thanks!
  10. Is there a problem with reports right now? I have auto reports turned on but I don't think anything has uploaded since last December. I removed all the reports under My Comics and saved a few reports using the "Save to Web" function but they still haven't shown up. Is there a backlog? Thanks!
  11. Just caught up on the last livestream and was curious about adding CBR/CBZ files. Is there a naming convention you have to use? And where do they shjpw up after you've added them?
  12. I'd welcome more sources as well. As I understand it, ComicBase calculates values based on Atomic Avenue sales, so if you have a rare comic which has seen no sales on Atomic Avenue then it won't be able to accurately reflect the current market value. Am I wrong?
  13. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to allow us to format the ID labels a bit before printing. When a title has an especially long name the resulting label is almost illegible. It would be nice if we could enter a line break so that the title isn't squeezed into one line of text. I was also wondering if it would be possible to select other information to include in the label. I personally would like to be able to add the publication date and have the option of using the original barcode instead of the custom one generated by ComicBase. And as long we we are talking about lab
  14. I really like that we've got an option for generating a want list now, but when I select "none" for cover size and click on preview it crashes. If I choose any other size it runs without a problem. See video below. I'm running the most current release (1309) on a Windows 10 machine. And one suggestion on how to make the report better. It would be great if we could group issues together to further reduce the size of the report.
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