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  1. I like this idea. I collect many series which are set in a larger universe. It would be a great way to find all the books set in one of these Universes, particularly if you don't own all the books and want to know what you're missing.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing that either. Although I've noticed that the length of time it takes to send new data for a single issues seems quite long for what I would assume are just text fields. It makes me wonder if everything, including the cover image, gets submitted all at once and then the second box is to just confirm that you want the cover scan to be considered as new data too. Of course I could be completely wrong.
  3. I sometimes wonder if it may not always be obvious what corrections are being submitting when using the "Submit New of Corrected Data" feature. Would it be possible to add way to include a note to the reviewer when submitting corrections? For instance, I just submitted a change for the book "Vows and Honor" because there is conflicting information in the Notes field. There are two separate notes stating "Collects the Vows and Honor series #1-3; Collects the Vows and Honor series #1-2" While it is true there are three books in the Vows and Honor series, the third book had not yet been written when this Vows and Honor collection was released. This is the kind of note I'd like to be able to add when submitting a correction Or maybe your reviews are eagle-eyed and it's not necessary! Thanks
  4. Agreed. They were a lot more fun when they were a rare occurrence.
  5. One more question. Am I correct in assuming that "Publication Date" is when the book was first published, and "Release Date" is when a specific edition might have been released? For instance, I have the first Destroyer novel which was originally published in 1971, but the version I have is a seventh printing which was printed in March of 1974. Would I be correct in putting "1971-06-01" as the Publication Date and "1974-03-01" as the Release Date?
  6. Sounds good. Thanks for all the feedback. It is very much appreciated.
  7. Fair enough. I was just trying to come up with a way that would let everyone find it easily. What do think of my suggestion to name it like this: "The Destroyer Novels (Pinnacle/Signet/Gold Eagle)"
  8. This is when it would be really handy to be able to tag multiple publishers in the Publisher field when you're creating a new title. This isn't an issue that is unique to books either. I suppose using the "Overall Title" field would come in handy in this case. Maybe create a new title Called "The Destroyer Novels (Pinnacle/Signet/Gold Eagle)" with "The Destroyer" as the overall title?
  9. I'm getting ready to enter my run of "The Destroyer" novels, but the publisher switches mid-run. Can you enter two Publishers for a book series like this (i.e. Pinnacle/Signet) , or should make two separate entries for each publisher?
  10. Thanks. I suspected this was the case, but it's good to have confirmation. It's too bad the categories aren't enough to differentiate between titles. I have to admit it bugs me a when I have to modify a title like this. I know it shouldn't, but I get a little OCD when it comes to managing my collection.
  11. There is a comic book adaptation of The Eye of the World already in ComicBase, and I'm trying to enter my HC novel of the same name into inventory. Do I need to change the name of the title in order for it to be accepted? Does CB not differentiate between the "Books" and "Comic Books" categories?
  12. I've been adding a lot of Fantasy book series into CB and have noticed that when I click on the "Overall Title Name" it doesn't display the cover image when it pulls up all the related novels. I thought it might be an issue with setting which columns to view but when I went into "Setup-->Columns To View..." I couldn't find a field that fit the bill. Just to make sure I wasn't overlooking something I ran search on an artist and when the results were displayed it showed all the cover images. I checked "Setup-->Columns To View..." when I was viewing the results but I didn't see any field that would correspond to viewing the cover image. Am I missing something? How can I see covers when I click on the "Overall Title Name" for books?
  13. I find it a bit frustrating too. Especially with so many titles being moved over to to the magazine category and the mobile app now unable to look them up.
  14. I feel like if you have enough knowledge to create a new title then chances are you’ll be able to enter an accurate description. It would be nice if you could include the description when submitting a brand new title.
  15. So, just to be clear, even it it's a brand new title that has been created, the description does not get sent as part of the submission process? With regards to emailing the description, what format would you like the email to come in? Would you like a specific subject line for easier identification? Thanks.
  16. I have been slowly adding all my hardcover books into inventory, and as of the latest content update it seems like all the titles now exist in CB as well. Many of the books I've added did not exist in CB so I have been creating quite a few new titles and submitting them along with high-res cover scans, and while some of the cover scans appear in my collection report, most of them do not. I'm just wondering what the delay in adding the covers is if the new titles I am submitting are accepted. And along those same lines, when I submit new book titles I try to include a description from a source like Good Reads or from the publisher, but I am not sure if these descriptions are making the final cut. Do title descriptions need to be submitted by email, or are the accepted if you're submitting a brand new title?
  17. Well that's kind of the answer I was expecting. What was the reasoning for saying no?
  18. I think we need to have "Science Fiction Book Club" as an option under the Edition drop-down when entering books. I have many of these editions, and while they are indeed hardcovers, they are substantially smaller than a normal hardcover you might buy at a bookstore. Here's an example of what I am talking about. Both of the books pictured below are hardcovers in the same series. The smaller one is from the Science Fiction Book Club, and the other was purchased at a book store, and they look quite different when sitting side-by-side on my bookshelf. The SF Book Club edition is not only shorter, but it sits deeper on the shelf than the regular hard cover. I think having a distinction is important, especially if people are going to be selling books on Atomic Avenue. I know I would be very annoyed if I bought a book and it wasn't the same dimensions as the rest of the hardcovers sitting on my bookshelf. This whole issue was brought to my attention as I started entering all of my David Eddings hardcovers into inventory. Many of the existing entries in ComicBase have "Science Fiction Book Club Edition" in the item description. The ISBN is the same, but I know for a fact that the books I am entering are not from the Science Fiction Book Club and I'd really like to be able to make that distinction. Here is a specific Example: The above book is not from the Science Fiction book club, but deleting the information from the item description won't do any good because I know that's a field ComicBase controls and my change will just get thrown out. I also don't think it should be a variant since this book is the real deal. Anyway, I hope I've made it clear why I think we need this change. Does anyone agree with me?
  19. Here's an example of what I was talking about. The title isn't mature, but it has a variant cover which has mature content. I don't want to exclude the title or cover from my database, but at the same time I don't really want my kids walking in on a screensaver with this kind of content. Being able to mark a specific cover as mature so that it isn't used by the screensaver would be a great feature.
  20. I guess I was thinking that the hardcover would be its own thing, but now that I think about it that doesn't really make sense. Thanks for checking for me.
  21. Thanks. It’s The Elf Queen of Shannara (HC).
  22. Well, that trick doesn't seem to be working anymore. I'm trying to enter the hardcover version of a book and after hitting the spacebar followed by a backspace it just takes me back to the paperback edition. Maybe something changed with the latest version? I'm running v23.0.0.1790
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