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  1. The covers for these two issues look like they should be traded. The cover associated with #80 has the barcode of a variant, i.e., the last five digits are 08021. The cover associated with #80/A has the barcode ending in 08011. r/ MikeW
  2. Yep, I thought about the internet connection, but haven't noticed any particular changes in connection speed, at least none that I've noticed. I do use Norton for internet security, but have been using it for many years without this issue - tho' perhaps Norton has changed something in its background operation - which isn't beyond the realm of possibility by any stretch of imagination. Thanks for the ideas. I'll update this if the problem corrects itself. r/ MikeW
  3. Good thoughts to consider, Mark, thanks. So far the slow start has been consistent. The db is stored in its default location, as is all other CB install options. I looked at older versions and my db has stayed around 825 mb in size, no noticeable increase or decrease since updating to the 2022 version. I haven't experienced a similar lag in any other programs; they all open the way they have been for a long time. I do periodically perform the deep clean-type of actions that you suggest. It's been a couple of weeks since I last did that, so I'll repeat those and see if there's any
  4. Yep, no effect. I haven't added/deleted any other software since switching to the new CB 2022.
  5. Comicbase used to take 10-15 seconds from clicking on the icon to the database window open and ready to use. Since installing the 2022 edition, it now takes nearly 3 minutes. The first minute passes with the opening dialog box displayed, the status bar frozen around 2/3 complete. Then, the window frame opens with a black screen while the status bar reads "not responding" for another 2 minutes. I'm running the Archive edition and downloaded/installed the new edition without any deviation from the default procedure. I also haven't made any other changes to my computer since before or after
  6. The cover in the database appears to be preliminary art. I scanned a copy of the published cover, but it didn't appear to upload, possibly because of the size of the existing file. Here's a copy in case that's what happened. r/ MikeW
  7. A few minutes ago I uploaded data and covers for issues 1, 2, and 5. However, the issue numbering is a mystery. Issue 1 is marked as such on the cover and in the indicia, and dated September 1976. Issue 2 is marked as such on the cover and in the indicia, and dated April 1977. There also exists an un-numbered issue dated in the indicia as 1976 (no publication month). The date indicates this should be the first or second issue; but, given that there are two issues marked with those #s, I can't figure out where this fits in the sequence. I've attached a copy of the mystery issue here.
  8. The book "She Changed Comics: The Untold Story of the Women Who Changed Free Expression in Comics" is currently sitting in Comic Books; it should be moved to Books. r/ MikeW
  9. It lists each book by its title with "(Wheaties Miniature Edition)" appended to the title. https://www.comics.org/series/name/wheaties miniature/sort/alpha/
  10. Trying to clean up my unrecognized titles... CB has created a title called "Fawcett Miniatures" and populated it with the miniature-size giveaways that were taped to Wheaties boxes, regardless of the title of the book. I'm contemplating moving my Captain Marvel Adventures to this title, but there's no issue number to assign, and I don't have the foggiest clue as to how you want these numbered (the title currently has issues numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 11). These miniatures didn't carry issue numbers. Help would be appreciated. r/ Mike
  11. I'm trying to find this series in the database and am beginning to think it's not in there. It's an italian edition. According to the Grand Comics Database, it ran for 77 issues between 1967-1970 w/ issue numbers 575-651. I have some issues and would like to upload covers, storylines, etc. Has anyone heard of this series, or perhaps knows within which Superman title it's hiding? r/ Mike
  12. Update: A system restart fixed the problem - though I don't know what caused the problem in the first place.
  13. This is the Bell, Book & Comic store variant. There are two versions of this variant cover; I have both to add, but am not sure about the issue numbering. The trade press cover was a print run of 3,000 copies; the virgin cover was a print run of only 1,000 copies. Since the master db currently goes to issue 1/K, I figure I'll add 1/L and 1/M. Yes? r/ Mike
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