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  1. Sounds like the same problem I had a while ago: https://forums.comicbase.com/index.php?/topic/1677-report-not-working/ . I don't know what fixed it, but eventually it started working again.
  2. Westfield was the first sub service I used, starting in the late 1980s. I was always a fan of their service, but I eventually had to leave for a service that allowed me to order from the entire catalog (Previews or Advance Comics) rather than a narrower selection. At the time, they were limiting themselves to a one-page order sheet and leaving off some of the indie series I gravitated toward. I landed at M&M Comic Service, which I've used for years. For a time, that meant sending floppy disks through the mail to submit my orders, until the Internet came into wider usage.
  3. Oh, no offense taken. I was just trying to further clarify what happened with this title, since the typo arose after I sent my message to Support.
  4. They're out of control, certainly. But I still buy them when I like them well enough.
  5. Because the title had been in the database for a long time as "Grandpa," I didn't submit the correction to "Grampa" (as on the cover and in the indicia) from within ComicBase but instead sent a message to Support in case they didn't want to change it. So I'm responsible for it changing, but I'm not responsible for the typo with the remaining "d."
  6. I tried again after downloading the latest content update this morning, and it finally worked again, for whatever reason. It looked like it was going to choke on that 10% of Preparing Report window again, but then it actually completed the process instead.
  7. I tried the new build, with the same result. I usually use the Preview button to look at the report without printing it, but I tried Print with the same result. It shows me the following dialog box (which never gets past 10% in the title bar), before it gives up and displays the message shown in the first post of this thread.
  8. Updated to Still getting the error. Parameters shown below.
  9. Yes, Comic Books is the selected type.
  10. When I run the Top Gainers and Losers report for Owned Items, I get the following message. Running ComicBase 2023 Archive Edition, v., with over 18,000 items added so far. The report always worked before, but I've been getting this error for a couple of weeks.
  11. I can only say that mine didn't bounce at all--not immediately, not later. I've sent three messages in the past week. i haven't received replies, but I also haven't seen anything to make me think they're not getting through.
  12. I sent a message yesterday and it did not bounce back.
  13. I ran Rebuild Lists and did another content update. Unfortunately, both ComicBase and Sidekick still say that my last update was October 27. But I'm getting new log files each time.
  14. OK, today I downloaded and installed the current build, just to be sure I was on the right one. Then I did a content update via Sidekick. Both Sidekick and ComicBase (in the Collection Statistics window) still show my last update as October 27. ComicBase also indicates that new content is available, even though I just did a content update. Would this have anything to do with the renewal nag box that has started popping up? I'll be renewing later on, so I keep declining. They are probably unrelated, but it seems like this started when that started.
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