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  1. Dawn of DC Primer Special Edition 2023
  2. I've seen this for other titles from Avalon, as well as GBP wrongly shown for "Fleetway Quality" publications that were published in the 1980s in the U.S. (for an example, see Judge Dredd (Vol. 2)). I've submitted fixes sometimes, but I'm not sure how well they've stuck; nor have I gone looking for mismatches on titles I don't own any copies of.
  3. Clearly a decision was made to separate Scout's various imprints. Personally, I'm not sure that was necessary, especially for existing titles, given the limitations imposed on correcting other types of faulty listings. But I'll roll with it.
  4. Wow, I never noticed the Circulation field.
  5. Thanks. I'm not sure at this point how my Pictures folder and the location specified for the folder got so screwed up, but I've reset it to use the default location and I'm now in the process of consolidating different versions of the folder to that location. Thumbnails and pictures are working as they should.
  6. That seems to have no effect on whether thumbnails load. Nor does switching to album view.
  7. OK, so here's what happens. I go to a title that I haven't visited since upgrading my hard drive. No images are loaded. No images will load at all, until I select a row. Then the thumbnail shows up. If I click the thumbnail, it shows the full-size image. The image at the top remains the generic image for the publisher. If I leave the title and then come back, the image at the top changes to the one I've loaded. So ComicBase can find my pictures, but it will not do so until I select a row in the grid. Obviously, I would prefer that they show up without my having to take that action.
  8. It's a new WD Blue 3D NAND 1TB SATA III internal drive. I don't know what all of that means, but I had it installed at a local shop and I'm reading it off the product box. I don't know how to check the firmware version. (I don't see anything clearly labeled Firmware Version in Device Manager.) Windows says the drivers are up to date. Windows Update is supposed to check for updates weekly. I'm not having issues with any other software or applications. A thumbnail comes up fast when I select a row, but no thumbnails are shown for rows I haven't specifically selected.
  9. This part is still happening. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. It appears there was a Kickstarter for this series and Marcio Doug is indeed one of the variant cover artists. More issues and variants should be listed. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vampocalypse/jungle-captive-1-2-and-3-adults-only-jungle-adventure-comic
  11. I suggest adding a Credits field for Translation and Dialogue. Such credits can arguably go in the Writer field, but also arguably don't really belong there. This field would be useful for translated manga, manhwa, and European comics (including many Disney comics with translated stories).
  12. Update: Somehow the app started showing which issues I own again the next day, without any further intervention on my part. I'm not sure why, but I'll take it.
  13. My ComicBase Mobile app seems to be tied to a blank database and won't let go of it. Earlier, I could switch to my actual database in the drop-down, but it didn't seem to actually switch. Or if it did switch, it still wasn't showing me which issues I own when I went to a given title. I only have one database (the correct one) listed under Backups on the ComicBase website. My profile on the website showed two databases earlier, but it wouldn't let me select the erroneous one for deletion. So then I deleted the good one and they both disappeared. Then I sent a new backup to the cloud. Now it only shows that one. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Mobile app. It appears to see the new backup I just saved (and only that one), but It still isn't finding my comics when I search. The name, date. valuations, and numbers of items on the splash page are correct, but when I search titles, it's not showing me which issues I own. I went to a small convention this afternoon, and this made hunting a bit difficult. Is there a "phantom" blank database screwing up my account somewhere, or is this a glitch in the Mobile app? What can I do to fix it?
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