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  1. I do have that on. But is there a way to print it out?
  2. Is there a way to see which comics value went up or down? After the weekly update? I run the print labels-->check only print if new or price changed. But it wants to print the whole inventory
  3. Make sure the "Log Sale" is checked. It will crate a log. See attached pictures
  4. How can I link ComicBase to Crystal Reports? Wanting to make or edit some reports.
  5. How do i print out all the sold items. After using the sale terminal. Get a report of everything sold and prices
  6. sorry new to this. that is correct. I’m trying to change the selling price on a lot of comics to a $1. To use the the sell terminal. Must database have a sequential number in front on it. I have tried to export of the the options and just change the selling price. But it doesn’t know which one to change cause nothing is telling it which one to change. Well that my guess ( lol )
  7. Export & Import doesn’t work to change selling price. I export them and change the selling price. Then import it back in but it doesn’t change the price. I actually don’t know what it’s doing. Cause the export doesn’t have the unique database number to tight it all together. can y’all do an update to add this?
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