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  1. Please delete my pictures for #3 & #4 Looking at the indicia,they are issues #6 & 7 witch I sumbmitted instead
  2. The issue #1 needs to be removed. Zenescope uses 1-A, 1-B, 1-C You have the "C" Cover listed as the Live stream cover when that is actually the "E" cover
  3. The Grimm Universe Presents issue 2021 cover A thru D is really Belle Headless Horseman cover D thru E, Diamond comics has them listed as Grimm Universe retailer program I have submitted the correct info
  4. Issue #5 & 6 never came out from Diamond comics. #5 is Tom H newest Kick-starter book that just shipped. you need to remove the #6, I will submit the info for the #5 that I just received
  5. As I was going thru my "Stranded items" list I came across that I had a Angela (Vol. 2) series that you did not, so I pulled the box that I had the books in and found the books. Vol 2 is a 16 page story that you have listed as Angela #1/A & 1/B when it should be its own title. I will also submit this through the Submit correction/new data options so you have the creator credit info. i1st cover appearance of Cut Throat, the pirate Spawn Variant cover art by Brad Gorby (1:25) 16-page retailer incentive delivered with orders of Spawn #32 (1995)
  6. The correct cover to Variant I is this one the one you have is for the CP1-I
  7. There are a few covers that when you download new covers do not match the Comic Avenue covers below are the correct covers based on the Notes 1-B Premiere Cover 1-H Hidden Gem 1-Z Secret Variant (not listed) Cover showed up as Hidden Gem
  8. You have Cover I the same as cover J Here is I
  9. This is the cover for the 1.1/A (Monsters Unleashed). Covers 1.1/B, 1.1/C, 1.1/D & 1.1/D-2 are actually #1 variants for Golden Apple, Unknown Comics (A& B), & Legacy cover B
  10. You have Cover 4-I & 4-K as the Virgin covers (Q & R) Correct Pictures for I & K Below
  11. Cover H is really Cover D, Zenescope did not do a Cover H (Yet)
  12. Both titles are the same book BG&H has a picture for 1-B BG&H OS has a picture for 1-A
  13. DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys & DC Beach Blanket Bad Guys Summer Special are the same book one should be removed
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