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  1. The behavior is actually as intended. If you double-click to edit a line, the wait cursor you see after saving is just the saving/indexing of that issue. It doesn't re-perform the search (and isn't meant to--doing so would be SLOW).
  2. Sugar Cookie Martini (adapted from Wholefully) Tastes like a sugar cookie with a slight hint of almond/apricot from the Amaretto. Delicious, but loaded with calories, so save these for a special occasion! Ingredients: - Vanilla frosting and sprinkles for rimming the glass... OR... Regular sugar (or green/red colored sugar if you're feeling festive). Pro tip: Double all the following to serve two drinks out of the same shaker (After all, who wants to drink alone?) - 1.5 oz Vanilla vodka - 1.5 oz Irish cream - 2 oz. whole milk (1/4 cup) - 3/4 oz Amaretto - 1 tsp. powdered sugar (can be omitted to drop a few calories if you like) - Ice Steps 1. EITHER: - Rim the glass with frosting/red/green sprinkles. Yes, this seems insane, but the drink really needs this hit of sweetness. So if you choose to not do frosting, at least... - Wet the edge of the glass with water, then briefly dip it into a plate with sugar on it to rim the glass. Use red/green colored sugar if available for a more festive look. 2. In a cocktail shaker loaded with ice, add the vanilla vodka, Irish cream, milk, amaretto, powdered sugar, and ice. Close the lid and shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds 3. Pour into the sugar or frosting-rimmed glass and enjoy!
  3. Make sure you actually run the installer for the new version, then launch that version. You can always download the latest software under My Account >Registrations. Probably a good idea to also clean up any older versions of ComicBase you have lying around under Windows' Add & Remove Programs as well. -Pete
  4. Try the current build. It should be fixed.
  5. Looks like the "update price history to match current price box is being overlaid by the "update prices" box. Will investigate. what's your screen magnification set to (under your Display properties?
  6. Make sure the pixel dimensions of the ones you're trying to save are larger than the ones we have on file. You might want to open the images, check their DPI settings, then re-save them: I've seen at least one case where something about the JPEG header was incorrect so they appeared to be smaller than they should have. So long as the height and width in pixels are larger than the ones we have, they won't get replaced--even if you have "replace smaller covers" checked in your preferences. -Pete
  7. The best way to go with this is to do a File > File Tools > Rebuild Lists / Picture Information. Typically the problem is caused by your stored picture dimensions in your db saying that the picture you've got is smaller than the one on the server. Doing this forces an update of all your saved picture data.
  8. I looked into it, and after messing around with it for several hours, I'm at a bit of an impasse. The TLDR version is: Your actual database is fine, your data is good, but it looks like limitations in Crystal Reports are making it impossible to get proper totals on the detailed sales report. At this time, it doesn't seem possible to get accurate totals through Crystal Reports from the detailed sales report due to limitations in that platform--unless we completely reimagine how the data gets to the report, which isn't likely to happen in the near term. The long, complicated version: Crystal Reports is insisting on calculating out these summary fields for every line on the reports, which normally is fine, but since several fields like sales commission, shipping etc. don't exist on a line-by-line basis for each item on the report and are in fact totals for the order, they wind up getting summed up for every line on an order, vastly overstating their amounts. With a bunch of tedious work, it'd possible to get an accurate grand total of the goods totals, since they're basically Price * Qty for each line on the order. The problem comes in that shipping, commission, etc. only exist per order, not per line. Worse, it's not possible to come up with a "per-item" version of these fields at report time, since doing so would depend on knowing the sum of an order's qty at the "detail" time, but Crystal Reports doesn't calculate it until the "grouping" time (when the order number changes). We tried a host of methods of working around this, which gave some partial success, but nothing that would give you the "bottom line" numbers you'd want. It's certainly possible that we might tumble to a different way of twisting the report around in order to pull this off, but about the only way we can think of pulling off the trick is to "pre-chew" the data in some way to build out the fields that Crystal Reports would need in order to calculate these fees on a per-item basis properly. Unfortunately, when we got into the specifics of what was needed, it's actually seeming like a surprisingly tricky job to pull off, and probably involves significant changes to both the report and ComicBase. It's also possible that someone else knows a Crystal Reports trick which would allow us to attack the problem from another angle that's eluded us, but at the moment, we're frankly stumped as to what that might be. We've put out a new build of the software which removes the totals from the detailed version of that report, noting that they're available in the basic version of the report. It's a band-aid for sure, and I'd like to revisit it in the future, but at the moment, it's likely where we'll need to leave that particular version of the report unless we come up with something clever. -Pete
  9. 1. If you're in hoarding mode, don't check the "uncheck Wanted status" items--any match on that title/issue will count as "owned" 2. Not at this time. -Pete
  10. Definitely weird. Can you send your active database to support@comicBase.com so we can examine it and see what's up? (You can use Sidekick to back it up, then let support known when they can look at it)
  11. If you're still having trouble, suggest uninstalling, re-downloading (so you get the latest version), then reinstalling. If you still have trouble, please contact support directly and we'll troubleshoot with you. -Pete
  12. Make sure that ComicBase _2023_ (and Sidekick 2023) are added to your firewall's list of allowed programs. (Firewalls will see it as a separate program than 2022, so you need to add it separately). If you're using the built-in firewall in Windows, the ComicBase installer will add it automatically, but you need to add it yourself if you're using something else. -Pete
  13. Make sure to turn off your anti-virus software when installing--ComicBase Express installs several thousand picture files, and if you have AV software trying to scan all of them, it could take a very long time. -Pete
  14. The link's fixed now. Thanks for letting us know!
  15. It looks normal here. You might want to try uninstalling/re-downloading/reinstalling/rebooting. Also, check your screen display settings and turn off any magnification as a test.
  16. Are those magazines listed as in stock? If so, they won't be removed.
  17. There are two mechanisms at work here: 1. If you have a media type unchecked, you won't get new items or updates for this. The update does not remove existing items of that media, however, during the course of a normal update. 2. When you _change_ your update settings to uncheck a media type the first time, it asks if you want to remove existing ones that are not listed as in stock. This is a one-shot operation. If you want to trigger it again, you need to check that media type (or another media type that was previously unchecked), run an update, then do it again and uncheck that media type. You'll then be prompted (again) as to whether you want to remove existing items. -Pete
  18. Thanks for the catch! We've revved the setup sheet for the scanner here to remove any extra spaces that get inserted: https://www.comicbase.com/Support/CB_Wireless_Scanner_Easy_Setup.pdf The latest build of ComicBase (build 1669) also handles the issue. -Pete
  19. Fixed. The extraordinary number of magazines added actually broke the page!
  20. Sounds like your anti-virus program went crazy and deleted ComicBase. I'd suggest finding a less crazy security program.
  21. I'd try the following: 1. Use File > File Tools > Optimize Database to make sure your database is in good shape. 2. Exit ComicBase 3. Go to your %temp% folder in Windows and delete anything it'll let you delete (some items will be busy--this is fine) 4. Restart 5. Try the update again, and let us know if you still have a problem.
  22. Right now, we're letting the grid auto-layout the data. Given that everyone's dataset is different (could have anywhere from 1 day of data to 2 years), I'm not sure if there's a normalized way to lay this out which would make everyone happy, but it's worth giving some thought/investigation to.
  23. Fixed in build, available now under downloads.
  24. The thumbnail cache isn't meant to be cleared by picture rebuild (Picture rebuilding doesn't recompute thumbnails--it finds which database entries have pictures, and plugs in their physical dimensions into hidden fields in the grid.). This allows us to figure out when a certain downloadable picture is bigger (or present) than the one you've got. -Pete
  25. We have to start from the database entries and find scans that match, since punctuation etc. makes the reverse of the process problematic. E.g., a title like "Bob: The Living Superman" has a picture folder of "Bob- the Living Superman" [since ":" is an illegal character in Windows--there are hundreds more like this]-- you can't start from the picture folder and reliably find which character was replaced (by the "-") to get the database entry.
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