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  1. There was a little discussion in the chat bar last week about storage for comic books. I would like to see Pete address that topic, say what he uses, and maybe what some of the other ComicBase people use. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I don't know why I submitted the Teen Titans autographed one; my mistake. Sorry about that. To check about titles with the editors, should I contact them through the "support@comicbase.com" address? Thanks for all of your help with this. It's nice having people that know a lot about this stuff.
  3. Yes, most of the ones that I am entering are from a local auction, and I think that they aren't in CB yet. Should I enter all of these obscure ones into the database and upload for inclusion? Captain Marvel 15/D is a convention exclusive that I received that I haven't seen in CB. It has a completely different cover, as shown below. Naomi 1/B is also a convention exclusive.
  4. Here are the titles: Unrecognized Comic Titles Biblical Proportions Jacques Da-Cock Omega Comics Presents Stranger Scuttlebutt The Medicine Man The Medicine Man (1996) And here are the issues: Unrecognized Comics Aim (Vol. 2) 2 Biblical Proportions 1 Captain Marvel (11th Series) 15/D Jacques Da-Cock 1 Jacques Da-Cock 2 Naomi 1/B Omega Comics Presents Stranger 1 Scuttlebutt SE 1 Teen Titans (5th Series) 16/AUT The Medicine Man 1 The Medicine Man (1996) 1 The Medicine Man (1996) 2 The Medicine Man (1996) 3 The Medicine Man (1996) 4
  5. How long does it take for the new titles and issues to show up in the download? I did some this past weekend, and downloaded the most recent update today, and they are all listed as titles/issues that don't match. I'm just anxious to see what changes the CB staff did to my entries so that I can learn from that. Thanks!
  6. I know that this is probably a long shot, but I don't necessarily want to eliminate all magazines and books; I don't need, say, 50,000 issues of the New York Times in my database, but I would like to have the magazines and books catalogue my comics-related items. Actually, I preferred them in the comics portion of the database before they were split off. The magazines and books info could make the database HUGE in the future. Is there something that can be done to re-focus ComicBase to the "Comic" and related items part of the database? On a related note, is ComicBase planning to track values for everything that gets added to Magazines and Books?
  7. One more question for you: What would you suggest that I do after I enter new information and submit it? My first one I entered weeks ago showed up in the weekly update with a different issue number than what I gave it, so then I had two entries for it. Should I just keep track of what I submit and then go back and check them all after the new update comes out, and delete any of my original entries that got changed by CB? Thanks for all of your help!
  8. Thanks. I followed your steps for entering a new title and it worked like it should have. Part of my problem might have been trying to enter issue #2 without having an issue #1 first. I also had a different variation of the publisher's name. ComicBase suggested Skatoon, but the comic says Skatoon Productions. I went with Skatoon this time.
  9. Steven, Before I show you how I am doing it, is there someplace where there are instructions on how to do it properly? I’m just kind of trying to figure out how to do it on my own. Otherwise I can post my steps.
  10. By the way, I am running ComicBase 2022 Archive Edition, v22.0.1.1643. I just updated to the latest release earlier today. I'm on a Windows 10 desktop. I also just upgraded my hard drive to a Samsung SSD about a week ago.
  11. Hi. I am trying to enter some new titles tonight. I have been able to enter new issues (variants not in ComicBase), and even 1 new title. But when I go to enter my second new title, after I enter all of the information and hit save, the title disappears, and I cannot find it with a search or the Find bar. Any ideas? The title I am trying to enter is issue 2 of Jacques Da-Cock by Rob Reilly from Skatoons Productions. I think I have quite a number of individual titles to enter. I haven't looked them up in a couple years to see if they are in there yet or not. I had set them aside to enter later, and never got around to it. So now I have some time on my hands. Thanks for any help you can provide. Tim Kilbreath
  12. Hi. This has probably been addressed before, but I couldn't find it doing searches through the search bar. I have a number of comics that I want to send cover scans in for, either to replace ones that are incorrect, or to send ones that are not in the database. What are the requirements for cover scans? I've heard to do them at 300 dpi, and other bits of info. My goal would be to scan them big enough so that you could use them for both regular versions of ComicBase, as well as the 4K quality version. I bought a ton of comics at a local auction, with many of them being "mature/adult" comics. I only bought them because I didn't see many of them in the database and I'm excited about contributing to ComicBase. Being that they are "mature/adult" comics, is there anything specific I need to do when scanning them in or submitting them? Thanks for the help!
  13. Thanks for the info, Scott. I didn't know all of that about them.
  14. Scott J. Brown: Having just come across a Dynamic Forces book in my collection, it seems kind of cool to me. Why do you say they are EVIL?
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