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  1. Street Date should be a good indication of what Fred is looking for (that's the calendar date a book is released, not to be confused w/ Cover Date). However, I've often seen that when an issue is delayed, that field doesn't get updated, so it's only about 95% accurate, I'd say.
  2. I noticed that the numbering for Action Comics 1050 and its multitude of variant covers went from 1050 to 1050/D (skipping 1050/A, 1050/B, and 1050/C). Also, the UPCs went from 76194134388405011 to 76194134388405041 (skipping ...21 and ...31). The implication is that either 1050 should really be 1050/A, or the UPCs just don't match up with the issue variants. Is it possible to get the numbering/UPCs fixed, for the sake of data integrity?
  3. @Randall J. Paske, I'm sorry if you thought I was blaming you (or anyone); that wasn't my intent. Just trying to add some potential background on what may have happened. Mark Castaneda, I propose this title change as Gregory suggests and use "Grampa" instead of "Gramdpa" (and how can I tag you anyway; your name never shows up in the '@' dropdown for me! 😆)
  4. This had been in the database as Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grandpa; I suspect that someone inadvertently made a typo when editing and it got submitted as a correction? The Grand Comics Database agrees with you, @Gregory Hecht: Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grampa
  5. Thanks, Steven. Interesting that they'd be 2nd and 3rd printings listed as variant covers in the book itself, but Marvel's good at following the standard UPC format, so I guess it is what it is.
  6. The issue of Amazing Spider-Man that came out this past Wednesday (Nov. 23, 2022) has a number of variant cover artists listed in the issue that aren't in the variations in the latest content update. The following combos are missing: Kyle Hotz (colored by Dan Brown) Design cover by Ed McGuinness Ed McGuinness (colored by Marcio Menyz) Since I don't have those issues, I can't determine which should be added or corrected to the database, and I'm listing them here for adjudication and correction. I did note that there's a listing for a variant cover by John Romita Jr. that is not listed in the issue as well as a number of other covers that look to be some kind of exclusives. Thank you, Adam
  7. A related trick I use is to CTRL-C/CTRL-V the UPC number into the Find box, since that will take you directly to the issue itself.
  8. Mark, I've submitted the corrections for the B&V Friends Forever titles (Archie and Friends was already done). I did note that B&V Friends Forever: Halloween Spooktacular was not yet deleted as a title
  9. @Mark J. Castaneda, this could actually be a good candidate for one of the new CB2023 features...
  10. Mark, I'm happy to work on the data submissions this weekend.
  11. I don't have them easily accessible, but I believe there was a title change with issue 4 and that issues 1-3 were indeed Dark Crisis.
  12. It does, actually. I think it lends credence to getting rid of the "one-shots" and keeping them under the one title.
  13. I believe this issue (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/965474/1/The-New-Science-Fair-Story-of-ElectronicsmdashThe-Discovery-that-Changed-the-World-1983) to be the same as Story of Electronics—The Discovery that Changed the World! #1983 (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/319866/1/Story-of-ElectronicsmdashThe-Discovery-that-Changed-the-World-1983). I think this one should be removed in favor of the Story of Electronics one.
  14. I don't believe this issue (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/991108/1/Red-Hood-53 ) actually exists. It's not listed in the Grand Comics Database (https://www.comics.org/series/166928/). I think this should be removed from the database.
  15. There is overlap between B&V Friends Forver (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=59556&M=1) and various Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever one-shots (for example, https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/TitleDetail.aspx?TitleID=72926&M=1). I'm not sure what the solution is. The various indicias state issue 1 of different titles, but the UPC numbers would seem to indicate they're supposed to be part of a series. Mark Castaneda, any thoughts (and why can't I tag you)?
  16. I would like to propose a capitalization change for DC Vs. Vampires and related titles. I suggest that "Vs." should be "vs." to follow standard capitalization rules.
  17. @Steven L. Dasinger, yes; that was my understanding as well. My question was also to fit into the HC model, so I figured it's better to ask what the intent was instead of guessing.
  18. Hi. i saw DC vs. Vampires - Killers 1/A (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/1130065/1/DC-Vs-VampiresmdashKillers-1-Variation-A) has a cover that's an homage to Batman 423 (https://atomicavenue.com/atomic/item/237565/1/Batman-423). Should that go into the Item Description or the Notes? I'm thinking Item Description, but wanted confirmation first. Thanks in advance, Adam
  19. @Fred Slota, I never received an answer on why the file was download from the forum servers as 0 bytes. Would you like me to try to get you the files directly? Do you have a Dropbox or Google Drive I should upload the file to?
  20. @Fred Slota, the genie cartoon was Shazzan, with Kaboobie the flying camel!
  21. Fair point. I'd asked Mark before and recall he'd said it was OK, but it's just as easy to post here or on Slack
  22. This title is wrong. I've corrected the spelling of League, added a space after the colon, and submitted the correction. I wanted to post here, just in case they don't go through properly.
  23. @Fred Slota, my apologies. I don't know what happened there. I tried downloading and saw that it was 0 bytes as well. However, on the link page itself, it says the page is the file size is 49 kB, which matches what I have locally. @Steven L. Dasinger, do you know if there's someone I can contact to troubleshoot this? For example, can someone check the zip file on the server?
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