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  1. Good catch. I ran a search for "Oreo" and another for "giveaway" but neither produced this issue. I saw it, but ignored it since the issue designation identified it as a 2nd printing. The issue type should also be changed from "regular" to "giveaway."
  2. I would say it's not in the database yet. It should be under the ongoing title "Detective Comics" with a modified issue number to distinguish it as a giveaway copy of #27. Overstreet lists it in the Promotional section of the guide (page 290 in the 51st edition, i.e., the 2021-22 edition) with 1984 as its publishing date. Assuming this is the copy you're seeking, you could create the issue and then upload it for review so that it can be added to the master database. r/ Mike
  3. It should be in there now; I created and uploaded it earlier this evening.
  4. This FCBD 2022 issue doesn't seem to be locatable in the database. Any help available?
  5. I added a cover scan to the Gold Key one-shot currently entitled "Lion (Goldkey)" in the database. The correct title is "The Lion" - missing the definite article. Not sure if you'd accept my correcting the title, so thought this would be a better way to fix it. r/ Mike
  6. Possibly, but the cover appears to be black behind the artwork, rather than the shiny silver foil of the copy I have. I suppose that could be the result of the scanner that was used, but it doesn't look like the actual cover is silver. The words "Convention Exclusive" do look like they're formatted the same way as my copy. And, 1/G is a comic convention variant cover, so perhaps this is it.
  7. I have a copy of Justice league (3rd series) #1 with "Convention Exclusive" in the lower left corner, no bar code on the cover. It has a silver foil cover (front and back). The front cover image is the same as the standard cover. Before I enter it as a new variant cover (1/V looks like the next # in sequence), I'm trying to find out if it's one of the variants already listed, for which no cover is available. Does anybody know? r/ Mike
  8. I echo Joel's suggestion. The magazines and books in my collection are so few, I'd prefer to manually add those titles from the db and live without the thousands of other books and magazines. r/ Mike
  9. I've submitted a few new titles within the last two years or thereabouts; how do I go about getting badge #15 open?
  10. The custom text fields are available and can be used for stuff like this. I use a couple of them to hold what you describe as Local Item Notes.
  11. These two hardcover books reprint the "greatest covers from Action Comics" for their respective periods. Both are still in the Comic Books category; I updated info on both, added cover scans, and moved them over to Books. r/ Mike
  12. I don't want to have to re-learn the purpose of the established fields. The field names are fine as they are.
  13. And if i take my bagged comic out of its bag, do I then enter it using the "unbagged" entry or the "bagged" entry w/ a note that says this really is a bagged issue, it's just no longer in the bag (which I might or might not have kept)? Seems like a single entry works best, with appropriate note(s) as to the presence of a bag.
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