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  1. I think DC may be starting to do that as a matter of course. I've seen it with other titles. But I haven't seen any official word.
  2. OK. I only had the cover to go by. Isn't it fun when the cover and indicia don't match?
  3. Sure thing. The search function can be rather unforgiving compared to something like Google.
  4. Another new addition is Complete Hate, which should technically be Complete Hate, The. From Gum Wrappers to Richie Rich should be categorized under Books, not Comic Books. Land Left Behind should most likely be Land Left Behind, The. The word "of" should not be capitalized in the title Legion Of Oakley. Following ComicBase convention, Stan Mack's Real Life Funnies should be Real Life Funnies (Stan Mack's...).
  5. It might be because the title is actually Comics Buyer's Guide (note the "s" in "Comics"), so if you search for Comic Buyer's Guide (without an "s"), you'll come up empty.
  6. This happens to me sometimes, too. Usually when its dimensions are larger, my new image stays put, but sometimes it gets replaced by the download. I'm curious about why.
  7. This week's update also adds the title Star Wars by Gillen Pak Omnibus, which is missing an ampersand. It should be Star Wars by Gillen & Pak Omnibus.
  8. I sent that in as a correction once. I don't know if it was ignored or reinstated.
  9. The title I Can't Say No to Lonely Girl is missing a word. It should be I Can't Say No to the Lonely Girl. In the title Small Change, A: Finding The Joy in Everyday Things, the word the should not be capitalized.
  10. Palestine (Fantagraphics) is still a separate listing after the 1/10/2024 update. Again, this forthcoming book is a collection of the series Palestine, from the same publisher, already listed in ComicBase. Previous collections are listed under that title; this one belongs there as well.
  11. This week's content update adds the following titles that refer to the same publication: Bristlemouth Cove Horror Bristlemouth: A Cove Horror Based on the cover image, the latter appears correct. This looks like another double addition: Hunters, The Hunters, The (Paper Films) And the following title was added: Palestine (Fantagraphics) This should not be a new title, as Palestine already exists in the database, published by Fantagraphics. The upcoming 2024 collected-edition reprint should go under that title as well.
  12. Oh, @Gregory Hecht--you're opening a real can of worms. The mess of unrelated titles under Angel has been a sore point with me for a long time.
  13. It's not a big deal for me, but I have wondered if certain functions could default to the Variation A entry when a plain, non-variant entry does not exist.
  14. Similarly, these new titles contain incorrectly capitalized words: Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The Fish! Life Of Pope John Paul II In Comics, The Little Trees That Went To School, The
  15. The newly-added title Jam, The: Urban Adventure is a duplicate of the existing Jam, The Urban Adventure: Beginnings. I'm guessing the new entry was triggered by the recent solicitation of the book through Diamond, but the book has been available on demand for over a year. I see that the new entry has a different UPC number than the existing entry, and it has a Diamond order code and stock number. Maybe this means it should be Bk 1-2? I don't know for sure how it should be handled in the database, but the publisher indicates that the contents will be exactly the same.
  16. Isn't the first book just titled Reckless? With the latest update, that's an unrecognized title in my database. I moved my quantities of the second and third books to the new titles, but I think the first book should stay put. And the title should not have been deleted from the master database. Or have I missed something?
  17. This week's update also adds Unofficial Guide to the World of Studio Ghibli, The in the Comic Books category when it should be in Books. Also, I am unsure about these two titles actually contain comics (I have my suspicions; maybe someone can verify one way or the other): Faro’s Lounge Ashoka In Action Cosplay Indiana Jane Cosplay Danejo Artbook Whether it's a comic or not, the first of those two titles contains an error, transposing the second and third letters of the character name Ahsoka.
  18. The annuals are listed with the main title, in the Magazines category. From the descriptions in the database, it doesn't look like all four annuals were 100% comics. (I only have #3, and it's a mix of comics and articles.) If any of them were 100% comics, it probably still makes sense to keep them with the rest of the series under magazines rather than make a separate listing under comics. It could be considered an "all-comics issue" of a series that presents magazine content for all (or nearly all) the rest of its issues.
  19. FWIW, I think Marvel Age One-Shot would be confusing in the future, because One-Shot is nowhere in the title on the cover or indicia. And it may not always be a one-shot if they decide to do more in the future. My "vote" would be for what @Gregory Hecht suggested: Marvel Age (2nd Series).
  20. On a separate note, I noticed this in your Unrecognized Comics list: Strangers, The (Oni) 1 This title was corrected to Mysterious Strangers, The, so you can just add your quantity of #1 to that title and remove it from Strangers, The (Oni). Then it will stop showing up in your Unrecognized Comics list.
  21. I believe the ComicBase policy is to not distinguish between newsstand and direct market versions of comics unless there is some difference other than the absence or presence of a bar code or diamond box. So if you submitted items as "DM" variants, they may not have been accepted into the master database. (I am only speculating. I have no inside knowledge.) If you want to distinguish your DM variants, they'll probably have to remain unrecognized, and their listed values won't be updated. As for the "MJ" variants, I'd think they would be accepted, as I see quite a few of those in the database and don't know of an editorial reason for them to be rejected. Have you tried submitting those entries again (with the "Submit New or Corrected Data" feature)? Maybe there was some technical reason they weren't transmitted before, or maybe you forgot to submit them after adding them to your own database. (Just speculating again.)
  22. Some sites show the solicitation cover, but it looks preliminary. Even the publisher's website shows the regular and signed editions with the same cover as above. https://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/viewProduct.html?CAT=DF-The_Art_of_Ramona_Fradon
  23. I'd like to see more guidance on this, too. I think artists' real names have been preferred over pseudonyms in ComicBase in the past, but that policy may have evolved. I also know that work has been done recently to standardize names in the creator fields to include characters like é and ñ. But I'm not sure how much standardization has been done for other naming quirks. Many artists use pseudonyms and different forms of their names at different points in their careers. Maika Sozo is sometimes credited that way, but other times as Sozomaika. The artist whose real name is Danai Kilaidoni has been credited variously as Dani K, Dani Strips, DaNi, and Dani. The real name of Disney cartoonist Vicar is Víctor José Arriagada Ríos. Jackson Guice and Butch Guice are the same person. Chynna Clugston Flores was credited as Chynna Clugston-Major during her first marriage, and I think I've also seen just Chynna Clugston. The artist known as Jok is not the artist known as Jock. There's Stanley Lau, Artgerm, and Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. The artist Justine Frany is more often credited as simply Frany, especially lately, but it isn't like her first name is a secret. I think the correct style for InHyuk Lee is just that, but I see In-Hyuk Lee (with hyphen) all the time in ComicBase. Those are just a few quick examples; there are plenty more (like Lesley Li, Leirix, Leirix Li, Lesley "Leirix" Li...). Sometimes I'm not sure how to handle these naming differences, and it would be nice to have a reference that included the preferred form in ComicBase as well as the pseudonyms and variations. Of course, that means dealing with thousands of names and variants thereof, so it may not be feasible. Ideally the credits in the comics would be consistent, but in reality they're not.
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