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  1. The entries for Escape to the Stars (Infinity) and Escape to the Stars (Visionary Graphics) should be merged. The publisher changed a few times during the course of the five-issue series. I do not have the first two issues, but cover images show the Infinity logo on them. For #3, which I do have, there's a Works Associates logo on the back cover and the indicia says "Published by Works Associates by special permission of Infinity Visual Productions." I don't have #4 and the cover image doesn't have a publisher's logo, so I don't know what that issue indicates, but #5 says Visionary Graph
  2. Caliber published what amounts to three "series" called Calibrations. The first was a single-issue preview of 1990 releases. The second was a single-issue preview of 1992 releases. The third was a 1996 five-issue series of science fiction comics. In ComicBase, the data for the first series is inaccurate. It wrongly contains the five issues that belong to the 1996 third series. It does not contain the 1990 preview that I have. The second and third series appear to be accurately represented in ComicBase. But for the first series, there should only be that one issue. Technically it is not nu
  3. The link to the ComicBase forum at the end of the FAQ page (https://www.comicbase.com/mycb/FAQ.aspx) goes to an old forum instead of this one. It's not a huge problem because that page has a link to this one, but it would be better to link directly here.
  4. My CB 2021 version was older. Upgrading now...
  5. Well, it happened again with the latest update: nearly 800 "not a valid image file" error messages that I had to click through, one after another, before the update was complete. Not fun.
  6. I have no zero-byte image files. My error messages do not cascade like Andrew's, though that did happen to me once as a seemingly separate issue. The last two times I have updated, I have had to click through the hundreds of error messages similar to the one I posted. (I wish there were a "Yes to All" option.) I don't want to go through that again if I don't have to, so I'll wait for the next update to see if it happens again.
  7. It's Acme Comics in the indicia of #8 as well. I just dug the first seven issues out of a magazine box (they're all roughly magazine size, while #8 is the size of a standard comic). It's Acme Comics on the covers and indicia of the first seven issues as well. I don't think I have #9 or #10, but from pictures on the Internet it looks like #9 omits the word "Comics" from the cover, while #10 includes it again.
  8. The database entry for Acme Comics has gotten messy, and I think I'm partly responsible. I'm new to entering my collection. When I looked for Acme Comics, I did not see the existing entry for Acme. So I added Acme Comics as a new title. Later, I discovered the entry for Acme and entered some creator and publication data for issue #8. I also made a title modification using the "Edit Title Information" button in ComicBase. The title should correctly be given as Acme Comics, not just Acme, as it is Acme Comics on all of the covers. I also fixed the publication dates, which are correctly 1982-1992
  9. After I do an update of ComicBase, I am forced to click through a couple hundred error messages stating that certain images are "not a valid image file." Why is this happening and how can it be fixed? Thanks.
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