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  1. thanks. will notify the programming team of the typos.
  2. We're not finding any online evidence at this time what the barcode numbers for the corrected editions will have. We wonder if they'll use the same as errors.
  3. Good point. I'll share you're thoughts with the dev team
  4. Shoot us an email at support@comicbase.com; they can send you an Export/Import guide with steps how to transfer your data over to a new database file.
  5. Thanks for spotting these guys. I'll notify the Editorial team to adjust.
  6. If you have our Archive or Professional edition, try out the export option under the File menu. You can select what fields you care about, export it out, and paste the data into a spreadsheet (ex: excel, google sheets, etc.) where you can customize the data to your liking.
  7. What's the goal of the report you have in mind so i can share it with our programming team?
  8. If your db is on not on your main hard drive, wouldn't hurt to do an update test with it on the HD.
  9. Thanks for the heads up gang... I'll let the Ed. Team know to take stab at cleaning up the books listed under the series.
  10. Maybe the source you bought the issue from may have some information for the double-cover.
  11. Apologizes for the inconvenience, looks like our web team is performing server maintenance which is causing the problem. Hoping all will be good by end of business day.
  12. to confirm, the proper title name according to the indicia for the 1st issue is Kor-Drath: The Reckoning or just Kor-Drath ?
  13. I'd do some searching on Google or eBay to confirm there are more double-cover editions of this issue. Could be intentional or an error run of the issue.
  14. Workaround solution... -With ComicBase closed, create a new sub-folder on your Local C Drive (ex: My ComicBase Databases) -move your working database to this folder. -once moved, simply double-click on your database itself from its new folder location and it'll load into ComicBase. -immediately quit out of the software. The next time you start up the software from the ComicBase desktop icon, it'll load the database from its new folder location.
  15. also, if you have any protection software (ex: Avast, AVG, Norton, MacAfee, etc.) installed, it may be interfering. Consider turn it off temporarily (10 min) and retry CB installation.
  16. May be best to give our lead programmer Pete a call, looks like you got something deeper going on with your computer preventing installation. 408-266-6883 ext 403
  17. Install CB2024 Professional then launch it. Go the Help Menu>About ComicBase - click the Edit Registration button and enter in the other serial number ending in 80065 you got registered. The next time you start up the software should recognize the proper expiration date.
  18. initial solicitations for the title got the title name wrong (blame DC for that). If you download the latest content update, the title name should get corrected.
  19. I don't have access to a copy... what's the indicia state the title name as? If you could be so kind, can you send an user submission through the software so our editorial team can add it to our master. Thanks.
  20. @Steven L. DasingerPete's wondering if you can message him on Slack with the steps to reproduce the problem.
  21. thanks for the info. will run it past our programming team to be looked into.
  22. we plug in street dates provided by our distributors with their initial monthly solicitations. However, Publisher delays can cause delays that we don't know about (they get corrected over time).
  23. @Andrew d’Entremont Outside of the 'Collection Report' style, are you noticing any other report style with similar cover problems?
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