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  1. That's a good start, thanks. Does "Bk" apply to trade paperbacks or squarebound special issues? I know Anl is used for Annuals, not sure about the other types of comic book products available, and there are a couple of dozen types of publications in the drop down menu for binding type.
  2. Is there some guidance online to instruct one on how to properly name an issue so that it links properly with the issue in the database? I've added a couple of new items recently - not regular issues that would be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. I've looked around a bit but can't find anything on the site. I usually end up searching the database for a similar issue (e.g., a "trade paperback collector's special edition" to use an exaggerated example), but this is painfully slow and often unsuccessful, so I end up repeatedly renaming the file until it shows up in the proper row. Knowing when to use a slash, a dash, a space, and the correct combination of letters and numbers would be helpful. r/ Mike
  3. I encountered this error message and clicked "yes" to fix it. The software then updated every list and removed every date entry from my database - every date entry. It also removed every bit of data contained in one of the custom fields I use. The latter wasn't a date, but text identifying the location of the issue in my collection (Box001, Box002, Box003, etc.) I couldn't find any way to undo the changes, so resorted to deleting the database and opening the last backup version I had prior to receiving the error message. Had to reenter all the data I had put in over 48 hours or so, which was frustrating. The error hasn't reappeared since.
  4. Uploaded the title, issue and cover image today - thanks again for the help.
  5. Here's another title I can't find under Magazines, only in Comic Books. Based on its content, this looks like another title that should be moved under Magazines. r/ Mike
  6. I can't bring this title up in the Magazine category, only in the Comic Books category. Based on its content, it seems like Magazine would be a better fit. r/ Mike
  7. This issue has an image of its back cover. I submitted a copy of the front cover, but the system response to my download was only the standard "thank you" window, without asking if I wanted to upload the cover image I have. Here's a copy: r/ Mike
  8. I've searched the db using a variety of names, but don't see this title. Its title is "Let's Read The Newspaper" and was published by King Features and printed by Charlton Press. Before I enter it as a new record, I just want to check with you to find out if it's perhaps listed by something other than its name. r/ Mike
  9. My signed copy has a numbered COA contained in the shrink wrap with the book, one of 9500 signed copies, if memory serves correctly.
  10. I have both a signed copy and an unsigned copy, so I'd say it's a variant.
  11. The cover image for Batman #500 should be removed and replaced with the correct image. The correct image has Batman swinging on his batrope and also has the three autographs on the cover. r/ Mike
  12. I can't get Hero Illustrated to show up in the magazine view, only in the Comic Books view. Is this just me? This seems like a title that should have been reclassified into the Magazine view. r/ Mike
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