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  1. I'M not on the boards as much as I used to be. I had a stroke in December 2019 and the effect of that I can no longer afford to purchase ComicBase on a yearly basis unless someone gives a present during Xmas or my birthday. (that last happened 12/ Anyway to make a short story long I've been reading my comics digitally on my laptop or tablet and since overlord of offering digi-comics shut down comiXology their Kindle app/website no longer allow me to read text that is too small for me to see. (that's more due to my 30+ years of Multiple Sclerosis) The only way to read those examples (until the promised update to the programs hits) I'm trying to use the magnifier app on my phone but when I use it the image very, very badly blurry. Anyone here have any advise on the situation would be appreciate it Bobb
  2. I hope some hee the old DCSlut otherwise know as bOBB. Well unfortunaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatly I had a stroke(of bad luck)December 22,2019 It's been a long slog way back. Becaue I had to quit my job at the comic shophere in theD?FW area. I've survived on traes and as of July I have been catching up on the books I read, had to drop some since my big discccccccountbdisappeared when I did. Gonna have to learn to catalog digital books, but then relearning to walk was probably a mountain to relearning a program I have used since Bill Gates said 64meg is a you'll ever need! Between my disability and folks helping me out I'm back and ya'll can't gt rid of me that easy, ;-) Bobb
  3. Haven't been hera aawhile due to suffering a Stroke (of bad luck) on 12/19 and you decided to keep me on my toes just for fun!
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